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Stephanie Mencimer's flawed reporting on Mia Love and immigration (Mother Jones, Margaret Stock, Stuart Anderson) - 09/28/12

A post at Forbes catches Stephanie Mencimer of Mother Jones in flawed reporting. From [1]:

The controversy over how Utah Republican Congressional candidate Mia Love's family became lawful permanent residents may have another twist - Love may be right about how her family received their green cards, which allowed them to stay in America.

GOP 2012 Platform on immigration - 08/29/12

The following are all of the excerpts in the GOP 2012 platform that mention immigration.

The entire text is available here: scribd.com/doc/104097929/Final-Language-GOP-Platform-2012

Do red states give more to charity than blue states? - 08/20/12

Reuters says, "[r]ed states give more money to charity than blue states, according to a new study" (link, [1]). Just one problem: that's not true. In fact, blue states gave over twice as much in dollar terms than red (depending on the blue/red definition).

Julia Preston can't or won't follow the money and power (Mark Shurtleff, New York Times, immigration) - 06/15/12

In April, Julia Preston of the New York Times offered "A Die-Hard Conservative, but Not on Immigrants" [1] about Utah's former Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, a supporter of illegal immigration.

ACLU, NILC sue Utah over immigration enforcement bill (HB 497, Cecillia Wang) - 05/03/11

The American Civil Liberties Union and the National Immigration Law Center today filed a suit against Utah over that state's new Arizona-style immigration law House Bill 497. Utah governor Gary Herbert signed that bill at the same time as he signed their guest workers bill.

Excerpts from an April 21 article in which ACLU attorney Cecillia Wang telegraphed the suit are at [1].

As for what you can do about this:

* Recall that David Koch of the Koch family joined with George Soros to give the ACLU $10 million to fight the Patriot Act. Without Koch's money, the ACLU might not have the resources to get involved in as many immigration lawsuits. Remind the many right wing commentators who are linked to the Kochs of that fact, and perhaps try to shame them into forcefully opposing the ACLU's suit.

* To their credit, the tea parties group in Utah led by David Kirkham did oppose the guest workers bill. However, their signs and banners simply aren't a match for the ACLU's and NILC's smart lawyers. Therefore:

* The most effective thing anyone can do or support in this case is to find a smart, experienced trial lawyer and have him or her "cross-examine" ACLU representatives on video with the intent of completely discrediting them to their supporters. See the question authority page for an action plan, and here are some questions for the ACLU. The goal is to make them toxic, so that they won't get popular support or support from any mainstream figures. If they do get support from mainstream figures (politicians, religious leaders, commentators, etc.), then work to discredit those people too. The ACLU depends on a certain base of mainstream support; cut them off from it. For example, if a religious leader supports the ACLU suit, and you can find or engender that leader engaging in false compassion, use the points on that page to discredit them to their congregation.

ADDED: Here's the press release. Note that another major group involved is the Service Employees International Union, and a smaller group is the Utah Coalition of La Raza. The latter is an affiliate of the National Council of La Raza [2]. One thing you can do is point out that they have "The Race" in their name and highlight their ethnocentrism. However, that has to be done the right way; see the note at the end of the last link.

Another group involved is the Coalition of Utah Progressives, which appears to be as small as you'd think. Their co-founder is Mike Picardi (owns an upholstery business: linkedin.com/pub/mike-picardi/11/5b0/528) and a quote source is Peggy Wilson.

They also provide a good opportunity to help discredit those involved. Their mission statement is the highly ironic "To Protect The Unprotected" (thecoalitionofutahprogressives.org).

It's highly ironic because the people CUP is attacking include those American workers who are negatively impacted by massive and illegal immigration. Meanwhile, the people CUP seeks to protect (illegal aliens) are a very protected class. And, CUP is siding with the corrupt establishment - including major banks and businesses - against the great majority of Americans.

Make the points on illegal aliens powerless to CUP with the goal of discrediting them *to their potential supporters* and with the goal of making those potential supporters see them as frauds.

[1] From this:

Seeking support from a community forum at Grace Episcopal Church, [Cecillia Wang] said House Bill 497 - which requires law enforcement to verify the immigration status of anyone suspected of a felony and gross misdemeanor - is unconstitutional and would undoubtedly result in racial profiling.

"It creates a dangerous situation for all of us, regardless of race," she said. "It creates a society where police can demand to see your papers."

