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Barack Obama, the Chicago politician (moves DNC) - 06/12/08

Barack Obama is moving parts of the Democratic National Committee ("DNC") to Chicago. While it's a wonderful town aside from being flat as a pancake, it's known for very dirty politics (in U.S. terms). So, Obama should fit right in.

Per this, "Obama's senior staff will largely take over the coordination of national campaign efforts and state-level efforts...

Hispanic Caucus has excellent advice for Obama: Hillary as Veep, immigration reform in 1st hundred days - 06/11/08

In the past, I've considered the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to be simply a group of mostly vile racial demagogues whose only interest is in support of others of their race even if that's done at the expense of everyone else.

But, I was wrong! In actual fact, they're keen observers of the political scene who are now offering extremely valuable advice that Barack Obama is urged to follow (link):
Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) must commit to helping illegal immigrants achieve citizenship or else risk losing the vital Latino vote in the general election, Hispanic Democratic lawmakers are warning.

If he does not promise so-called comprehensive immigration reform, the lawmakers say, the only other way to win over Hispanic supporters of his erstwhile rival, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.), may be to pick her as his running mate...

...[CHC Chairman Rep. Joe Baca (D-Calif.)]... said that the CHC will be looking — but not necessarily asking — for Obama to make as strong of a pledge as Clinton did to putting comprehensive immigration reform on his "first 100 days" agenda...

Obama’s campaign coordinator for Spanish-language media, Vince Casillas, said that while Obama has promised to take up immigration reform in his first year in office, he has not yet laid out his detailed plan for comprehensive reform...
If anyone has a blog at Obama's site, please use it to help Obama see the light on this issue. Just don't let it be known that I suggested it, the BHO campaign might think I was trying to hurt their chances or something.

Also mentioned: Cuauhtemoc "Temo" Figueroa (National Latino Vote Director for Obama), who'll be meeting with the CHC.

In addition to Baca, those quoted include Reps. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) and Xavier Becerra (D-Calif.)

Note also this "interesting" comment:
"But Latinos are brand-loyal, and after the Clinton brand, the McCain brand is the second-strongest among Latinos because of his military service and his immigration record," [Cecilia Munoz, the senior vice president of research, advocacy and legislation with the National Council of La Raza] said.

Barack Obama VP vetter Jim Johnson tied to more than Countrywide (CFR, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission) - 06/10/08

From this:

Jim Johnson, the disciplined, discreet and obsessively meticulous vice presidential vetter for Barack Obama, is a stalwart of the Washington establishment... In the mid-1990s, he headed up a power trifecta: mortgage giant Fannie Mae, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the Brookings Institution... Yet despite Johnsona

Barack Obama, John McCain to speak at National Council of La Raza convention (+Villaraigosa) - 06/10/08

The annual National Council of La Raza convention - to be held July 12 to 15 in San Diego - will be a star-studded affair. We already knew that John McCain was going to speak to them, now comes the not-so-surprising word that Barack Obama will also make an appearance (link).

Another shocking Barack Obama blogger spotted: me - 06/09/08

Anyone can get a blog at Barack Obama's site, and you the reader might even want to get one (or more).

Barack Obama: Narcissistic Personality Disorder? (McCain denies his accomplishments) - 06/03/08

Barack Obama's speech announcing that he's the Democratic Party's nominee is here. Admidst all the puffery and empty promises - probably written by someone else - this stands out:

I honor [John McCain's] service, and I respect his many accomplishments, even if he chooses to deny mine.

Ohhhkay. While being the first black presidential candidate is certainly an accomplishment, I'm having trouble locating any other standout accomplishments under his name.

Jim Hoagland/Washington Post: Obama should create North American Union - 06/03/08

Washington Post columnist Jim Hoagland offers "The Orthodoxy of Hope". After informing us that Fidel Castro thinks Barack Obama is "the most progressive candidate for the U.S. presidency,", Hoagland says:

Here's one example of new thinking [Obama] should pursue: The United States should apply to relations with hemispheric neighbors many of the lessons of the European Union and its half-century of economic and political integration. A functioning American Union that pools sovereignty is a goal worth introducing now. But that quest cannot start by tearing down the North American Free Trade Agreement and other hemispheric trade accords. A President Obama has to be willing to sit down with the prime minister of Canada and the president of Mexico without preconditions, such as demands for treaty renegotiations.

