Barack Obama supports community college for illegal aliens (North Carolina, "good citizens")

North Carolina is studying whether to allow illegal aliens to enroll in community colleges, and over the weekend Barack Obama brought his pander express there and told Greensboro's WUNC this:

"For us to deny [illegal aliens] access to community college, even though they've never lived in Mexico, at least as far as they can tell ... is to deny that this is how we've always built this country up"... Obama said many children of Mexican immigrants have spent nearly their entire lives in the U.S., and "for all practical purposes, they are an American kid... I think we don't want them in the underground economy... We want them contributing, and it makes sense for us to provide them some pathway. If they've been here a certain period of time, and they've been good citizens, let's try to figure out how we can work them into the fabric of our society."

1. If I were inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt, I might say that "good citizens" doesn't necessarily imply that he thinks that citizens of Mexico are citizens of the U.S., it could just be a cutesy locution. However, based on his other statements, I'm not willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I think he really is confused over the entire citizenship concept.

2. Needless to say, we haven't "built this country up" through illegal immigration and through allowing a corrupt neighboring country to send us 14% of their working age population.

3. The only solution to this problem that is good public policy is to encourage/"encourage" Mexico and other countries to take their citizens back and give them educations. Anything else will lead to more problems as more people bring their children here illegally and as educations are taken from U.S. citizens in order to give them to foreign citizens who are here illegally.


Anti-American bigotry at its finest. How can he get elected when he says things like this and most of the public is opposed to it? And why doesn't McCain call him out on this? Because McCain is all for it too. Traitors, each of them, denying an education to an American citizen for every illegal that enrolls.

How more outrageous can either of these clowns be? Between Illegals and the bailout ...and despite phone calls and emails blowing out the lines at the Capitol you would still think Americans have nothing to say on this issue. We are being totally ignored ...because they both are sellout treasonous bastards and we have no choice. They figure we have to choose one or the other. Mmaybe a Ron Paul write in is needed here.

"I think he really is confused over the entire citizenship concept." Spot on, LW. As a virtual immigrant himself, his personal experience must still be confusing, unresolved. "spent nearly their entire lives in the U.S., and "for all practical purposes, they are an American kid" Fail. Citizenship is not a prize we award based on how long someone was able to elude the authorities. "let's try to figure out how we can work them into the fabric of our society." We already have. It's called the USCIS. And I think our nation could generously donate a full color immigration application brochure to each and every one of them as they are deported.

Hey Wacko, I didn't know where else to post this as you have no way to contact you...*hint hint* I have done as you suggested and managed to finagle my way onto an official congressional candidate panel in Jersey, grilling 5 of them, including the incumbent, on illegal immigration. I have two video interviews - (one with the incumbent and one with the constitution party candidate) that I did with them after the event and uploaded to YouTube - and my commentary of the event at: Hopefully I'll be able to hunt down the audio when it is broadcast on Thursday on the radio of the exact questions and answers and post those as well (they wouldn't allow video of the whole event or even still pictures) although you can see exactly what I asked them at my entry above.

Outstanding job, Digger. Gotta second that first paragraph, too...*hint hint*

I think Berick Obama is letting the American peopla down. He has never fought for the freedom of this country as a mater of fact he is not even a CITIZEN OF THE US AND IS GOING TO COURT TO SHOW HIS CITIZENSHIP IF HE CAN. Getting back to Illgal aleins going to collage on our tax dollar is insane and i hope if it does happen that everybody stops paying taxes. Also the rumer is that they will be covered by social security. I for one do not want to excelerate the book of Revolation inwhich there are maney that think the same way. Here is the court case against him. Download this case in .pdf and print it out and then read it. If the plaintiff receives the court-ordered documents we may find that Obama is at best an illegal alien. In which case, he would not be qualified under the Constitution to run for the office of President. Comments?