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North American Union

"North American Union" refers to a plan - or just a desire - to join the U.S., Canada, and Mexico into one country or under one government of some kind.

Like immigration, a vast array of establishment hacks have tried to mislead about this topic, such as by playing word games. They've pretended that if there are no concrete plans to create such an entity then it's just a fantasy. That's despite the fact that steps that the establishment is taking are making such a union more likely and establishment sources have outright proposed such a union. For the first, see the posts below and note also that around 14% of Mexico's working-age population already lives in the U.S. For the second, see this, this, this, this, and many others.

And, it's despite the existence of George W Bush's secretive Security and Prosperity Partnership, which was designed to "harmonize" regulations between the three countries. Liberal-leaning establishment hacks who would never take the Bush administration's word for anything were more than willing to take the Bush administration's word that the SPP wasn't a precursor to a NAU.

See also this and, related to the NAU, the NAFTA Superhighway. The latter is something that the same hacks said didn't exist despite the fact that it already exists in Texas as the TransTexasCorridor; there are or were plans to extend it to other states, and a Canadian government map and province governor both referred to it by that name.

Note also that Barack Obama came out in support of the SPP and denied plans for a NAFTA Superhighway while confirming that something like it is being built.

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Bush admin was working on North American Union ("integrating" U.S., Canada and Mexico into one community) - 05/06/11

A few years ago, one of the biggest conspiracy theories concerned a North American Union, an attempt to join the U.S., Canada, and Mexico together in some sort of community similar to the EU. An endless series of establishment hacks claimed that there was no such plan and that it was all just a paranoid fantasy.

U.S. and Canada create a "Shared Vision for Perimeter Security". What's next? - 02/10/11

For years, the establishment has tried to tell us that concerns about a North American Union were just crazy talk. Yet, on Friday, the U.S. and Canada established a "Shared Vision for Perimeter Security", a common security perimeter designed among other things to "accelerate the legitimate flow of people, goods, and services between our two countries". In the case of Canada we (at least currently) don't need to worry too much about millions of Canadians wanting to move to the U.S., but the same can't be said of similar efforts that might be planned with Mexico: around 39 million Mexicans would move to the U.S. if given the chance.

While the "shared vision" says it respects the "sovereign right of each country", the agreement will help blur the line between the two countries and cost each sovereignty. For an example, see the issue of Mexican trucks on U.S. roads as mandated by NAFTA.

Further, both countries agreed to the "shared vision" with executive orders rather than with decisions by the U.S. Congress or the Canadian parliament. And, talks leading up to the agreement were secret and the announcement itself was designed to be propagandized.

A write-up on the agreement is here. Excerpts from the Barack Obama Executive Order are at [1]. A leaked memo about propagandizing the announcement is at [2].

Note that Obama is simply continuing what George W Bush started with the "Security and Prosperity Partnership" (formerly at In fact - while you never heard about it from rightwing bloggers and pundits - Obama indicated his interest in continuing the SPP before the election.

While the leftwing in Canada is generally on the correct side of this issue, the leftwing in the U.S. has been trained to reflexively respond to any concerns with childish mockery. And, those like the tea partiers who pretend Obama's a far-left transformative figure should try and explain why he's continuing a very establishment-friendly proposal that Bush started.

[1] From

Note that in the third paragraph below the people who live in the U.S. and Canada are seemingly an afterthought. Note also the use of biometrics and the mention of "harmonizing existing programs". The latter was one of the goals of Bush's SPP.

To preserve and extend the benefits our close relationship has helped bring to Americans and Canadians alike, we intend to pursue a perimeter approach to security, working together within, at, and away from the borders of our two countries to enhance our security and accelerate the legitimate flow of people, goods, and services between our two countries. We intend to do so in partnership, and in ways that support economic competitiveness, job creation, and prosperity...