In the past, the Washington Post's "Fact Checker", Michael Dobbs, pronounced the NAFTA Superhighway a myth. Now, the grander scheme of a North American Union is being promoted in his newspaper. Expect to see more articles attempting to mainstream the idea, as hacks switch from denying it to trying to sell it. Note also that Barack Obama came out for Bush's, a possible precursor to a NAU.

Barack Obama clinches nomination; hello, President John McCain! (predictions!) - 06/03/08

Get used to saying "President John McCain", because Barack Obama has supposedly clinched the Democratic nomination.

Assuming a matchup between McCain and Obama, I predict that BHO has a 0.1% chance of being elected our next president. Further, I predict that McCain will win by at least 10 points.

Scott Aust/Rapid City Journal helps Obama hide behind kid to support illegal immigration - 06/01/08

Scott Aust of the Rapid City Journal offers "Mom proud of teen's moment with Obama" (link) about seventh-grader Steven Cady who asked Barack Obama about immigration in Rapid City, South Dakota yesterday. That article has the heartwarming backstory, with everyone thinking everything was just great.

Chris Bowers/Open Left promotes John McCain "Googlebomb" - 05/29/08

Chris Bowers of Open Left has started a project called "Searching for John McCain" in which he wants bloggers and others to create a "Googlebomb" designed to get MSM articles that have negative information on John McCain to the top of that search engine's results:

The approach is supposedly more sophisticated than his similar effort of a couple years ago, in that he's selected nine articles that people can link.

However, there are a few things he forgot to mention.

Barack Obama lies, falsely accuses Dobbs, Limbaugh of inciting hate crimes - 05/23/08

At a Florida fundraiser yesterday, Barack Obama said this:
"A certain segment has basically been feeding a kind of xenophobia. There's a reason why hate crimes against Hispanic people doubled last year... If you have people like Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh ginning things up, it's not surprising that would happen."
Those statements are beyond reprehensible, and come close to accusing Dobbs and Limbaugh of breaking the law. And, the reason he did it is because he's completely corrupt, hoping to obtain political power by supporting illegal immigration. Rather than supporting our laws as a U.S. Senator should, he smears those who oppose law-breaking.

Moreover, Obama lied yet again. See how the SPLC's "The Year in Hate" misled about FBI hate crime statistics. See also the FactCheck discussion of one of the February debates:
However, Obama was being overly dramatic when he said, "we have seen hate crimes skyrocket in the wake of the immigration debate."

That's saying a bit much. When we asked his campaign for documentation, they pointed us to the most recent FBI statistics, which actually show that the number of incidents classified officially as "hate crimes" went up 7.8 percent in 2006. (Figures for 2007, which would show what occurred during and after the highly charged debate on the House and Senate immigration bills last year, won't be available until much later in 2008.)

We think a 7.8 percent increase hardly qualifies as a "skyrocket." Looking only at the incidents in which Hispanics were targeted, "hate crimes" rose a bit more, 10.3 percent, but that's hardly a rocket-propelled rise either. Furthermore, the number of anti-Hispanic incidents fluctuates widely from year to year. During the last 11 years, the number of incidents nationwide has bounced around between a low of 426 in 2003 and a high of 597 in 2001, according to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports. It was 576 in 2006.
UPDATE: Here's a segment from the Lou Dobbs show on Obama's lie. Note the figures from the FBI that show that Obama lied, and note also that the Obama campaign couldn't tell them where Obama got his statistics:

Dana Milbank/WaPo misleads about Barack Obama links - 05/23/08

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post - last seen here lying about Tom Tancredo - offers "Obama as You've Never Known Him!" (link), a sleazy slab of mockery attempting to portray those who have legitimate questions about the various links Barack Obama has as believers in UFOs.

He discusses a meeting yesterday conducted by Cliff Kincaid and attempts to claim that all the points raised were "implausible accusations", such as this:
The smoking gun? Obama's "mentor" during his teens, according to Kincaid, was "a key member of a Soviet-controlled network that was sponsored by Moscow and active in Hawaii."

These accusations fall somewhere between guilt by association and guilt by invention, but the accusers were just getting started.
Now, read the Kincaid article on that mentor:
through Frank Marshall Davis, Obama had an admitted relationship with someone who was publicly identified as a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). The record shows that Obama was in Hawaii from 1971-1979, where, at some point in time, he developed a close relationship, almost like a son, with Davis, listening to his "poetry" and getting advice on his career path. But Obama, in his book, Dreams From My Father, refers to him repeatedly as just "Frank."