Since the law stipulates officers look into immigration status of suspects based on reasonable suspicion, Wang said the inevitable result would be racial profiling. If the suspect fails to provide identification, or if police believe the identification is fraudulent, Wang said they could be detained.

"The law is requiring good-intentioned police officers and not-so-good-intentioned police officers to equally go out and profile people based on the way they look," she said.

Wang added she's already filed lawsuits in Arizona in response to a similar bill and was looking for Utahns who have experienced forms of discrimination.

"We need brave people to step forward as plaintiffs," she said. "Speaking out can make a difference."

[2] nclr.org/index.php/nclr_affiliates/affiliate_network/

Shurtleff says Feds won't sue Utah over guest worker scheme (from Utah Compact to America's Compact?) - 04/08/11

Utah recently passed a "guest workers" bill that would have them in effect using a Mexican state as an employment agency. One problem from the perspective of the supporters of the bill: the bill appears to be illegal under federal law, meaning that at the least Utah would need some sort of waiver in order to proceed with the scheme.

Needless to say, that's not an issue (link with video). Bearing in mind that things could change (for instance if enough people complain to the U.S. Congress), Utah AG Mark Shurtleff gives the not-too-surprising news that the Obama administration is in his corner:

In an interview with FOX 13, Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff revealed that the Justice Department has agreed not to sue Utah over its controversial guest worker bill. At the same time, federal officials are looking at a plan he and other immigration advocates are pushing called the "Utah Compact."

...Shurtleff says federal officials are responding favorably to the plan and are talking about creating "America's Compact."

“Nationally law enforcement, business and faith based communities in addition with all of the others can be a voice for comprehensive immigration reform,” said Shurtleff.

See the last link above for more on the Compact; it would encourage more illegal immigration in addition to other negative impacts.

Utah gov. Gary Herbert signs "guest" worker, other immigration bills - 03/15/11

Utah governor Gary Herbert has signed (link) a bill that would create a state-level guest worker program with a Mexican state (see that link for the details). The bill would also reward illegal immigration, encourage more illegal immigration, lower wages for American workers, and even their legislature admits it's unconstitutional.

Regarding the last:

Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff said he has been in discussions with the Obama administration regarding the state's desire to work cooperatively with the federal government to obtain the necessary waivers, exemptions or authorizations to implement the Utah laws, which will not go into effect until July 2013.

The eyes of the nation are on the "reddest of the red states" for its take on reforming immigration laws, Shurtleff said. "They are looking at Utah as a model to do that," he said.

On the perhaps bright side (with a perhaps greater chance of being enacted too), other bills Herbert signed dealt with enforcement and employment verification. However, signing the guest workers bill is at least a symbolic loss, and it's one that probably could have been prevented if opponents had used something like the question authority plan. One tea parties group had, to their credit, opposed the guest workers plan, although they weren't present at the signing ceremony.

There's also this:

Asked what was the LDS Church's public position was on the immigration bills, [Presiding Bishop H. David Burton of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints] said the church had endorsed the Utah Compact. "We feel that the Legislature has done an incredible job in a very complex issue," Burton said.

See the last link for the huge downsides of the Compact.

Utah to start own "guest" worker program, collaborating with Mexican government; Shurtleff; HB466 - 03/02/11

Utah is pushing to start their own state-level guest workers program, and they hope to work with the Mexican government (specifically the state of Nuevo Leon) to do it. This program will almost assuredly reduce wages for Americans in that state, it will probably lead to more illegal immigration (due to the network effect), and it will probably also lead to more mixed status families (i.e., Mexican citizen parents and U.S. citizen children).

Their first step is a bipartisan bill (HB466) sponsored by state senator Curt Bramble and state representative [Stephen Sandstrom and promoted by Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff. Per this:

The bill would create a 27-member commission comprised of legislative leaders in both parties, legislators, the attorney general, state department heads and residents. It would study the economic, legal, cultural and educational impact of illegal immigration and develop a plan to use migrant workers in the state.

It also would authorize the governor to negotiate an agreement with the state of Nuevo Leon in Mexico to provide workers to Utah. The project would be evaluated after a year to determine whether the state should consider agreements with other countries.

You can read HB 466 here. Note that the ten citizens appointed to the Commission would no doubt all or almost all be on the pro-mass immigration side. Those citizens selected would have to come from one of:

(i) an immigrant or immigrant-serving, community-based organization; (ii) a philanthropic organization; (iii) an advocacy group; (iv) a business, including an immigrant entrepreneur; (v) a union; (vi) academia; or (vii) a faith-based organization.

