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Open Letter: How to Defeat Barack Obama - 10/01/08

... going to throw the election to Barack Obama. I need your help to promote a very effective plan that will show that Obama isn't qualified.

Barack Obama: millions in very questionable campaign contributions - 10/01/08

... update about gift cards.] The Barack Obama campaign has raised millions of dollars in very questionable contributions. The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) won't say whether they're conducting an investigation, but they have asked the BHO campaign to explain or to return some of it. That includes over $17,000 given in $25 increments by someone named "Good Will" and listing his employer as...

VP debate moderator Gwen Ifill: in the tank for Barack Obama? (didn't tell CPB, plays race card) - 10/01/08

Unbeknownst to the McCain campaign (link), Gwen Ifill of PBS - host of Thursday's vice presidential debate - has a book due to be released Inauguration Day (link): Gwen Ifill of the Public Broadcasting Service program "Washington Week" is promoting "The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama," in which she argues the "black political structure" of the civil rights movement is giving...

Barack Obama supports community college for illegal aliens (North Carolina, "good citizens") - 09/30/08

... colleges, and over the weekend Barack Obama brought his pander express there and told Greensboro's WUNC this: "For us to deny [illegal aliens] access to community college, even though they've never lived in Mexico, at least as far as they can tell ... is to deny that this is how we've always built this country up"...

FactCheck recompresses, removes EXIF data from Obama birth certificate photos - 09/30/08

... released photos apparently showing Barack Obama's birth certificate (actually his "Certification of Live Birth" or "COLB"). At the time, I noted that the EXIF information (added by the camera) showed that the pictures had been shot months before and I mentioned such possibilities as them not setting up their camera correctly, a bad battery, and the like. Now, FactCheck has recompressed those...

Sarah Palin rape kit smear: chronology (Mary Pemberton/AP, DailyKos, Americablog, Eric Croft, Obama campaign) - 09/29/08

... leave a comment. 9/15/08: the Barack Obama campaign began looking for a rape victim to appear in a TV ad (link). Kiersten Steward, director of public policy at the Family Violence Prevention Fund, served as a conduit between the campaign and victims and women's advocates... though she never was told about the nature of the commercial, [victims advocate Mikele Shelton-Knight] said she thought...

Open Debate Coalition: a failed format for fake debates - 09/26/08

... is calling on John McCain and Barack Obama to open the presidential debates by allowing questions chosen by regular people and not just the MSM. However, what they support has not only been proven to be a failure, but two of the signatories helped show how such formats can be gamed and another was involved with the system that was gamed.

Public officials in St. Louis/Missouri threaten Obama opponents with criminal libel? (Jennifer Joyce, Bob McCulloch) - 09/25/08

I suggest taking this with a grain of salt and waiting for a report from others, but: St. Louis and Missouri Democrat sheriffs and top prosecutors are planning to go after anyone who makes false statements against Obama during his campaign... St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce and St.

Shailagh Murray offers WaPo's lightest weight coverage of Barack Obama yet? - 09/25/08

... most lightweight coverage of Barack Obama from the WaPo yet, although I'm sure there are many other posts and articles from them that compete for that title. Sen. Barack Obama stopped by his Senate office before heading over to the White House this afternoon for the big bipartisan meeting on the financial meltdown. Met at the door by a few reporters, he answered a key question -- at least...

Barack Obama bundler Jodie Evans meets with Iran's Ahmadinejad (Code Pink) - 09/24/08

Code Pink says [1] Calling it a "major step forward" in relations between Iran and the United States, leading activists Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans of CODEPINK Women for Peace a

Arizona Chamber of Commerce, MATT.org, Raul Yzaguirre start immigration "reform" ad campaign; Mexican government link? - 09/24/08

... McCain (notably, one that depicts Barack Obama as a naïve fool willing to hang out with Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez) — have created the appearance of a 501 organization that is acting more like a 527 political action committee... QueQue paid a visit to MATT.org's downtown limestone-and-log-cabin offices this week and was told by staffers that Martinez maintains a video-production office at...

McCain suspends campaign, desperate stunt might work - 09/24/08

John McCain is temporarily suspending his campaign, donning his cape, and rushing back to Washington in order to save the U.S. from financial ruin. He's also trying to reschedule the "debate" on foreign policy which was originally set for Friday. His full statement is here: ...I am confident that before the markets open on Monday we can achieve consensus on legislation that will stabilize our...

FactCheck looks, can't find "Chicago Way" (McCain Obama ad) - 09/23/08

... (factcheck.org/elections-2008/guilt_and_associations.html). The ad links Barack Obama to William Daley, Emil Jones, Tony Rezko, Rod Blagojevich. Per them, the first isn't dirty, the second is only a little dirty, and there's no evidence that BHO was involved in any funny business with the last two.