The reason is apparent: Davis was a known communist who belonged to a party subservient to the Soviet Union. In fact, the 1951 report of the Commission on Subversive Activities to the Legislature of the Territory of Hawaii identified him as a CPUSA member. What's more, anti-communist congressional committees, including the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), accused Davis of involvement in several communist-front organizations.
Some of the claims made at the meeting might indeed be out there, but that one certainly isn't. Milbank is simply a hack who can't even use a search engine to verify claims and instead thinks mockery - rather than real journalism - will carry the day. At the WaPo he's right, but not elsewhere.

Media Matters for America on immigration "myths" ("Fear and Loathing in Prime Time") - 05/21/08

Media Matters for America offers a "report" called "Fear and Loathing in Prime Time/Immigration Myths and Cable News" ( It attempts to address some of the "myths" supposedly promulgated by Lou Dobbs, [[Bill O'Reilly]], and Glenn Beck.

Obama Oregon rally was preceded by free concert from Portland band The Decemberists - 05/20/08

Some forms of MSM deception are so gross you have to wonder why they'd put their reputations on the line. I guess they're playing a numbers game, assuming that they'll be able to fool many more people than learn the truth.

Today's egregious example involves the big Obama rally in Portland, Oregon on May 18 which supposedly somewhere around 75,000 people attended. What many or most news sources forgot to tell you was that his appearance was preceded by a free, 45-minute concert from the local indy band The Decemberists; for comparison purposes their most-viewed videos on Youtube have 407,110; 177,447; and 141,218 views. And, here's a video from the event itself: link.

Details on this here and here:

If you want to do something about this, search for news reports on the rally that didn't mention who was the opening act. Then, contact their public editors or just call up the reporter directly and ask them why they didn't reveal that material fact. The same can be done with bloggers, simply by leaving a comment.

UPDATE: To make it clearer, I'm not suggesting that everyone was there because of the band. I'm suggesting that their appearance - as well as the fact that it was a sunny day - played a role. And, the MSM as well as others who discussed the rally should have disclosed that their apperance did play a role.

IT'S GETTING CROWDED UNDER THE BUS UPDATE: The Decembrists join Obama's grandmother, Reverend Wright, and a host of others under the bus as "liberals" are now trying to claim that the band could only, in the words of one of those commenting, draw a crowd of 750. For an example, let's turn to paid hack Matt Yglesias (

By now you've heard all about Barack Obama's radical pastor and secret Allah-worship, but Jim Geraghty's got the scoop about Obama's secret association with Portland-based indie rock bands. Yes, that's right, the Decemberists played Obama's 75,000 person rally. Quoth Geraghty, "I'm sure Obama would draw a big crowd either way, but wasn't that worth mentioning in the coverage?" Now Jason Linkins argues that "as the Decemberists are a modestly successful indie outfit, more apt to perform at venues such as the 1,200-person capacity 9:30 Club, it would be more accurate to suggest that the promise of an Obama rally is a great inducement to come see the Decemberists, rather than the reverse." Linkins misses the point, of course, that the Decemberists are popular enough to often play the 9:30 Club on consecutive nights so you can see that Obamamania's all hype.

Now, let's roll back the clock to October 11, 2006 (

Fans of the Decemberists will by no means be disappointed by their new offering The Crane Wife. Non-fans, on the other hand, probably won't find anything to turn their views around. For my part, I'm a fan. It's schtick, but it's good schtick.

That's followed by 18 comments from various kinds of fans. Now, obviously, MattY doesn't have much influence, but someone like Atrios does get a lot of traffic. And, in fact, almost 4800 views of their most popular video are due to him, who promoted them at these links:

So, once again, they only played a minor part in the turnout, but they did play a part and it should have been mentioned.

Karl Rove has video of Michelle Obama railing against "whitey" at Rev. Wright's church? - 05/19/08

The Internets are abuzz with the rumor that there's a video tape of Barack Obama's wife Michelle Obama railing against "whitey" at Reverend Wright's church. At post time the video - if it even exists - has not been released. Our new buddy Larry Johnson says that Karl Rove has a copy and is using it to fund an independent group that might offer it as an October surprise.

Jeff Bercovici, ThinkProgress spread anti-Rush Limbaugh smear (Antonio Villaraigosa) - 05/06/08

Yesterday on his show, Rush Limbaugh said this about an event where he ran into Bill Clinton and someone else:

I shook his hand, he left, comes back, the mayor of Los Angeles, I thought it was a Secret Service agent, maybe a shoeshine guy. Turns out he gives me his card, I said, "Oh, my gosh, it's the mayor of Los Angeles." I stood up, I said, "Hello, Mr. Villaraigosa."

