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NCIC August 31 press release


Released August 29, 2006

The National Capital Immigration Coalition (NCIC) in partnership with the We Are America Alliance (WAAA) announced today that hundreds of thousands of immigrants, business people, students, people of faith, working families, and other supporters will converge in Washington, DC on September 7 to urge members of Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform before the November elections. The rally will take place on the National Mall, 3rd Street NW between Constitution and Independence Avenues, at 4 pm and will end with a march around the Capitol.

"An overwhelming majority of Americans believes that our immigration system is broken and wants Congress to find a real solution," said Jaime Contreras, president of the National Capital Immigration Coalition and District Chair and Supervisor of SEIU Local 32BJ...

...The mobilizations are part of the massive civic participation and voter registration effort announced by the WAAA in the spring. Since then, immigrants across the country have been participating in Democracy Summer, which has included advocacy drives, voter registration, and workshops on becoming a citizen...


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