...We intend to work together in cooperation and partnership to develop, implement, manage, and monitor security initiatives, standards, and practices to fulfill our vision. We recognize that our efforts should accelerate job creation and economic growth through trade facilitation at our borders and contribute directly to the economic security and well-being of both the United States and Canada.

...We intend to work together to engage with all levels of government and with communities, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector, as well as with our citizens, on innovative approaches to security and competitiveness.

...We value and respect our separate constitutional and legal frameworks that protect privacy, civil liberties, and human rights and provide for appropriate recourse and redress.

We recognize the sovereign right of each country to act independently in its own interest and in accordance with its laws.

...To increase security, counter fraud, and improve efficiency, we intend to work together to establish and verify the identities of travelers and conduct screening at the earliest possible opportunity. We intend to work toward common technical standards for the collection, transmission, and matching of biometrics that enable the sharing of information on travelers in real time. This collaboration should facilitate combined United States and Canadian screening efforts and strengthen methods of threat notification.

In order to promote mobility between our two countries, we expect to work towards an integrated United States-Canada entry-exit system, including work towards the exchange of relevant entry information in the land environment so that documented entry into one country serves to verify exit from the other country.

...We aim to build on the success of current joint programs by expanding trusted traveler and trader programs, harmonizing existing programs, and automating processes at the land border to increase efficiency.

...We intend to work together to defend and protect our use of air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace, and enhance the security of our integrated transportation and communications networks.

...The United States and Canada intend to establish a Beyond the Border Working Group (BBWG) composed of representatives from the appropriate departments and offices of our respective federal governments.

...We intend for the BBWG to report to their respective Leaders in the coming months, and after a period of consultation, with a joint Plan of Action to realize the goals of this declaration, that would, where appropriate, rely upon existing bilateral border-related groups, for implementation.

The BBWG will report on the implementation of this declaration to Leaders on an annual basis. The mandate of the BBWG will be reviewed after three years.

[2] From "Canada kept U.S. border talks under wraps: document" (link):

OTTAWA - The federal government deliberately kept negotiations on a border deal with Washington secret while it planned ways to massage public opinion in favour of the pact, according to a confidential communications strategy.

The 14-page public relations document recommended that talks keep a "low public profile" in the months leading up to the announcement by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and U.S. President Barack Obama. At the same time, the government would secretly engage "stakeholders" - interested parties such as big business groups and others - in a way that respected "the confidentiality of the announcement."

Obama slams Arizona immigration law at press conference with Mexico's president - 05/19/10

Video of the first part of Barack Obama and Felipe Calderon of Mexico speaking earlier today at the White House is at and the second part is at

Maria Gavrilovic/CBS News: Barack Obama opposes the North American Union. Oh, really. - 10/19/08

Maria Gavrilovic of CBS News offers 'Obama Addresses N.C. Voter Who Called Him "Socialist"' (link) in which she allows Barack Obama to mislead and confuses what someone says with what they actually believe:
[At a campaign stop in Fayetteville, North Carolina, someone] asked the Democratic nominee about the North American Union, which he opposes.

"I know some people have been hearing rumors about it. But as far as I can tell that's just not something that's happening. We would never give up our sovereignty in that way. Any other questions?" Obama asked [her]...
The NAU is like immigration, in that candidates frequently use misleading language in an attempt to deceive. If Gavrilovic were a real reporter and not just a BHO transcriptionist, she would have asked him about his March statements in Lancaster PA where he more or less confirmed the NAFTA Superhighway, something that's tied to the NAU. He also faked being ignorant of the "Union" part of the NAU term, and he lied about the CFR. And, she'd point out that Barack Obama supports Bush's Security and Prosperity Partnership, something that some consider a precursor to the NAU. Not only that, but he spoke in code when coming out for the SPP.