Has Winner & Associates been caught lying? (Ethan Winner, Chuck Winner) - 09/22/08

... crawl. Lying in order to support Barack Obama is one thing, but getting caught at it is something very, very different. Not only that, but despite all their apparent best efforts to smear Palin, their video was only able to get several thousands of views. That, to me, screams incompetence. If you were ExxonMobil, Petronas, ChevronTexaco, or Bioengineering Resources International (BRI) [1], Shell...

Border Patrol agent allegedly intentionally poisoned (Tucson) - 09/21/08

Earlier this year, a Border Patrol agent in the Tucson sector named Denton Moberly was allegedly poisoned using a pesticide while eating at some sort of restaurant. The details haven't been publicly released, but a summary is here and a site with updates is here.

Lou Barletta - running on anti-illegal immigration - opens nine point lead against Democrat Rep. Paul Kanjorski - 09/18/08

From this: Democratic U.S. Rep. Paul Kanjorski, who is an 11-term incumbent in the congressional district centered on Scranton-Wilkes Barre...

Barack Obama lies about Rush Limbaugh in Spanish-language ads - 09/17/08

The Barack Obama campaign has a new Spanish-language ad that features racial demagoguery and a distortion of Rush Limbaugh quotes. You can see the ad here: "They want us to forget the insults we've put up with, the intolerance," the television ad's announcer says in Spanish as a picture of Rush Limbaugh appears onscreen with quotes of him saying, "Mexicans are stupid and unqualified" and "Shut...

"Obama Waffles" kicked out of Values Voter Summit (Joan Lowy/AP) - 09/13/08

... Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama as a racial stereotype on its front and wearing Arab-like headdress on its top flap. Values Voter Summit organizers cut off sales of Obama Waffles boxes on Saturday, saying they had not realized the boxes displayed ''offensive material.'' The summit and the exhibit hall where t

Miguel Bustillo,Richard Fausset/LAT confused about legal vs. illegal workers (Howard Industries raid) - 09/02/08

Last week, Howard Industries in Louisiana was raided by Immigration and Customs Enforcement; as the raid was happening the legal workers at the plant reportedly cheered ICE, and the raid was initiated by a complaint from a union worker. Needless to say, such cannot stand to those who support illegal immigration.

Barack Obama acceptance speech: whines about things he supports; a descent - 08/28/08

... acceptance speech in Denver, Barack Obama said among many, many other things: Passions fly on immigration, but I don't know anyone who benefits when a mother is separated from her infant child or an employer undercuts American wages by hiring illegal workers. Family separation is one of the risks of illegal activity, whether selling illegal clothing or working illegally. The only two ways to...

First Panderer: Michelle Obama says Hispanics shouldn't have to live in fear of immigration raids - 08/28/08

From this: Hispanics should not have to live in fear of raids by immigration agents, Michelle Obama told a Hispanic caucus to the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday. ..."We would have an immigration policy that brings 12 million people out of the shadows," she told cheering caucus members who shouted "Yes we can" in Spanish. Hispanics are often the first to suffer in an economic...

All Hail Obama! Invesco Field acceptance speech includes miniature Greek temple - 08/27/08

On Thursday, Barack Obama will accept Athens' the Democratic Party's endorsement at Denver's Invesco Field on a set resembling a miniature Greek temple.

Nadir of Obamamania: Jason Alexander, other airheads pray for Barack Obama - 08/26/08

I am declaring the nadir of Obamamania, as Dave Stewart (of the Eurythmics) offers a song called "American Prayer", which is along the same lines as previous Obama promotions from Will.I.Am. This one, however, features older nobodies rather than Will.I.Am's habit of featuring nobodies that cater to the teen market. And, it's as sad as it is hilarious. The nobodies appearing include Jason...

Open Letter to The Nation about their Open Letter to Barack Obama (immigration) - 08/25/08

... Nation offered an Open Letter to Barack Obama (link) [1], listing some of the things he must stay true to in order to fulfill the progressive agenda.

B. Hussein Obama/J. Robinette Biden - 08/23/08

Move over B. Hussein Obama! Senator Joseph R. Biden's middle name is Robinette. Now, personally, I'm not going to stoop that low to trying to make jokes about a perfectly reasonable and probably family name, but I have no doubt that some others will.

Obama-Biden for president 2008 official site? - 08/22/08

It looks like Barack Obama has selected Joe Biden as his 2008 presidential running mate, with Barak Obama as president and Joe Beiden as vice president. Will they have a new official site, or will they keep barackobama.com? I was considering buying bidenobama2008.com - the only major combination still available - but that order doesn't make much sense and anyway someone's already bought it.