The evil airheads at ThinkProgress claim this is an "Ethnically-Charged Insult" (, when in fact it appears to have another explanation. I don't know whether Rush has clarified what he was thinking of, but a commenter on that TP thread points to this story from April in which a Missoula, Montana shoeshiner wanted to give Barack Obama a shoeshine and was told to back off by Secret Service agents. The meeting above occured months before the April incident, but both had already occured when Rush made the statement above.

For ThinkProgress, getting things wrong in this way is the normal course of affairs. One might think that someone working for Conde Nast Portfolio might not be just as bad, yet Jeff Bercovici of that site thinks different (

Hey, you know what's a riot? Comparing one of the country's foremost Latino politicians to "a shoeshine guy" because of his race.

Somehow I think the April incident is a much stronger explanation. Note also that neither TP nor CNP are discussing the endless line of Villar issues, from his past leadership of a racial separatist group to him congratulating former Mexican president Zedillo on helping block Prop. 187.

Sadly, Villar will apparently not be releasing a statement, but Alex Nogales of the National Hispanic Media Coalition has:

"What can I tell you? It's the same kind of nasty, bigoted, racist type of comment that has become so prevalent in today's society, as practiced by Lou Dobbs, as practiced by [Sean] Hannity, [Bill] O'Reilly, [Michael] Savage -- all these guys who are appealing to a particular bigoted audience, and fanning the fires of bigotry and racism by doing these kinds of things without real concern about the consequences of their words. And the consequences are that these kinds of comments have helped in raising the rate of crimes against Latinos 35 percent in last three years." (He attributes that figure to the FBI.) "These guys have no civility in their makeup, no compassion, and very little intelligence when it comes to opening their mouths."

Bercovici can't seem to get anything right. Whatever Nogales said, he wasn't referring to crimes in general but to hate crimes. And, as discussed at the link, the 35% was designed to deceive. A real reporter would have gotten the types of crimes right and would have looked into the statistics.

Nutroots hero makes Dems look bad with sleazy John McCain question; questionable Secret Service reaction - 05/02/08

Yesterday former Joe Biden campaign worker and Barack Obama supporter Marty Parrish, at a townhall meeting in Iowa, asked John McCain about a sleazy charge in a recent book that he called his wife a "c--t". The charge appears in a book by Cliff Schecter, associated with Brave New Films, the Huffington Post, and FireDogLake, and the only proof provided is that three anonymous reporters supposedly told Schechter about it.

Barack Obama statement supports illegal immigration marches - 05/01/08

Barack Obama has released a statement supporting the May Day illegal immigration marches [1]. He misleads by failing to note that the marches are designed to benefit those who are here illegally rather than legal immigrants. He's also apparently proud of having spoken at the May 1, 2006 event in Chicago; the main organizers of that event have links to the Mexican government with one even being an official with a foreign political party. That same official is a "key organizer" of this year's Chicago march [2].

Two years ago, I came home to Chicago to witness the mobilization of hundreds of thousands of citizens and immigrants united in an effort to fix our immigration system. I spoke to the marchers that day, and Senator Kennedy spoke to those marching in Washington. They said to us, "today we march and tomorrow we vote." Two years later, our immigration problems remain unresolved, and those who want change will have to vote for change in November. So today, I encourage the thousands of people who are marching and calling for change to work hard registering voters in the months to come. Your vote is your voice.

Many of those marching were citizens or legal immigrants, but many were also illegal aliens. And, all were marching to give rights to illegal aliens that they aren't entitled to.

Four-hundred thousand marchers were in Chicago that day and hundreds of thousands of others came out and stood up around the country. They were marching to put a human face on the idea of America as a country of immigrants: the notion that people can come here and pursue a better life for themselves and, most importantly, for their children, if they work hard and apply themselves.

How they come here should matter to a U.S. Senator, but Barack Obama is obviously a different kind of Senator.

Two years later, politicians remain polarized and the challenge is unresolved. On the anniversary of those marches, I again express my commitment to comprehensive immigration reform and will do everything I can to bring order and compassion to a system that is broken today. It is in our interest and true to our tradition to come together and solve this problem. And as President, I intend to lead us in that effort.

BHO could bring "order and compassion" to the system by supporting the enforcement of our current laws; his plan would lead to more illegal immigration and more problems and is the opposite of "compassionate".