The article also provides an example of how BHO has been able to get to where he is: because no one has asked him a good, "prosecutorial-style" question. Simply asking someone whether they support the NAU will always result in statements like those made by BHO above. Better questions need to be asked. Also, the person who asked him about the NAU also shouted "socialist, socialist, socialist – get out of here!" to him, something that only makes him look better to many as the MSM comes to his rescue. Note: per this, BHO's full remarks about the NAU were:
"Well, you know, I am opposed to it if it were happening. But it doesn't seem to be actually be happening. The truth of the matter is there is no plans. I've talked to a lot of people, including folks down in Texas. There's no plan to create a common government between Mexico, U.S. and Canada. That's just not... that's just not happening. I know some people have been hearing rumors about it. But as far as I can tell, that's just not something that's happening. We would never give up our sovereignty in that way. Any other questions?"
There may not be formal "plans", however, many powerful people have made proposals, including the CFR. See also Jim Hoagland/Washington Post: Obama should create North American Union.

Are Amero coins being printed by the Denver Mint? - 10/18/08

Probably not. Extremist radio host Hal Turner - a not very credible source - has a video (link) and a post claiming otherwise:
Earlier in the week, I reported via this blog, the shipment of 800 Billion AMEROS from the USA to China. Many of you called "bullshit" on the posting, claiming it was a hoax.

Canada integrating their economy with European Union - 10/10/08

From the 3/10/08 Globe & Mail story "Provinces key to EU trade deal, Quebec Premier says" by Karen Howlett (subscriber-only here, excerpted here):
Canada's premiers will play a pivotal role in the country's e

Socialist VP candidate: common U.S.-Mexico currency, "North American Banking Authority" - 08/20/08

Various persons, including those on the left and far-left, have scoffed at the idea that there's a push for a North American Union and a common NA currency (called the Amero). Now, from the fringes of their movement comes one of their own to call for essentially the same thing (link):
During a decade when border issues between the U.S. and Mexico have intensified and the Democrats and Republicans have gone on the attack against immigrants, Vice Presidential Candidate Stewart A.

Obama campaign creatively edits Jerome Corsi quote; his supposed "widely discredited beliefs"; calls him "Truther" - 08/14/08

The Barack Obama campaign is promulgating to their followers and others a PDF about Jerome Corsi's latest book "Obama Nation"; you can download it here:

Some of their debunking in parts of it may be accurate or not, etc. However, in one section they've "creatively edited" Corsi. From the section called "CONSIDER THE SOURCE: CORSI HOLDS WIDELY DISCREDITED BELIEFS":

Corsi is a 9/11 Truther. In a radio interview, Corsi said, "I'm gonna come out with a story, I think is gonna be earth-shaking, and that is from Steven Jones, the physicist from BYU who's been dismissed. Well, he's now gotten samples of the World Trade Center dust, and he's demonstrated the dust has formed these spheres, these iron spheres, that can only be formed under extremely high temperatures. And I know enough about the science to know he's right. The fire, from jet fuel, does not burn hot enough to produce the physical evidence that he's produced. so when you've got science that the hypothesis doesn't explain--evidence--then the hypothesis doesn't stand anymore. It just means the government's explanation of the jet fuel fire is not a sufficient explanation to explain the evidence of these spheres--these microcopic spheres--that Steven Jones has proved existed within the WTC dust...In attacking these things, first scientifically...for me, what tips the scales is when you've got science that the conventional hypothesis doesn't explain." [Alex Jones show, 1/29/08]

Oddly enough, the BHO campaign left out part of that quote without providing ellipses. In fact, they left out a whole sentence. Here's the relevant part, with the omitted sentence in bold (source: NYT):

So when you've got science that the hypothesis doesn't explain–evidence–then the hypothesis doesn't stand anymore. It doesn't mean there's a new hypothesis you've validated. It just means the government's explanation of the jet fuel fire is not a sufficient explanation...

With that sentence, his statements take on a more balanced tone; he appears to be calling for real press coverage instead of simply accepting everything the government has said at face value. While some MSM sources have been in the former camp, most have been in the latter. In the NYT's words, "he was planning [on] exposing what he calls the government's inadequate explanations about the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center". There's a huge difference between the wild-eyed truthers who claim for a fact that Bush/Cheney/etc. knew about or planned the attacks and those who rightly question some government explanations that don't add up.