FactCheck presents real Barack Obama birth certificate. Or do they... - 08/21/08

... twists and turns surrounding Barack Obama's birth certificate appear to have ended with FactCheck.org claiming that they've seen and handled the real certificate, complete with an official stamp and everything. They've even got pictures here. Well, that ends that! Except, all they have is the "Certification of Live Birth" (known in the trade as a "COLB"), and not the original birth certificate...

McCain fans: ask Barack Obama this very simple question - 08/20/08

For months I've been encouraging people to get off their couches and ask the candidates tough questions, without luck. But, here's a chance for John McCain fans to ask Obama something McCain wants to know, and it's a very straightforward question about Obama's involvement with William Ayers. For a few years starting in 1995, BHO chaired the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which was founded by Bill...

Barack Obama's close relationship with Bill Ayers (Chicago Annenberg Challenge; UIC coverup?) - 08/18/08

Barack Obama claims that former terrorist Bill Ayers is little more than a "guy who lives in my neighborhood", but in fact they both worked on education matters for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in the 90s. Some details on this are here and here. Stanley Kurtz tried to gain access to the voluminous records about the CAC, which are stored, ironically enough, at the Richard J. Daley Library at...

Barack Obama lying about premature abortion births bill - 08/18/08

Barack Obama appears to be lying again, this time about a 2003 Illinois state bill that mirrored the federal Born-Alive Infants Protection Act. The latter passed the Senate unanimously and then was signed by George Bush. Obama's contention in a recent interview with David Brody of CBN (and now CNN) and, IIRC, in the recent Saddleback Forum, was that the bill would have impacted Roe v. Wade....

Immigration march organizers have foreign links - 08/15/08

... speakers included U.S. Senator Barack Obama; U.S. Representatives Rahm Emanuel, Luis Gutierrez, and Jan Schakowsky; and Illinois state Senators Miguel del Valle and Martin Sandoval (Immigrants at crossroads, Barack Obama at May 1 Chicago march). All of those elected officials are members of the Democratic Party, and Sandoval is also a member of the Institute for Mexicans Abroad advisory council...

Truth Fights Back, just not too well (John Kerry on anti-Obama smears) - 08/14/08

... instance, consider the post "Barack Obama is not aligned with Weather Underground", which combines 3rd-grade-level writing with 3rd-grade-level thinking. This is the "smear" (truthfightsback.com/site/smear/200): Republicans have repeatedly pushed a bogus story about William Ayers, a member of the 60s-era Weather Underground. They make all sorts of bogus claims about his association with Barack...

Ask Obama or McCain a tough question, make $1000! - 08/11/08

... to the first person who asks Barack Obama or John McCain one of my tough immigration questions. See this for the details, but bear in mind my offer expires on August 22.

Barack Obama is a dual citizen? Kenya? Indonesia? Sister's name on birth certificate? - 08/10/08

Is Barack Obama a dual citizen of Kenya? The "Things you might not know about Barack Obama" post from "The Rocky" of the Rocky Mountain News (link) drops this bomb in the middle of their list: Holds both American and Kenyan (since 1963) citizenship. That's from four days ago and no correction is appended.

DNC platform draft: a healthcare lie?, same old immigration line with a Bush echo, Katrina, service, firearms, U.N. MDG - 08/09/08

A draft of the Democratic National Committee's platform is in this PDF: link. As one might expect, it's full of vague, empty promises. 1. They refer to "the tens of millions of Americans without health insurance", which is a slight step-down from Obama's false claim that there are 47 million Americans without healthcare.

Exclusive: Secret Barack Obama training video - 08/09/08

... us the following super-secret Barack Obama campaign training video. According to our unnamed source, all Level 2 and above BHO campaign volunteers - as well as all staffers and even members of the travelling press corps - are required to watch this video.

Judy Bachrach/Vanity Fair smears Lou Dobbs - 08/08/08

... little validity. 2. She quotes Barack Obama lying about hate crimes doubling, simply to include his comments about Dobbs and Limbaugh. She doesn't do any real reporting in this case and point out that Obama lied. And, later in the article she quotes some hate crime statistics, so obviously she knows where to find them. Even the Washington Post's "Fact Checker" has called BHO on his lie (link),...

Barack Obama supporters angered, saddened by John McCain blog commenting scheme - 08/07/08

In yet another bone-headed move, the John McCain campaign is encouraging their supporters to leave McCain talking points in commenting sections on blogs (link). If they do that they'll get points which can be redeemed for prizes, including cases of beer.

England: kids urged to become "Climate Cops", monitor "Climate Crimes" of parents, neighbors - 08/04/08

... others' realities, as in July, Barack Obama proposed his Clean Energy Corps. But, even that wasn't as close as a new program from the British company NPower called "Climate Cops".

Barack Obama admits to playing race card - 08/02/08

... the national scene. My name is Barack Obama. I'm African American. I was born in Hawaii. I spent time in Indonesia.