Barack Obama acceptance speech: whines about things he supports; a descent

In his big acceptance speech in Denver, Barack Obama said among many, many other things:

Passions fly on immigration, but I don't know anyone who benefits when a mother is separated from her infant child or an employer undercuts American wages by hiring illegal workers.

Family separation is one of the risks of illegal activity, whether selling illegal clothing or working illegally. The only two ways to have prevented and to prevent such separation is to either completely open the borders or try to reduce illegal immigration as much as possible. Needless to say, Barack Obama has taken every chance to support illegal immigration.

And, of course, employers benefit greatly from hiring illegal workers, something that, through his support for illegal immigration, BHO has supported.

As for this:

So let us agree that patriotism has no party.

Back in 2006, BHO marched in support of illegal immigration at an event organized by people linked to the Mexican government, including an official with Mexico's PRD Party. Instead of doing the patriotic thing and investigating such meddling, BHO assisted the meddlers. Pardon me if I don't fully believe his claims to be patriotic.

On a more Paul Waldman-esque point, consider:

They claim that our insistence on something larger, something firmer and more honest in our public life is just a Trojan Horse for higher taxes and the abandonment of traditional values.

I suspect that Obama's speech writers are even more in tune with Beavis and Butthead than I am, so I have trouble thinking something like that was unintentional.


The illegal invaders don't even need a Trojan Horse...they just walk right in.... courtesy of Barack Obama and others of his globalist ILK.