Another entry in that section concerns the North American Union; see the post about Kenneth Vogel for an answer to that. Their entry also quotes Hawkins. They also discuss the NAFTA Superhighway. Apparently their followers are expected to think both are myths and they correctly assume that most of their followers won't know that Obama has come out for Bush's and appears to have confirmed the NAFTA Superhighway.

Kenneth Vogel/Politico smears Jerome Corsi ("Obama Nation" book) - 08/13/08

Jerome Corsi has recently released a book highly critical of BHO called "Obama Nation". Needless to say, the usual suspects are up in arms. But, representing perhaps more the corrupt establishment in general than BHO fans in particular, Kenneth Vogel of The Politico offers the smear piece "Wild theories of 'Obama Nation' author" (politico .

City of Tucson partners with Guadalajara; "Regional Economic Integration" with Mexican state (Sonora) - 08/12/08

From this:
Tucson has signed an agreement to promote regional economic development with the Mexican city of Guadalajara.

Global Advantage, a University of Arizona Office of Economic Development program signed the agreement with a sister-agency in Guadalajara...

The venture's partners are Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities, Inc., Tucson Chamber of Commerce, The Metropolitan Tucson Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Tucson Airport Authority, MatchMex, Arizona Department of Commerce,

Judy Bachrach/Vanity Fair smears Lou Dobbs - 08/08/08

Freelance writer and Vanity Fair contributor Judy Bachrach offers a smear of Lou Dobbs in "Lou Doubts" ( It's yet another example of the illegal activity-supporting establishment trying to reduce his influence in order to profit from illegal activity in one way or another.

Far-lefties protest NAFTA Superhighway at Cato Institute, Washington Post - 07/31/08

From [1]:
On Monday, July 28, SDS, backed by [activists] from both Potomac Earth First and Roadblock Earth First, staged the "Funk I-69" protest, treating the CATO institute, an office of I-69's surveyor, and the dual target(I-69 and ICC) Washington Post they way SDS normally treats military recruiters.

The first target on the menu was the neoliberal Cato Institue, one of the thinktanks responsable for NAFTA.

Jim Hoagland/Washington Post: Obama should create North American Union - 06/03/08

Washington Post columnist Jim Hoagland offers "The Orthodoxy of Hope". After informing us that Fidel Castro thinks Barack Obama is "the most progressive candidate for the U.S. presidency,", Hoagland says:

Here's one example of new thinking [Obama] should pursue: The United States should apply to relations with hemispheric neighbors many of the lessons of the European Union and its half-century of economic and political integration. A functioning American Union that pools sovereignty is a goal worth introducing now. But that quest cannot start by tearing down the North American Free Trade Agreement and other hemispheric trade accords. A President Obama has to be willing to sit down with the prime minister of Canada and the president of Mexico without preconditions, such as demands for treaty renegotiations.

In the past, the Washington Post's "Fact Checker", Michael Dobbs, pronounced the NAFTA Superhighway a myth. Now, the grander scheme of a North American Union is being promoted in his newspaper. Expect to see more articles attempting to mainstream the idea, as hacks switch from denying it to trying to sell it. Note also that Barack Obama came out for Bush's, a possible precursor to a NAU.

Lindsey Graham denies NAU, smears Buddy Witherspoon (Beth Brotherton/WYFF; Robert Morris/Myrtle Beach Online) - 05/28/08

Buddy Witherspoon is a dentist from Columbia, South Carolina who's challenging Senator Lindsay Graham, and he's apparently basing his campaign around opposition to illegal immigration and also opposition to the North American Union.

Rather than asking for evidence of plans for a NAU and doing research, Beth Brotherton from WYFF News 4 turned to Graham:
"I think most Americans would find it hard to believe, it is hard to believe, a baseless Internet rumor...

