All Hail Obama! Invesco Field acceptance speech includes miniature Greek temple

barack obama invesco field acceptance speech

On Thursday, Barack Obama will accept Athens' the Democratic Party's endorsement at Denver's Invesco Field on a set resembling a miniature Greek temple. A somewhat close-up is above (via CQ Politics' collection, link).

There really isn't much more to be said, except to point to ThinkProgress' lame attempt to downplay this by playing tu quoque. They point out that the 2008 Virginia Republican Convention was conducted with a backdrop featuring Greek columns ( What they fail to note is that their setup resembles the Virginia State House (link).

UPDATE: If you go to 4:45 here there's a pan. There are two pair of large round columns on either end, with smaller square columns in the center portion, complete with bases and fillagres. I'll leave it up to architects to identify whether that's Greek, Roman, Romulan, Arugulan, Mordorian, or what.


All hail Emperor Obama!

Did it ever occur to you that that is a recreation of our CAPITAL??? Where MLK did the I HAVE A DREAM speech, on the anniversary of which Obama accepts the nomination? Did it occur to anyone to ask before mocking it as Greek theatre? even as you stop to note the Republican version of this was a RECREATION OF A STATE HOUSE?? This shows how uncharitably you have to see everything Obama does. Sad. And spiritually bankrupt.

MLK is just like Obama, except Obama hasn't accomplished anything in his career. Other than that, they are just like each other, including the communist affiliations. I have a dream too: that race hustling grifters like the Obamas never occupy the oval office. Is "spritually bankrupt" in reference to the rejection of the false messiah? Funny how the party of atheists/secularists (Dems) use the religion card when its suits their agenda. Obama favors late term abortions (infanticide) and racist affirmative action policies against whites, which is about as "spiritually bankrupt" as a politician can be. If you want to see spiritual insolvency, you only need to look at your candidate, comrade. Also, I just read Obama attacks our law enforcement by voicing his objections to 287(g). The emperor has no clothes, or respect for the laws or citizens of this nation. He is a self-denying mulatto crypto-muslim despot, and he will get what he deserves on election day.

what would a little black african want with a white symbol? "oh i forgot", blacks showed white how to build temples like that. buy guns the enemies of freedom are not at the gates but inside the city of freedom. start thinking like real people and fight back one by one in the night of our freedom.

Where is an A-6E TRAM when you really, really need one?

Sad that the morally bankrupt republican hypocrites refuse to acknowledge that this stage is similar in theme and design to the 2008 Virginia Republican Convention.

Did it ever occur to you that that is a recreation of our CAPITAL??? Where MLK did the I HAVE A DREAM speech The "Dream" speech was done in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

Oh come on this is absurd. You can't throw a stone in D.C. without hitting a building with columns like this. The same goes for nearly every county courthouse, state capital and post office in America. Besides, the Bush campaign used a similar backdrop in the 2004 GOP convention. Don't believe me? Look at the pix for yourself:

The 'Greek Temple' analogy preceded Lonewacko's reporting. It originated with those tools of the vast right wing conspiracy at Democrat HQ. Or ABC. Or MSNBC. Or Kos, or Wonkette. Take your pick. Democratic convention planners had misgivings before that. Repubs were the LAST to pick up on the story.

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