Michael Chertoff misleads, promotes immigration "reform" at Yale (New Haven)

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff visited New Haven, Connecticut yesterday to deliver a keynote speech at Yale Law School. That city offers its own ID card for illegal aliens, the city employee who pushed that plan (Kica Matos) use to head a group that was working with the Mexican government to pass out Matricula Consular cards, and their mayor (John DeStefano) may have a financial interest in a bank that would accept the city's cards.

Did Chertoff take New Haven to task for that? No, of course not. Instead, as he's done before, he promoted "comprehensive immigration reform", showed once again that he's too corrupt and too much of a Bush lackey to do his job, and tried to mislead.

Chertoff said he predicted a year ago there would be "a patchwork of rules" across the country, if Congress failed to deal with the tough issue of border security, while also providing a path for the undocumented to come out of the shadows.

That's the pitch for "reform".

"I'm sad to say that warning was accurate," Chertoff said, referring to New Haven's approach as one extreme, with Pennsylvania and Virginia at the other end of the spectrum, where there have been attempts to make it illegal to rent to undocumented residents... "Enabling people to break the law is not something I can endorse," Chertoff said, but a practical middle solution that the majority can agree on is the best thing for the country... He said it was "unrealistic" to think of deporting millions of illegal immigrants.

Chertoff is misleading about the last: we could deport millions of illegal aliens if we absolutely had to, but it would enact a terrible price in both property damage and lives. However, if Chertoff actually did his job we could encourage hundreds of thousands or millions to leave on their own over time. Chertoff has shown time and time again that there's a huge difference between his job description and the job he was brought on to do.


America has never suffered a less dedicated law enforcement officer, nor anyone more reluctant to perform their job than Chertoff. Excluding Barney Fife. Would have been fired long ago, except he is doing exactly what the boss wants him to do...nothing.

Well, "The Skull" doesn't realize that the reason for the patchwork of laws is because what his boss wants and what the people want are two different matters. Since the federal government will not enact the laws the people want, it's left to local and state authorities to do so. If Chertoff's boss were a genuine, patriotic American, and were half the tough guy he likes to portray himself as, he would have Felipe Calderon in for a little sit-down-and-chat and tell him "look pal, you're gonna stop using my country as your goddam snot rag that you blow your surplus population into. Right now. As in 'hoy.' Me entiendes?"

_Chertoff said he predicted a year ago there would be "a patchwork of rules" across the country,..._ So friggin' what? If local measures help convince illegals to leave, or better yet not to come in the first place, what's wrong with that?

"Chertoff said he predicted a year ago there would be "a patchwork of rules" across the country,..." Right, eh. So friggin' what? It would certainly be best if the federal government would do its job so that state and local governments don't have to do this. The powers that be should be happy that these government entities are trying to make a difference, if only in their corner of the country. If the ACLU, LaRaza, etc succeed in shutting down these state and local efforts, the only options left to people who have had it up to the eyes with the problem will be meek acceptance or taking the law into their own hands. Not everybody is into meek acceptance. Not a pretty picture.....

you can yell all day but the system is about to eat you alive.

Juan McCain and all the other anti-American traitors want to turn this Anglo-Saxon nation into a race of mestizos.