"North American Model Parliament" meets (Canada, students, North American Forum on Integration) - 05/28/08

From this:
A simulation of a North American Parliament, designed to "develop the participants' sense of belonging to North America" and "and promote the creation of North American academia networks" is currently taking place in Montreal.

100 selected students from universities in the U.S., Canada and Mexico have been selected to take on the roles of Legislators, Journalists and Lobbyists, in the fourth annual Triumvirate of the North American Forum on Integration...

...The Triumv

SPP North American Leaders Summit April 21, 22 in New Orleans - 04/20/08

The fourth annual "North American Leaders Summit" - part of the Security and Prosperity Partnership started by George Bush - will be held Monday and Tuesday in New Orleans and will be attended by Bush, Felipe Calderon of Mexico, and Stephen Harper of Canada. Expect the news reports about the event to be credulous. Speaking of which, Norma Greenaway of the Canwest News Service/Ottawa Citizen offers this:

The annual leaders' gathering, popularly referred to as the Amigos Summit, is being held against the backdrop of a gripping race for the U.S. presidency where the North American Free Trade Agreement has become a favourite punching bag of Democratic contenders Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama... The two have promised to kill or rewrite the pact if elected president as they compete for the support of voters, many of whom blame NAFTA for job losses, especially in the manufacturing sector.

Well, not exactly. Obama recently spoke in code, indicating his support for the SPP process, and of course there's GoolsbeeGate to consider. Her paper was given ("obtained") a warning to the leaders from the "North American Competitiveness Council", a group of major businesses such as Home Depot:

Among other things, [the warning] expressed frustration over "serious roadblocks" that have hampered efforts to make borders within North America more efficient and secure... "Our most critical request to the leaders is for them to ensure that the SPP remains a dynamic and effective path forward for trilateral and bilateral co-operation," says the report, urging the leaders to make clear "sustained progress on the SPP agenda is a strategic priority."... "To the extent NAFTA itself continues to be a target, efforts to "deepen NAFTA" will be largely unsuccessful," [a draft version of the warning] said... A senior U.S. official, briefing American reporters on the leaders' summit, said Friday the pact is a winner for all three countries. Dan Fisk said the value of trade among the three countries had grown to almost $1 trillion from $290 billion in 1994, the year NAFTA took effect... "We want to find ways to, frankly, convince the American people from our perspective, first and foremost that this is an arrangement that has worked for us, and it's also worked for our neighbours," said Fisk, [Senior Director in the National Security Council for the Western Hemisphere].

An earlier meeting with Condoleezza Rice resulted in Mexican Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa saying this:

"We have also discussed that we should strengthen and make a permanent commitment with the continuity of this high-level dialogue in North America at all levels and particularly at the level of heads of state and government."

Becky Bohrer of the Associated Press red baits here, following this paragraph with a quote from one of the "People's Summit" protesters with a quote from someone from the U.S. Marxist-Leninist Organization:

One target of protesters is expected to be the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. They say the pact, which aims to share information between the three governments and smooth out regulatory differences, is a threat to national sovereignty and an attempt to create a military partnership to enforce the North American Free Trade Agreement.

This quotes Fisk:

"We think NAFTA works... We think the record of its past 14 years shows that it works. There's nothing broken. Why fix a success?"

This lets something slip:

It is more like a progress report on how the three countries are integrating... Bush's agenda will start today with the reopening of the Mexican Consulate in New Orleans...

Greg Flakus of the publicly-funded Voice of America - a source not intended to spread disinformation inside America - leads with the thoughts of someone from the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau here, offering not just one but two pictures of her.

Ben Feller of the Associated Press offers this:

Tom Donohue, president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said the three countries benefit by working together against competition from China and India. "North America needs to maintain its economic unity," said Donohue, who is taking part in the summit.