[2] From this: "We have to put pressure on the politicians," said Jorge Mujica, a key organizer of this year's march and the original 2006 May Day march. "If everyone starts talking about immigration again after May Day, that's a success for us." Mujica is an official with Mexico's PRD Party.

El Paso BP chief Victor Manjarrez promotes immigration "reform", busboys-style (Alicia Caldwell) - 04/30/08

Alicia Caldwell of the Associated Press offers "El Paso border chief urges immigration reform" (link). The person in question is Victor M. Manjarrez Jr., chief of the U.S. Border Patrol's El Paso Sector.

Former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack takes illegal immigration side in Swift raid; Peter Schey link - 04/29/08

From this:

Allegations that federal officials illegally rounded up and arrested almost 1,300 Swift factory workers during raids in Marshalltown and across the country are being highlighted today at a public hearing that includes testimony from former Gov. Tom Vilsack...

Chris Wallace doesn't ask Barack Obama about immigration, one of his most vulnerable policies - 04/27/08

Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday finally got to interview Barack Obama, and the transcript is here.

There is one mention of "immigration" in the entire transcript, and it's only an aside:

Over the years, John McCain has broken with his party and risked his career on a number of issues, campaign finance, immigration reform, banning torture.

Barack Obama "worked" for Bill Ayers for eight years? - 04/27/08

From this:
In 1995, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge was created to raise funds to help reform the Chicago public schools. One of the architects of the Challenge was none other than Professor Bill Ayers. Ayers co-wrote the initial grant proposal and proudly lists himself on his own website as the co-founder of the Challenge.

And who did William Ayers, co-creator of the Challenge, help select as the new director of the board for this program?

Barack Obama cancels North Carolina debate; is he afraid of Katie Couric? - 04/21/08

Barack Obama has refused to appear at a North Carolina debate which was to be held on April 27.

The moderator of the debate? None other than the lovely and talented Democratic cheerleader Katie Couric.

There's certainly no reason for him to have attended the event since he's got the nomination sewed up (and, by extension, John McCain will be our next president).

SPP North American Leaders Summit April 21, 22 in New Orleans - 04/20/08

The fourth annual "North American Leaders Summit" - part of the Security and Prosperity Partnership started by George Bush - will be held Monday and Tuesday in New Orleans and will be attended by Bush, Felipe Calderon of Mexico, and Stephen Harper of Canada. Expect the news reports about the event to be credulous. Speaking of which, Norma Greenaway of the Canwest News Service/Ottawa Citizen offers this:

The annual leaders' gathering, popularly referred to as the Amigos Summit, is being held against the backdrop of a gripping race for the U.S. presidency where the North American Free Trade Agreement has become a favourite punching bag of Democratic contenders Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama... The two have promised to kill or rewrite the pact if elected president as they compete for the support of voters, many of whom blame NAFTA for job losses, especially in the manufacturing sector.

Well, not exactly. Obama recently spoke in code, indicating his support for the SPP process, and of course there's GoolsbeeGate to consider. Her paper was given ("obtained") a warning to the leaders from the "North American Competitiveness Council", a group of major businesses such as Home Depot:

Among other things, [the warning] expressed frustration over "serious roadblocks" that have hampered efforts to make borders within North America more efficient and secure... "Our most critical request to the leaders is for them to ensure that the SPP remains a dynamic and effective path forward for trilateral and bilateral co-operation," says the report, urging the leaders to make clear "sustained progress on the SPP agenda is a strategic priority."... "To the extent NAFTA itself continues to be a target, efforts to "deepen NAFTA" will be largely unsuccessful," [a draft version of the warning] said... A senior U.S. official, briefing American reporters on the leaders' summit, said Friday the pact is a winner for all three countries. Dan Fisk said the value of trade among the three countries had grown to almost $1 trillion from $290 billion in 1994, the year NAFTA took effect... "We want to find ways to, frankly, convince the American people from our perspective, first and foremost that this is an arrangement that has worked for us, and it's also worked for our neighbours," said Fisk, [Senior Director in the National Security Council for the Western Hemisphere].

An earlier meeting with Condoleezza Rice resulted in Mexican Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa saying this:

"We have also discussed that we should strengthen and make a permanent commitment with the continuity of this high-level dialogue in North America at all levels and particularly at the level of heads of state and government."

Becky Bohrer of the Associated Press red baits here, following this paragraph with a quote from one of the "People's Summit" protesters with a quote from someone from the U.S. Marxist-Leninist Organization:

One target of protesters is expected to be the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. They say the pact, which aims to share information between the three governments and smooth out regulatory differences, is a threat to national sovereignty and an attempt to create a military partnership to enforce the North American Free Trade Agreement.