Only iii would include someone who'd be opposed to "guest" workers, mass immigration, or illegal immigration. And, just as with other panels elsewhere, there's a strong chance that they'd be at the most just a setup person.

The "guest" worker program is described here:

(1) With the assistance of the attorney general, and subject to Section 63G-12-302 , the governor may negotiate and enter into a memorandum of understanding with the government of the State of Nuevo Leon, Mexico, through its Migrant Attention Center to create a pilot project known as the "Migrant Worker Visa Pilot Project" under which Utah businesses may obtain legal foreign migrant workers through use of United States nonimmigrant visas.
...(1) Under the pilot project memorandum of understanding, the governor may commit the state, including the commission, to work directly with officials of the government of the State of Nuevo Leon, Mexico, including the Migrant Attention Center, to encourage, facilitate, and support the migration of legal Mexican migrant workers from the State of Nuevo Leon to Utah for the purpose of filling jobs with Utah businesses most in need of skilled and unskilled migrant labor.
(2) The pilot project and the pilot project memorandum of understanding shall:
(a) be compatible with the Immigration and Nationality Act, 8 U.S.C. Sec. 1101 et seq., and federal policies, procedures, and requirements for issuing United States nonimmigrant visas to Mexicans qualified to participate in the pilot project, with particular attention to the following:
(i) a Utah business hiring an alien through the pilot project shall demonstrate and certify that there are not sufficient workers where that labor is to be performed who are able, willing, qualified, and available at the time of application for a United States nonimmigrant visa; and
(ii) the employment of the alien will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of workers in Utah who are similarly employed;

Such a program would add to the labor supply and would necessarily impact the wages of Americans in Utah doing low-wage work. Then, connected growers and manufacturers would "certify" that they can't find jobs for those newly-lowered-wage jobs, pulling tricks and strings to do so.

And, those "guests" would assist with the "network effect": they'd tell their friends about Utah and if those friends can't get into the program they might decide to go there illegally, knowing that they'll find a support network in place. Some of those "guests" will have U.S. citizen children, increasing the chances that they'll decide to stay in the U.S. illegally. And, for those who decide to stay, raising the possibility of "separating families" and giving yet another chip to the far-left and the Dems to support amnesty.

If a "guest" doesn't leave when their time is up, a provision would notify the Department of Homeland Security, and agency that's shown little interest in deporting non-criminal illegal aliens away from the border.

This is basically just a crooked scheme that will lower U.S. wages and increase illegal immigration.

3/8/11 UPDATE: The bill has passed and apparently awaits governor Gary Herbert's signature; you can contact him at utah.gov/governor/contact . State representative Chris Herrod says he'll help anyone who wants to sue Utah over illegal immigration (link). Whether anything like that would fly or not isn't clear, but overall the best way to oppose things like this is through plans such as question authority. A smart, experienced trial lawyer "cross-examining" Herbert or another politician over this issue on video destined for Youtube would send a strong message to other politicians and might prevent "guest" programs like the one described above. The problem - the same problem that's existed for the four+ years I've been promoting the question authority plan - is finding anyone else willing to get involved.

And, former George W Bush lackey Alfonso Aguilar weighs in (link):

"This is a common sense, market-based approach that balances immigration enforcement with measures that are supportive of the needs of Utah businesses and are also welcoming of immigrants," said Alfonso Aguilar, executive director of Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles.

Aguilar said the bills would allow Utah's illegal immigrants to live "without the fear of being detained and removed from the country," assuming the federal government goes along with the plan.

From my satire to Tea Party ideas: Mike Lee and child labor - 01/15/11

In July of last year I offered a satire called A Teaparty Timeline, containing this:

In the 1800s, teaparty valiantly fought for the rights of children to work as many hours as they wanted.

Utah Compact would encourage illegal immigration (Mark Shurtleff, Chamber, Sutherland, Catholic Church) - 11/11/10

Earlier today a group of business leaders and public officials signed "The Utah Compact" (utahcompact.com), a small set of principles on immigration. Rather than curbing illegal immigration, their ideas would encourage more of it. Those involved include Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, the Utah Chamber of Commerce, the Sutherland Institute [1], the Catholic Church, and Salt Lake City mayor Ralph Becker [2].

Here's their first of five points:

Immigration is a federal policy issue between the U.S. government and other countries - not Utah and other countries. We urge Utah's congressional delegation, and others, to lead efforts to strengthen federal laws and protect our national borders. We urge state leaders to adopt reasonable policies addressing immigrants in Utah.

