Nadir of Obamamania: Jason Alexander, other airheads pray for Barack Obama

I am declaring the nadir of Obamamania, as Dave Stewart (of the Eurythmics) offers a song called "American Prayer", which is along the same lines as previous Obama promotions from Will.I.Am. This one, however, features older nobodies rather than Will.I.Am's habit of featuring nobodies that cater to the teen market. And, it's as sad as it is hilarious.

The nobodies appearing include Jason Alexander, Joan Baez, Margaret Cho (!), Whoopi Goldberg (Gaitan!!), Perez Hilton (!!!), and Barry Manilow (!!!!!). Although she's not listed, I believe that Pamela Anderson also makes an appearance. And, they're all praying for Obama, including the beyond-absurd site of Alexander first clasping his hands together and then later speaking along with an MLK speech. Did I mention MLK? Yes, he makes an appearance too as they shamelessly seek to compare BHO to MLK.

But, wait, the kitchen sink makes an appearance also as Stewart lifts lines from the Emma Lazarus poem that was tacked onto the Statue of Liberty and includes a shot of a young girl holding a "We Are America" sign. Presumably he knew that was from an illegal immigration march. It even includes a shot of a wind farm: in addition to everything else, BHO will greenify the countryside. But, wait, there's more! In his video description, Stewart says:

As an Englishman, I'm not an expert in all the intricate details of American politics.

I'd suggest he butt out, except videos like this are going to do more harm than good to BHO's cause.

On the one hand, jumping on the BHO bandwagon is a good way for the washed-up to revive their careers. On the other hand, I think some of them actually believe this junk.


OMG, the Smothers Brothers made an appearance. I thought they were dead. Doesn't get any more communist and has-been than that. What the hell is Joss Stone doing in this? Not only is she a British subject, I don't even think she is old enough to vote even if she were a citizen of this country. I wish these limeys would stay the hell out of our politics, but the meddling pales in comparison to the mexican nationalist-socialist variety. Did anyone notice the reverence for religion from "praying" for this country? Would that be an islamic prayer for its destruction with more tax enslavement socialist policies if this clown gets elected?

I think a juxtaposition of Laura Ingrahams SHUT UP AND ("DON'"T) SING would be apropos. These people make me want to vomit.....or have a taco....not sure tired and sick of these phonies.

Madness and its here to remove us all from the face of the earth,total madness. but keep watching soon people will understand what must be done for freedom.

PB: You wish the Limeys would stay out of our politics, I wish America would stay out of the world's business.

Eddie Willers don't be so stupid and third world like, the world owns our government its the pigs of the world who use us.

well i just want to share a video that i saw in pollclash Joe Biden has now been officially introduced as Barack Obama's Vice Presidential selection, well you can see the video in

Eddie, I am an isolationist and an American nationalist. You are barking up the wrong tree.

PB: I'm sorry to hear that. You must be lonely, unless you count your time with your seething hatred of human beings and buddies at the tattoo parlor. Good luck advancing that agenda, although my own anarcho-libertarian leanings prevent me from understanding how those two viewpoints intersect. I'm not sure how a country could exist - much less thrive - under an isolationist agenda.

I'm not lonely or seething with hatred, but it is so nice of you to make your false assumptions. You know what they say, Edddie: don't assume. In fact, I'm getting ready to take this tall beautiful brunette grad student to Vegas this weekend for some debauchery, while you sit at home playing your Nintendo WII. As for isolationism, see Japan for a reference. Good fences (and tariffs to keep cheap goods out) make good neighbors. In addition, I would revoke the corporate status of any company that outsources labor to third world countries and end all corporate welfare. If you want to do business in another country, you can go incorporate there. We don't need anti-American fictitious persons, and we can deport them to Bangalore or Manila or Beijing if they want to do business there.

So your viewpoint is inconsistent with liberty and decisively anti-business. High tariffs and rampant nationalism isn't Japan - it's the neolithic age. I'll give you this, though: you're definitely original. And xenophobic. I'd love to hear your explanation of how "Americanism" is compatible with "prosperity" ... especially of the brand you describe. Further, how do you feel about unions? If I were to guess, I'd say you were for them, so long as they screen out illegals. Just a hunch. And no, I'm not jealous that you are taking some bizzo to Vegas this weekend. I hear there's a lot of illegals working in that town, so watch out - you wouldn't want to *accidentally* tip a bartender, room service attendant, etc. that isn't a member of this (great) country. Why would anyone want to cooperate with someone who's not a citizen of this country? Clearly you and illegal immigrants have nothing in common, especially when you are paying for their services.

"So your viewpoint is inconsistent with liberty and decisively anti-business." You always make blanket declarations without any supporting evidence, but I expect this from your dim witted responses. Xenophobic? What exactly does that mean to you? You call someone that when you disagree with them? That shows lots of smarts (NOT). Labor unions: I believe in freedom of association, but if I do not want to belong to a thug organization, I should not have to do so. I believe CITIZEN has a right to work without the interference of labor unions. California is not a right to work state, which I disagree with. And why shouldn't labor unions protect the interests of their members and refuse membership by illegals? What part of illegal don't you understand? As for your last statement, it's unintelligible, which can be expected from someone who hates this site so much they continue to return to spout their nonsensical drivel. Like a battered wife, you come back for more intellectual beatings. Obviously, you support the undermining of the American worker with the influx of cheap, illegal labor. This is morally reprehensible, but that's you in a nutshell. I think you love the abuse, that's why you come back here.