This quotes Fisk:

"We think NAFTA works... We think the record of its past 14 years shows that it works. There's nothing broken. Why fix a success?"

This lets something slip:

It is more like a progress report on how the three countries are integrating... Bush's agenda will start today with the reopening of the Mexican Consulate in New Orleans...

Greg Flakus of the publicly-funded Voice of America - a source not intended to spread disinformation inside America - leads with the thoughts of someone from the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau here, offering not just one but two pictures of her.

Ben Feller of the Associated Press offers this:

Tom Donohue, president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said the three countries benefit by working together against competition from China and India. "North America needs to maintain its economic unity," said Donohue, who is taking part in the summit.

FingerGate: Did Obama flip the bird to Hillary Clinton? And, is this a previous example of him giving the finger? - 04/18/08

FingerGate (aka MiddleFingerGate) enters its bitter second day with some people saying that, during a sequence of semaphoric hand gestures (!) at a speech in Raleigh, North Carolina yesterday, Barack Obama flipped off (aka gave the bird to, gave the finger to) Hillary Clinton.

ABC News Democratic debate April 16, 2008 (Charlie Gibson, George Stephanopoulous) - 04/16/08

Tonight's ABC News Democratic debate starring Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulous with appearances by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama was apparently fairly bad to very bad, depending on one's partisan inclination (transcript link). It was very bad to Obama supporters, who were dismayed by the debate focusing on "trivialities" such as Bittergate, Tuzla, Reverend Wright, and William Ayers. The HuffPost whines here and here. It also featured an apparently bad performance by Barack Obama (link). As Ever Excitable Andy says:

Yes, the Clintons have shredded him. But that's what they know how to do. It's also what the GOP knows how to do.

Oddly enough, I don't recall any of those whining about the lack of a real discussion of policy in previous debates; in fact, there's been nothing of the sort. Every single previous debate has featured lightweight questions which have generally led to simply a recitation of talking points, almost all of which were available on the candidates' websites or in their previous speeches. I suspect that if all the "trivial" questions had been directed at Clinton the same hacks whining now would be lifting Charlie and George onto their shoulders.

And, of course, not only were there no questions about immigration - both candidates' most vulnerable issue - but there wasn't even a single mention of the topic.

An extra "liberal"/Stalinist bonus! Two comments here [1] are worth noting because they're so very bad and so very indicative of how much trouble we're in because people can't be bothered to go out and show the MSM what a real question looks like:

Why would there be a need to ask about policy when they agree on most everything?

It's obvious to me but apparently not to many "liberals" that their policies have huge gaping holes, so despite them agreeing for the most part that still leaves hours that could be filled with an in-depth discussion of those problems and how the candidates' would mitigate them.

My suggestion: The DNC should choose its own moderator and produce the debate in house.

Unfortunately, that's hardly an original idea.

EXTRA "LIBERAL" UPDATE: Stephanopoulous appears to have gotten the Ayers topic due to Sean Hannity, causing DailyKos to go into full, frothing boycott Disney mode (link). It's a perfectly valid line of discussion, yet one that would not be allowed under the Reign of Kos.

I think the bottom line is that many of his supporters are now coming to grips with how flawed Obama is and are trying the last ditch (or first ditch for many) tack of trying to shut down debate.

[1] washingtonmonthly. com/archives/individual/2008_04/013543.php

Barack Obama was at Million Man March (Louis Farrakhan) - 04/14/08

A 1995 profile of Barack Obama had this news which was apparently a minor stir a couple weeks ago:

Obama took time off from attending campaign coffees to attend October's Million Man March in Washington, D.C.

Needless to say, that event was organized by and featured a keynote speech from Reverend Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam (profiled here).

CNN, The Best Political Team on TV. Part 1, Campbell Brown - 04/14/08

Very short video with just one more data point illustrating what's wrong with CNN and the MSM in general.

Barack Obama misleads, smears Middle America - 04/11/08

Speaking in San Francisco at a fundraiser for the wealthy (and in Marin County no less; pictures of his tour here), Barack Obama smeared Pennsylvanians and others by saying:

James Parks/AFL-CIO, Jennifer Ludden/NPR promote bad, inhumane public policy, illegal immigration - 04/08/08

Jennifer Ludden of National Public Radio (NPR) offers a two-part series about those deported from the U.S. to El Salvador in "Deportee Back Home After Near-Death Trip to U.S." ( and "Deportee a Stranger in His Homeland" ( To a certain extent they're both cautionary tales illustrating why people shouldn't try to come to the U.S. illegally. And, they're also both largely pointless and shallow character sketches.