We don't allow states to set their own foreign policy (even if some localities try to work around that), but immigration is much more than just an abstract policy between countries. In many cases it causes harm to states and massive illegal immigration indicates a dereliction of duty on the part of the federal government. Simply "urg[ing]" Congress to do something isn't enough. Their point would allow Congress and the rest of the federal government to continue the current situation. As for their "reasonable policies", one can only wonder what those would be. Shurtleff supports both drivers licenses and in-state tuition for illegal aliens (see DREAM Act), so perhaps we have a clue. As for "protect our national borders", see secure the border.

Their second point:

We respect the rule of law and support law enforcement’s professional judgment and discretion. Local law enforcement resources should focus on criminal activities, not civil violations of federal code.

In other words, they're against the 287g program. Considering that the Department of Homeland Security does relatively little interior enforcement, they'd be sending a message that all illegal aliens have to do is keep their nose clean (aside from the odd identity theft here and there) and they'd get to stay here.

The third:

Strong families are the foundation of successful communities. We oppose policies that unnecessarily separate families. We champion policies that support families and improve the health, education and well-being of all Utah children.

That's an example of false compassion. If they oppose separating families then they should be opposing illegal immigration. Unless we declare open borders, encouraging even more mixed-status families will only lead to more separation instances. The vast majority of illegal aliens came here of their own free will and fully knowing the risks. They're the ones who put themselves and their families in a precarious position. The Utah Compact would seek to blame U.S. laws and the citizens who want them enforced for the situation.

The fourth:

Utah is best served by a free-market philosophy that maximizes individual freedom and opportunity. We acknowledge the economic role immigrants play as workers and taxpayers. Utah’s immigration policies must reaffirm our global reputation as a welcoming and business-friendly state.

Their "free-market philosophy" is more than a bit skewed. Most illegal aliens and many legal immigrants are lower-skilled, and lower-skilled labor is massively subsidized (an example). Their idea of a "free market" is actually an example of "privatizing the profits and socializing the costs": those who'd profit from the labor of illegal aliens (or from their bank deposits) wouldn't pay the full cost of that labor but would shunt the costs of incarceration, schooling, welfare, and so on to the residents of Utah or to the federal government.


Immigrants are integrated into communities across Utah. We must adopt a humane approach to this reality, reflecting our unique culture, history and spirit of inclusion. The way we treat immigrants will say more about us as a free society and less about our immigrant neighbors. Utah should always be a place that welcomes people of goodwill.

This is the paragraph were they most try to conflate illegal and legal immigration, and it too is an example of false compassion. Their "humane" approach would encourage more illegal immigration, leading to more mixed-status families, more family separation, and angrier residents as the laws continued not to be enforced. That paragraph is also a Utah-specific version of the immigration tradition fallacy.

And, as a bonus, the announcement for their signing ceremony indicates that their goal is to "create a constructive, civil community dialogue about Utah’s role in fixing the nation's broken immigration system" which uses the misleading system is broken canard.

Those involved in the Compact would encourage more illegal immigration and create more problems for Utah and the U.S. Don't fall for their false compassion.

[1] From sutherlandinstitute.org they're a "conservative, non-profit, state-based public policy group".
[2] Others involved are listed at
[3] From this (Deseret News, 12/10/06 ):

Shurtleff also has cultivated strong ties to the Latino community because he has been sympathetic to the plight of illegal aliens. He has weighed in on various issues, such as allowing the children of illegals to have drivers' licenses and to pay in-state college tuition. As a result, he has been criticized him for being pro- illegal aliens.

Group circulates list of 1300 supposed illegal aliens in Utah, a problematic, counter-productive waste of time - 07/13/10

From this:

An anonymous group [note: using the name Concerned Citizens of the United States] says it quietly watched Hispanics in their neighborhoods, schools, churches and "public welfare buildings" to compile a list of 1,300 people it says are illegal immigrants living in Utah. The group sent the list to law enforcement agencies and news media demanding that those named "be deported immediately." ...It is not known who produced the list, although Gov. Gary Herbert has called for an investigation to see if the list was compiled by someone with access to state databases containing personal information. The list contains birthdates, workplaces, addresses, phone numbers and social security numbers. Names of children are included. Several pregnant women have their exact due dates listed. All the names seem to be Hispanic.