Barack Obama: no evidence of North American Union, confirms NAFTA Superhighway (?), says not CFR member - 04/02/08

In Lancaster, Pennsylvania on 3/31/08, an audience member asked Barack Obama whether he's a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and asks about the North American Union. He denied being a member of the CFR, and said he didn't see any evidence of the NAU. However, in his discussion of the NAU he described something sounding an awful lot like the NAFTA Superhighway. If you go to one of his appearances, read back his statements (below) and tell him that he came close to verifying something that we're told doesn't exist.

And, if Obama is truthful when he says he sees no evidence of the NAU - for instance as a gleam in the eyes of powerful people - then he's not qualified for major public office. But, we knew that already. Were he an honest and brave politician he'd acknowledge that there are plenty of signs that powerful forces want something like a NAU, and he'd work to oppose them.

Details after the clip (NOTE: see the update).

Regarding the CFR, Obama says he doesn't know whether he's an "official member", but says he's spoken there in the past. He then says:

"the CFR is basically just a forum where a bunch of people talk about foreign policy... so there's no official membership... I don't have a card or an [inaudible, perhaps 'special'] handshake or anything like that..."

For the last part of that he was mocking the questioner, causing the audience to laugh right along with him. And, of course, he was lying about them just being a forum; they're obviously much more and almost all top government officials for the past several administrations have been members. In fact, here's CFR member Dick Cheney - standing next to David Rockefeller - laughing about not telling the folks back in Wyoming that he's a member: link.

Obama then pretends not to remember that the final word in NAU is "Union", asking the original questioner for the word. He says he sees no evidence of it taking place. Then, perhaps saying more than his handlers would like him to say, he goes on:

It was based partly on the fact that there's this highway being built in Texas that will facilitate more transportation and travel between Mexico and the intercontinental United States, on up to Canada so people have perceived that this potentially means that somehow there's gonna be this Union like the European Union... there's no evidence that that's taking place.

So, it runs from Mexico to Canada, and will facilitate transportation. Sounds like... an intercontinental trade corridor, no? In fact, it certainly sounds like the NAFTA Superhighway, something that hacks have worked night and day to deny. In fact, most of them, if they acknowledge the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC) at all, stop right there and don't go past, say, Oklahoma. But, brave soul that he is, Obama went all the way up to Canada.

5/21/10 UPDATE: The video that was originally here (id GbV8duHcXX0) "has been removed due to a terms of use violation". I've replaced it with a video that someone else uploaded, swiping the text of this post as the video description (!). The original video was also a raw feed; the new one only has the first part and has additional clips. If I find the original video I'll post it here.

Corporate global govenance? "Transatlantic Economic Union"? Open borders at the State Department - 03/13/08

Today's must read article:
A largely unreported meeting held at the State Department [under the auspices of the Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy, or ACIEP] discussed integration of the U.S., Mexico and Canada in concert with a move toward a transatlantic union, linking a North American community with the European Union.

...Several participants said the premise of the [Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America/SPP] is to create a North American business plat

The Laura Carlsen Farce (denies North American Union from slightly-honest Left) - 03/03/08

Laura Carlsen of the "Americas Program, Center for International Policy" (who also blogs at offers "The North American Union Farce" (link). She raises issues with the Security and Prosperity Partnership, but she also disputes that it could be a precursor to a North American Union. This is the "slightly-honest Left" version of NAU denials, as opposed to those on the Left who are useful idiots or worse and who reflexively dismiss all concerns simply because of those who express those concerns (a recent example: Alex Pareene). She has her own issues to deal with:

While the lack of transparency and the U.S. corporate and security-dominated agenda of the SPP are cause for great concern, they are not evidence of a plot to move toward a North American Union. Among the most bizarre assumptions of NAU scaremongers is the contention that the SPP will threaten U.S. sovereignty and erase borders. The idea of a regional union that effaces U.S. sovereignty is light-years away from George W. Bush's foreign policy of unilateral action and disdain for international law and institutions. On the contrary, the precepts of the Bush administration's foreign policy point to a return to the neocon belief that the world would be a better place if the U.S. government just ran everything.

