Barack Obama's close relationship with Bill Ayers (Chicago Annenberg Challenge; UIC coverup?)

Barack Obama claims that former terrorist Bill Ayers is little more than a "guy who lives in my neighborhood", but in fact they both worked on education matters for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in the 90s. Some details on this are here and here.

Stanley Kurtz tried to gain access to the voluminous records about the CAC, which are stored, ironically enough, at the Richard J. Daley Library at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He exchanged emails with various staffers there and arranged a flight to review the records, but at the last moment he was told he'd been denied access and generally given the run-around. Details here; contact information for the president of UIC here.


So...I went to the Chicago Annenberg Challenge website, and find perfectly anodyne bromides about supporting execellent teachers as they endeavor to educate our young. SCAREY THOUGH! The logo of CAC is a crypto-swastika (an eight-point sunwheel) around a crescent! Wow! I can only interpret this as a veiled, yet intentional threat to Jews world-wide.

Melvin A. Dewar it's not about education its about Indoctination and Propaganda and the political Programming of kids to the work of the one world shit people, and the real reason is to make the kids understand one fact that the state is all, This is what obama is all about and obama is owned by people who hate our freedoms. and i think Obama who is nothing but a little black ass will win!, the system of evil needs him in place to do evil to people here and to control people who would ask to many questions of the state.