1. This is highly counter-productive because it puts illegal aliens in the position where their advocates want them: as teary victims of racist oppressors.

2. Not all of those on the list might be here illegally; this raises the specter of other lists that have been used throughout history.

3. No one should expect officials to start deporting people just because they're on the list; in fact, the opposite might happen with politicians rushing to their defense.

4. It'd be surprising if they got all the information on the list legally, and state officials aren't going to give them a pass where they would give a pass in the opposite situation.

5. All the time spent on the list could have been spent on legitimate and highly-effective plans like question authority.

UPDATE: From this:

on Friday morning [July 16], Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff stood side-by-side with Paul Mero, of the Sutherland Institute, Catholic Bishop John Wester, state Sen. Ruz Robles, and representatives of the National Council of La Raza and the National Immigration Forum.

This site tries to discredit the last two groups; those who leaked the list helped them. Some of the fault of this lies with various political leaders; instead of promoting plans like question authority, they promote ineffective or low-wattage activities.

7/31/10 UPDATE: "The List" continues to help far-left supporters of illegal immigration. On Friday, 121 groups sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security asking them to denounce the list and refuse to use it (link). Those behind the letter include the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Council of La Raza, Human Rights Watch, FamiliesUSA, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, and other religious groups.

Ohio, Illinois, NY, NJ, Penn to lose political power due to massive immigration (House seats; also: IA, LA, MA, MI, MN, MO) - 11/19/09

According to a new study (americasvoiceonline.org/pages/the_new_constituents), due to massive immigration particularly by Latinos, the results of the 2010 Census - used to apportion congressional districts - will result in the following changes (chart from the HuffPost article discussed here):

States gaining House seats: Texas (+4), Arizona (+2), Florida (+1), Georgia (+1), Nevada (+1), Oregon (+1), South Carolina (+1), and Utah (+1).

States losing House seats: Ohio (-2), Illinois (-1), Iowa (-1), Louisiana (-1), Massachusetts (-1), Michigan (-1), Minnesota (-1), Missouri (-1), New Jersey (-1), New York (-1), and Pennsylvania (-1).

If you're located in one of the states in the latter group, that means you're going to lose power. In that case, organize a local effort to take smart action to reduce immigration.

Utah House to vote on discounted college educations for illegal aliens; Carol Spackman Moss - 01/20/07

Utah state Rep. Glenn Donnelson has been trying for four years to repeal the Utah law that allows illegal aliens to take discounted college educations from U.S. citizens in his state. Now, the full House will vote on the repeal.

One of those on the other side is Rep. Carol Spackman Moss who is, naturally, a Democrat. She says it shouldn't be such an issue because there are just "less than 200 kids" receiving these discounts. Of course, since there is always a greater demand for educational discounts than there is a supply, that represents 200 discounts that were taken away from U.S. citizens.


Moss said advocates for denying immigrant students favorable tuition rates were in effect deciding their careers, telling immigrants "you can mow lawns" but can't aspire to a professional calling... "Don't end the dream for these young people," she said.

Since the law she supports represents a taking from Americans, perhaps Ross is unclear on which country she represents. As for the first part of her comments, there are only two ways to prevent such unfortunate cases in the future: either completely open the borders and give discounts to anyone, or enforce our laws. The first isn't going to happen and Ross clearly doesn't support the second, so she is clearly making the situation worse.

Note that both Governor Jon Huntsman and Attorney General Mark Shurtleff oppose the repeal.

I urge everyone to try to attend public appearances by Moss, Huntsman, and Shurtleff and ask them very tough questions about their stances.

UPDATE: Jennifer W. Sanchez offers "Undocumented kids' tuition break takes hit". She doesn't call those in favor of the appeal pigf***ers, but she does make them deny it:

Opponents of a law that allows undocumented students to pay in-state college tuition are adamant that their efforts to repeal the benefit have nothing to do with racial discrimination and everything to do with encouraging respect for the law.

Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman is a strong supporter of illegal immigration - 01/13/07

But, you already knew that.

Further evidence comes from his pledge to oppose state Rep. Glenn Donnelson's attempt to repeal Utah's law giving illegal aliens discounted college educations:

"I'm going to fight it," said Huntsman, who added that he would "very seriously consider vetoing" a repeal.