Of course, under some form of continental integration, the U.S. - or at least U.S.-based elites working with elites in the other countries - would be the ones running things, all comfortably unilateraly.

Then, it's on to the, "stop worrying about your issues, worry about mine!" part:

Given the absolute lack of factual data to support the existence of a secret plan to create a North American Union, it's tempting to assume that the NAU scare was put forth as a red herring to divert attention from real issues facing the country. By channeling the insecurities of white working-class Americans into belief in an attack on U.S. sovereignty, the NAU myth obscures the very real globalization issues raised by NAFTA - job loss, labor insecurity, the surge in illegal immigration, and racial tensions caused by the portrayal of immigrants as invaders. This is convenient for both rightwing politicians and the government and business elites they attack because real solutions to these problems would include actions anathema to the right, including unionization, enforcement of labor rights, comprehensive immigration reform, and regulation of the international market. Instead, these options are shunted aside with the redefinition of the problem as a conspiracy of anti-American elites.

1. It would be extraordinarily foolish to wait for a smoking gun before worrying about the possibility of a NAU emerging.

2. Those racial tensions aren't caused by a small number of commentors referring to an "invasion", but to the presence itself of the illegal aliens.

3. The elites trying to encourage the rest of us to think they're conspiring against us is the cover for what's in effect a conspiracy by the elites? Does that make sense to anyone else?

4. Needless to say, many of those on the right support "comprehensive immigration reform", something that would assist the elites and something that would make the situation even worse.

5. Those who support "free" trade are obviously quite willing to fluff up the pillows a bit; witness Barack Obama's proposals to slightly left-ify NAFTA, something that has no doubt been vetted as acceptable by those who support "free" trade. See, of course, his recent article in which, speaking in code, he came out in support of the SPP.

Alberta government removes NAFTA Superhighway map from their website - 03/03/08

The Alberta, Canada government's Infrastructure and Transportation Department's website used to include a map showing the NAFTA Superhighway on an image of North America, designated as such.

Why Alex Pareene is a tool - 02/22/08

Alex Pareene - formerly with Wonkette and now with Gawker - offers a fifth-graders attempt at North American Union/NAFTA Superhighway debunking here. The only problem is... there's nothing there, just snark and bad attempts at humor.

Barack Obama promises "security and prosperity in North America" (work with Mexico, immigration "reform") - 02/20/08

Yet another laundry list of promises is available in the article "I will repair our relationship with Mexico" (link), supposedly written by Barack Obama himself. It contains two phrases with "prosperity" and "security" together in relation to North America and even the use of "partnership" at the end.

Vicente Fox asked about North American Union (We Are Change group) - 02/17/08

The We Are Change group - aka "The Truthers" - asked Vicente Fox about the North American Union at a recent speech he gave, and even followed him down the escalator asking him more questions. Unfortunately, the questions were lame and generated meaningless replies. I also wonder exactly when this was made; I posted about a visit he made to L.A. in January of last year.

Will Wilkinson/Cato openly promotes North American Union - 01/09/08

A tactic used by those who seek to deny that powerful forces are pushing for a North American Union is first to deny that such a plan exists, and then to say something like, "but, if it did, would it be such a bad thing?"

One of those trying to retail the idea of a NAU is Will Wilkinson of the Cato Institute, who, speaking on the radio show Marketplace, says:
There are some who believe a grave threat

Matt Stearns/McClatchy smears Ron Paul, joins list of NAFTA Superhighway deniers - 12/09/07

Matt Stearns of McClatchy Newspapers offers "Out of bounds! Paul pushes NAFTA highway myth" (link):

In an anti-NAFTA radio ad that's airing in Iowa, Paul denounces "powerful elites" who "want to completely erase our borders with Canada and Mexico. These special interests threaten us with a total loss of sovereignty. The NAFTA superhighway, a part of this scheme, has threatened to force thousands off their land. Some believe the highway's path will go right through Iowa.

