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Jason Ritchie turns his back on American workers (Washington, Dave Reichert, HandiHabitats) - 05/20/14

Jason Ritchie is running to unseat Rep. Dave Reichert in Washington's 8th District.

Occupiers shout down Rick Santorum (OWS, glitter, gay marriage) - 02/14/12

The video below shows Occupy Wall Street doing what they do best: help those they pretend to oppose. In this case, they do that by shouting down Rick Santorum at an event in Tacoma, Washington.

Chris Gregoire works to keep foreign criminals *in* Washington (SSB 5168, Prentice, Kline, Regala, Chase, Kohl-Welles) - 06/13/11

In April, Washington governor Chris Gregoire signed SSB 5168, a law that uses a cute trick to keep foreign criminals in her state rather than having them deported.

When did Stanley Dunham move to Seattle with Obama: 1961 or 1962? (University of Washington, Wikipedia) - 01/19/11

[UPDATE BELOW] The political establishment has spent countless man-hours trying to claim that we know for a fact that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. Yet, even seemingly simple aspects of his past history are shrouded in mystery. For example: when exactly did Obama's mother Stanley Ann Dunham moved from Hawaii back to Seattle to attend the University of Washington? WorldNetDaily uncovered a college transcript from UW (emailed from UW and attached): The transcript clearly documents that Dunham was enrolled at the University of Washington for two classes that began on Aug. 19, 1961:...

2009 immigration marches get tea party-level turnout (actually even less) - 05/01/09

The 2009 marches in support of illegal immigration are getting a turn-out roughly equivalent to that of the tea parties or less. For the high side of figures, turn to the Fair Immigration Reform Movement at fairimmigration.wordpress.com

Illegal aliens from ICE raid given work permits so they can sue ICE agents? (+more) - 04/13/09

Debbie Schlussel has a scoop here. According to her sources, the reason why illegal aliens were given work authorization and then released after being caught in a raid in Bellingham, WA is so that those aliens can now... sue the ICE agents who arrested them.

Immigration enforcement, Janet Napolitano style: illegal aliens given work permits, released - 03/31/09

Welcome to the tough new immigration enforcement regime of Janet Napolitano (link): Many if not all workers detained in the Feb. 24 immigration raid at Yamato Engine Specialists have been released from the federal detention center in Tacoma. The unexpected move appears to be related to an ongoing federal investigation of Yamato. "I can confirm that many of the individuals ... have indeed been released pending the further investigation of Yamato Engine," said U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Lorie Dankers. Besides their freedom, the workers also have permission to look for...

"[Washington] State winks at illegal immigration" - 08/16/06

Dan Stein of FAIR writes in the Seattle PI (link): Gov. Chris Gregoire recently made some headlines by sending the federal government a $50 million bill for the cost of incarcerating criminal illegal immigrants. We wish her and the taxpayers of Washington luck. For all the chance the state of Washington has of getting a check from the federal government, Gregoire might just as well have saved the postage.

Vicente Fox to visit colonies, meet with Alta California legislators - 05/23/06

Vicente Fox of Mexico is starting a whirlwind tour of the U.S. today which will conclude on Friday. The apparent goal of the tour is to help immigration "reform". However, as with the illegal alien marches, he will end up helping the American side.