League of Women Voters now supports amnesty for illegal aliens ("comprehensive immigration reform")

The League of Women Voters is presented by itself and the MSM as a "non-partisan" group, but, oddly enough, their positions all fall on the left side of things (background here). Their latest "liberal" position is to support amnesty for illegal aliens. Per their national president Mary Wilson (link):

"After a lengthy and comprehensive study of this complex issue by our grassroots members... the League's position calls for a path to citizenship for current unauthorized immigrants... As part of overall immigration reform, the League supports a system for unauthorized immigrants already in the country to earn legal status, including citizenship, by paying taxes, learning English, studying civics and meeting other relevant criteria... We oppose deportations of current unauthorized immigrants who have no history of serious criminal activity..."

As a sop, they also say they support more border and worksite enforcement, but they probably don't mean that. As for the "serious criminal activity", I'd imagine that doesn't include identity theft and similar crimes. They'll also engage in advocacy for their new position, so if you know of any LWV meetings in your area please go to them and discredit your local LWV leaders.

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Sometimes it's hard to hell if people like this are dumb or just disingenuous. You'd think anyone not completely brainwashed can recognize that a policy of serial amnesty and prohibition of deportations = a policy of unlimited immigration of any and all persons who can make it across the border by whatever means. Every 'temporary' visa is, in effect, permanent residency if the person chooses to overstay. If you actually think illegal immigration is a problem, perpetuating and exacerbating it is not a good policy proposal. How can anyone advocate such idiocy and expect to be taken seriously? But those who do act like they have a magic 'solution'. I wish they were smarter. If unlimited immigration/open borders is simply what you favor, be one of the few who actually admit it! Spare us the phony 'we must enforce our immigration laws' sweetener. You look like a joke when you say that and simultaneously protest every single immigration law enforcement tactic. Ah, but only those of us who pay attention get the bad joke which I'm sure you are counting on being heavily outnumbered by the dupes.