"Brownback Scrubs Website of Earlier Immigration Vote"

From this:
Eleven minutes after voting in favor of cloture on the Senate immigration bill, Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback changed his mind—and his vote—to oppose cloture, MSNBC reported earlier today [1]. Now it seems that the Brownback campaign has changed its mind again, this time on a press release it produced just days ago. On Tuesday, June 26, the campaign released a statement after Brownback voted in favor of cloture. The statement originally appeared here [2]. It's now gone, but was cached and can be seen [2017 note: cached page also gone].

In a press release that still does exist [3], Brownback explained his vote today against cloture: "I became convinced along with many of my colleagues on the floor that this version of the immigration bill was not, and would not become the vehicle that would fix our broken system as I had hoped."
The deleted June 26 release is not in the list here: brownback . com/s/NewsRoom/PressReleases/tabid/89/Default.aspx

It said in part:
Senator Brownback voted in favor of cloture on the motion to proceed to the immigration bill today. That means he voted to bring the bill back to the floor for debate and for amendments to be offered.

This does NOT mean that Senator Brownback supports the immigration bill itself – he feels the bill needs to be improved.

Brownback opposes amnesty, and believes first and foremost in securing our borders and ending illegal immigration. Brownback voted to debate the bill in the Senate but is withholding support for the bill until the amendment process is complete...
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All we have to remember about Brownback is this: He inflicted thousands of Somolia Bantu refugees on many small communities in various states while insisting that they not be settled in Kansas because they were somehow "wrong" for Kansas. HE is wrong for Kansas.