Ask Obama or McCain a tough question, make $1000!

For over a year, I've been urging people to go to campaign appearances and ask the candidates tough immigration-related questions, without much luck. In a desperate move to get people off their couches, I upped the ante last week: I'll give $100 to the first person who asks Barack Obama or John McCain one of my tough immigration questions. See this for the details, but bear in mind my offer expires on August 22. I'm looking for sponsorship to give away more.

A couple days later, World Net Daily (independent of my offer) upped the ante even more: they'll give you $1000 for exclusive video of you asking tough questions. Unlike my offer, they aren't just limiting it to the first person, but to anyone who asks one of their questions.

Whichever you choose, please get out there and ask some real questions. If the money's not enough of an incentive, think about how bad asking real questions is going to make the MSM look.


I have not found the video yet. But, last week Lou Dobbs had video of a young woman really pressing John McCain on the issue of a North American Union during a townhall. It was pretty good video. Look for it yourself.

Ask to many real question and that person maybe disaapeared by our so called Government, i can dream of a day when both Obama and McCain will be on the end of a rope, and many others will join the two pigs, but that will never happen. Think freedom think right and act as one with the Sword of justice to the head of evil.