From the Back of the Pack to David Brooks' Heart (promotes Mike Huckabee)

As an indication of the cluelessness of our elites, David Brooks offers a paean to Mike Huckabee entitled "From the Back of the Pack" (link). Expect this attempt by our elites to push Huckabee to succeed about as well as their attempt to push through "comprehensive immigration reform". As an example of David Brooks' cluelessness, consider this:

[E]ach of the top-tier candidates makes certain parts of the party uncomfortable. Huckabee is the one candidate acceptable to all factions.

Except, of course, to the "faction" that supports enforcement of our immigration laws and that opposes illegal immigration. As discussed here for years, Huckabee has been a strong supporter of illegal immigration. And, he does it in a sanctimonious way that's even more annoying than George Bush.

I don't know the extent to which Huckabee's stance is known, but I very strongly urge everyone to go to his campaign appearances and ask him this question and then publicize his response.


so what's the point in having any laws?

HUCKABEE: 1) "'Pretty soon, Southern white guys like me may be in the minority,' Huckabee said jokingly as the [LULAC] crowd roared in laughter." (“Huckabee promotes 'open door' policy at LULAC convention Thursday,” June 30, 2005, By Wesley Brown, Arkansas News Bureau): 2) Mike Huckabee And Hispanics Vs. America Posted By James Fulford On 14 August 2007 3)Huckabee: Give In-state Tuition and Scholarships to Children Illegally in the U. S. (thus reward the parents who broke the law as they, too, will be eligible for a path to citizenship when the student turns 21): News Hour with Jim Lehrer [excerpt of interview with Margaret Warner] October 5, 2007