Chris Cannon: few endorsements; SLT for Burridge, his "comprehensive" opponent - 11/02/06

Illegal immigration supporting Representative Chris Cannon (R-UT) - as detailed here dozens of times - is a real piece of work. And, while it's seemed that way in the past, he might finally be on the way out. As described here, the only endorsements he's gotten are from George Bush, his wife, and (unfortunately) Rep. James Sensenbrenner. Utah governor Jon Huntsman and Senator Orrin Hatch (also pieces of work) have refused to endorse him, and he was forced to remove a link to the Minuteman Project from his website because it looked too much like an endorsement. And, the Salt Lake Tribune has endorsed his opponent.

Unfortunately, his Democratic opponent Christian Burridge has this to say:

We need comprehensive immigration reform. This means strict enforcement of illegal hiring practices. Also, employers should have access to Internet-based technology to verify the identity of those they hire. When we get unlawful activity out in the open it is easier to regulate and enforce our borders.

"Comprehensive" reform means a bit more than that: it's simply a code word for a massive illegal alien amnesty.

Nevertheless, it might be better if a Democrat pushes the same thing that Cannon would push, and it would certainly be a good thing if Cannon is no longer in Congress.

Vicente Fox to visit colonies, meet with Alta California legislators - 05/23/06

Vicente Fox of Mexico is starting a whirlwind tour of the U.S. today which will conclude on Friday. The apparent goal of the tour is to help immigration "reform". However, as with the illegal alien marches, he will end up helping the American side.

Utah: Illegal aliens worked at top-secret WMD facility - 02/12/06

The Dugway Proving Ground in Utah is a top-secret base where the U.S. Army does research into biological and chemical weapon defense. Nine illegal aliens were caught working there recently.

"Just by saying you're working for a subcontractor, you can access one of the most highly top secret installations in the country, dealing with weapons of mass destruction," [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Special Agent Adam Parks] said. "Once inside the perimeter, they had their identification and would go to work, not monitored. They didn't have an escort or anything like that."

The workers - no doubt good-hearted - were employed by Spacecon West and aren't suspected of having links to terrorists. However, in 2004 Congressman John Culberson (R-TX) reported that Al Qaeda-related terrorists - disguised as Mexicans - are crossing illegally into the U.S. FBI Director Robert Mueller has also discussed this matter. Many more possible infiltrations discussed in immigration terrorism.

On the rare occasions when the Dems discuss our "homeland security" president failing to keep the homeland secure, they inevitably mention port security, but they intentionally avoid discussing border security. Obviously, they should change their mind and discuss this. They probably won't, since they're just as corrupt as the GOP leadership.

Utah's problem with "American" politicians - 08/03/05

For a nice state filled with awesome scenery and generally nice folks, Utah has given us some really unsavory characters politics-wise.

There's Orrin Hatch and his anti-American DREAM Act.

And, of course, Rep. Chris Cannon.

And, there's one other that was mentioned here before just once: "Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr., Mexico, and illegal immigration".

Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr., Mexico, and illegal immigration - 07/14/05

It appears that Utah's new governor, Jon Huntsman Jr., might be on the wrong side as far as Mexico and illegal immigration are concerned.

Although he's "defied" Bush's No Child Left Behind Act, he appears to be in lock-step with Our Leader on the U.S. sovereignty and massive illegal immigration issue.

Today's "Fox says he's coming to Utah" describes a Huntsman visit to Mexico. The gov. is giddy over the prospect of a Vicente Fox visit, hoping that it's sooner rather than later. Apparently the gov. has a "Utah-Mexico Alliance for Prosperity" plan which will involve more direct flights as well as more ties between that Third World country and First World Utah.

Fox had kind words for Utah's new "driving privilege card system", which gives special driver's licenses to those who are in this country illegally:

"He thanked us for compromising and continuing mobility in our state," Huntsman said.

Well, it's always good when the lider of a corrupt Third World country thanks you for allowing his citizens who are in your country illegally to have driving privileges, isn't it?

Huntsman also supports "immigration reform" and he wants to schedule a summit. There are 200,000 Mexicans in Utah.

Huntsman also spoke to Geronimo Gutierrez Fernandez, who oversees Mexico's chain of consulates.

A similar AP report is here.

As for Huntsman, he appears to be from a rich family with deep ties. His family owns Huntsman Corp., a billion-dollar chemical company that went public recently. And, his father is described here as a friend of Darth Dick Cheney. And, this long article describes how he was named a trade representative to China by Our Lider Jorge Arbusto.

The political career of another fine American from Utah, U.S. Rep. Chris Cannon, seems to have taken a tumble of late. Let's hope Utahns likewise wake up to Huntsman.