John McCain running for America's Diversity Director (Web Ad: Tolerance) - 04/06/08

John McCain offers an interminable web ad called "Tolerance" (link), which basically says we shouldn't hate on each other. It's akin to something that employees are forced to watch at their indoctrinations or when they need reeducating, and it's difficult to imagine it coming from even Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. In fact, it's more appropriate for candidates in foreign countries such as England or Canada.

Barack Obama: no evidence of North American Union, confirms NAFTA Superhighway (?), says not CFR member - 04/02/08

In Lancaster, Pennsylvania on 3/31/08, an audience member asked Barack Obama whether he's a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and asks about the North American Union. He denied being a member of the CFR, and said he didn't see any evidence of the NAU. However, in his discussion of the NAU he described something sounding an awful lot like the NAFTA Superhighway. If you go to one of his appearances, read back his statements (below) and tell him that he came close to verifying something that we're told doesn't exist.

And, if Obama is truthful when he says he sees no evidence of the NAU - for instance as a gleam in the eyes of powerful people - then he's not qualified for major public office. But, we knew that already. Were he an honest and brave politician he'd acknowledge that there are plenty of signs that powerful forces want something like a NAU, and he'd work to oppose them.

Details after the clip (NOTE: see the update).

Regarding the CFR, Obama says he doesn't know whether he's an "official member", but says he's spoken there in the past. He then says:

"the CFR is basically just a forum where a bunch of people talk about foreign policy... so there's no official membership... I don't have a card or an [inaudible, perhaps 'special'] handshake or anything like that..."

For the last part of that he was mocking the questioner, causing the audience to laugh right along with him. And, of course, he was lying about them just being a forum; they're obviously much more and almost all top government officials for the past several administrations have been members. In fact, here's CFR member Dick Cheney - standing next to David Rockefeller - laughing about not telling the folks back in Wyoming that he's a member: link.

Obama then pretends not to remember that the final word in NAU is "Union", asking the original questioner for the word. He says he sees no evidence of it taking place. Then, perhaps saying more than his handlers would like him to say, he goes on:

It was based partly on the fact that there's this highway being built in Texas that will facilitate more transportation and travel between Mexico and the intercontinental United States, on up to Canada so people have perceived that this potentially means that somehow there's gonna be this Union like the European Union... there's no evidence that that's taking place.

So, it runs from Mexico to Canada, and will facilitate transportation. Sounds like... an intercontinental trade corridor, no? In fact, it certainly sounds like the NAFTA Superhighway, something that hacks have worked night and day to deny. In fact, most of them, if they acknowledge the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC) at all, stop right there and don't go past, say, Oklahoma. But, brave soul that he is, Obama went all the way up to Canada.

5/21/10 UPDATE: The video that was originally here (id GbV8duHcXX0) "has been removed due to a terms of use violation". I've replaced it with a video that someone else uploaded, swiping the text of this post as the video description (!). The original video was also a raw feed; the new one only has the first part and has additional clips. If I find the original video I'll post it here.

Poll: only 34% of McCain voters know he supports amnesty - 04/01/08

A Center for Immigration Studies poll concerning voter knowledge of and support for their candidates' positions is here. Unlike most other polls, they asked about attrition:

Only 34 percent of McCain voters, 42 percent of Clinton voters, and 52 percent of Obama voters correctly identified their candidate as favoring eventual citizenship for illegal immigrants who meet certain requirements...

Bush admin to build 361 more miles of border fence by end of year - 04/01/08

From this:
The Bush administration plans to use its authority to bypass more than 30 laws and regulations in an effort to finish building 670 miles of fence along the southwest U.S.

Barack Obama wants national holiday for Cesar Chavez - 03/31/08

In an absurdly obvious attempt at pandering, Barack Obama wants to make Cesar Chavez' birthday a national holiday (

...As farmworkers and laborers across America continue to struggle for fair treatment and fair wages, we find strength in what Cesar Chavez accomplished so many years ago...

Just one problem: unlike Barack Obama, Chavez opposed illegal immigration. In fact, he even called the INS on illegal aliens.

