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Alien a dog's body. Sent to study stupid people.
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.@Ryy01: but, if you think DREAMers are like slaves, what's your remedy? P.S. Think ahead.#immigration #tcot #teaparty #ows #uniteblue #tlot
.@Ryy01: your graphic implies DREAMers are like slaves, despite having nothing in common. #immigration #tcot #teaparty #ows #uniteblue #tlot
.@ssaari @Ryy01: let's think about to the extent you're able. Are there diffs btw MX citizens in MX & slaves in USA?
@Ryy01 @24AheadDotCom a us cit has many ways 2 get the sch. ill. does not so the truly fair thing is 2 give 2 the 1 that needs it the most!
.@thedream_us: I didn't hear back. Do you agree with @Ryy01 that your campaign is OK because immigrants are smarter than black citizens? #oo
.@thedream_us: @Ryy01 says you should favor foreign citizens over American blacks for your $ because "immigrants are smarter". What say you?
.@Ryy01: how does @thedream_us justify giving scholarships to foreign citizens instead of black Americans? @CaitlinPatler #immigration #ows
.@Ryy01: I'm trying not to play the race card, but many of the citizens screwed by #DREAMAct, @thedream_us, etc. are black. @CaitlinPatler