SPLC's "The Year in Hate" misled about FBI hate crime statistics - 03/31/08

Earlier this month the Southern Poverty Law Center - a group indirectly linked to the Mexican government - released a report entitled "The Year in Hate", which continued their attempt to shut down debate about immigration matters. Per the AP:

Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) endorses Barack Obama; a flashback - 03/28/08

Senator Bob Casey, Democrat from Pennsylvania, has endorsed Barack Obama and will go on tour with him.

Per an Obama flack:

"There are few stronger advocates for working families in Pennsylvania than Sen. Casey."

Yes indeed, and it doesn't matter whether they're U.S. citizens or citizens of foreign countries who are here illegally, Senator Casey is on their side.

Eric Hananoki/Media Matters tries pretending that McCain differs from Hillary and Obama on immigration - 03/26/08

Eric Hananoki of Media Matters for America offers "Chicago Tribune falsely claimed Clinton, Obama, and McCain "essentially agree" on immigration" (

Summary: In an article on immigration as a campaign issue, the Chicago Tribune reported that Sens. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain "essentially agree on the need for an overhaul of U.S. Immigration law that would combine increased border enforcement with a new guest-worker program and measures to permit the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants already in the country to eventually apply for citizenship." In fact, McCain has said he "would not" support his original comprehensive immigration proposal if it came to a vote on the Senate floor and now says that "we've got to secure the borders first."

The article is here. MMFA is just playing word games and confusing support for specific versions of legislation with the fact that all three candidates support amnesty.

McCain now says he wants to "secure the borders" first, but after that (probably largely symbolic move) he'd simply do the same thing as Obama and Clinton would do. All three are supporters of "comprehensive immigration reform", even if what exactly that means changes depending on the tactics they deem necessary to push it through.

3/31 UPDATE: Doubling down, "M.A." (full name unknown) offers '[Lou] Dobbs claimed there "isn't much difference" among the three candidates, except on Iraq' ( Note the lawyerly attempt to deceive: "As Media Matters has documented, Obama and Clinton both support comprehensive immigration reform. By contrast, McCain abandoned his previous support for comprehensive immigration legislation during his campaign for the Republican nomination.". He may or may not have abandoned his support for that specific piece of legislation, but not for the overall concept of amnesty.

Kathleen Henehan/Media Matters promotes economic benefits of illegal immigration
Media Matters for America plays word games re: their funding
Media Matters for America shows left's regard for free speech
Media Matters for America defending al Jazeera
Soros-funded Media Matters deletes yet another comment

Barack Obama and Reverend James Meeks (so far not another Jeremiah Wright) - 03/19/08

Sean Hannity is digging up dirt on yet another radical preacher linked to Barack Obama. This time it's Reverend James Meeks of Salem Baptist Church of Chicago, whose day job is as an Illinois state senator. However, this time around the links are a bit more tenuous than in the case of Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Here's Rev. Meeks:

He's also "the executive vice president of Jesse Jackson Sr.'s National Rainbow-Push Coalition" (link). That page says he's one of his religious advisors, but he's not listed on this document supposedly listing those advisors from December 2007. On the other hand, the 2006 book The God Factor: Inside the Spiritual Lives of Public People by the unvetted author Cathleen Falsani says (link):

Another person Obama seeks out for spiritual counsel is Illinois State Senator James Meeks, who is also the pastor of Chicago's Salem Baptist Church and heir apparent to the helm of the Reverend Jesse Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH Coalition. The day after Obama won the primary in March 2004, he stopped by Salem for Wednesday-night Bible study. "I know that he's a person of prayer," Meeks says. "The night after the election, he was the hottest thing going from Galesburg to Rockford. He did all the TV shows, and all the morning news, but his last stop at night was for church. He came by to say thank you, and he came by for prayer."

Meeks and several others were listed in December 2007's "African American Illinois Legislators Unanimously Endorse Barack Obama" (link). And, this says that while "Meeks was never very close to Obama, last month he was elected as a delegate pledged to Obama". More related to that and Meek quotes here. In 2005 news, apparently Meeks was pulled over by a cop and then tried to pull rank on him (link).

Note also that the video above was posted three days ago by the user 023chitown, who last logged in at that time and who only watched one video. In other words, 023chitown appears to have only signed up (at least under that name) to post that video.

This (from David Ehrenstein) says:

In 2004, during his U.S. Senate run, Obama campaigned at Chicago's Salem Baptist Church, whose leader, Rev. James Meeks, called same-sexuality "an evil sickness."

While there appear to be some links, unless something else surfaces they don't appear to be on the same level as the Wright issue.