"NAFTA Superhighway" confirmed by Manitoba government - 12/03/07

On November 20, 2007, the Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of Manitoba, Canada (John Harvard) opened the session with his Speech from the Throne (, cached), and in it he confirmed the existence of what he called a "Mid-Continent Trade Corridor". The only difference between that and the "NAFTA Superhighway" appears to be the name:
...In addition, Manitoba has been working with the Canadian government and state governments in the U.S. to protect and enhance our access to key trade markets.

Vicente Fox wants "open work force" in Americans (flat, open spaces) - 11/07/07

I'll bet George Bush wishes he'd just keep his mouth shut.

"Mexico's Fox openly calls for North American Union" - 10/15/07

Calling all North American Union apologists. Please see this:
In a promotional tour for his new book, "Revolution of Hope," Fox told NPR's "Talk of the Nation" audience: "That's part of my Americas dream, that we can build our future together. We are partners with United States and Canada through NAFTA.

Vicente Fox: FTAA common currency (Amero), Hillary for president, Bill Richardson, driver's licenses, lies about heathcare... - 10/11/07

On Monday's Larry King show, former Mexican president Vicente Fox:

* Said that the Free Trade Agreement of the Americans (FTAA; called in Spanish ACLA) on which he worked with president Bush was to, long-term, include a common "Latin American" currency. Since that agreement would apply to the U.S., the currency would apply here as well...

* Promoted immigration from Mexico, "guest" workers, and NAFTA...

* Lied about U.S. citizens not paying the healthcare costs for illegal aliens...

* Agreed with Felipe Calderon's claim that "Mexico does not stop at its border"...

* Promoted driver's licenses for illegal aliens...

* Said he wants Hillary Clinton to be president and called Bill Clinton a "great man"...

* Said that Bill Richardson was a "excellent man" and that "he's so Mexican in his interior"...

Transcript here; excerpts in the extended entry.

The first point resulted in this:
Former Mexican President Vicente Fox confirmed the existence of a plan conceived with President Bush to create a new regional currency in the Americas, in an interview last night on CNN's "Larry King Live."

It possibly was the first time a leader of Mexico, Canada or the U.S. openly confirmed a plan for a regional currency. Fox explained the current regional trade agreement that encompasses the Western Hemisphere is intended to evolve into other previously hidden aspects of integration.
Fox' statement resulted in Les Kinsolving asking about it:
A spokeswoman for the White House has denied any knowledge of a discussion between President Bush and former Mexican President Vicente Fox where the two, as Fox confirmed, conceived a plan for a regional currency for the Americas.

Spokeswoman Dana Perino also said she's not aware of any plan for such a currency either...
Whether that's worth a plugged Amero is left up to the reader's judgment.

FOX: ...And so I am not claiming for open borders to everybody. What I am claiming for is a decision, an intelligent decision with a vision to the future, because the United States needs that energy to support the elderly, to support the pension plans, to be competitive in front of Asia and China. And it's a must.

...KING: ...In his state of the union address [Calderon] said, "I have said that Mexico does not stop at its border, that wherever there is a Mexican, there is Mexico."

Do you agree with that?

FOX: Yes. Yes. But I also put my feet on the ground or my boots on the ground. And I understand the problem. But we must deal with problems. We must deal with challenges...[blathers on...]

FOX: ...and give a driver's license, because you need a driver's license only to those who know how to drive, and you will be much more secure to have those guys driving with a driver's license, the insurance and everything all together, instead of them driving without a license and without any I.D.

..FOX: ...[promotes guest workers]

...KING: ...We have an e-mail question from Patricia, Oxnard, California: "Why should the American public have to pay for medical care of illegal immigrants from Mexico? Why shouldn't we be able to bill the government of Mexico for care given to their citizens?"

FOX: Patricia, let me tell you that you're not paying for medical care for undocumented workers...

FOX: ...what I see is fear dominating people here -- or some people here because it's still, I would say that a majority of your citizens would go along with a reform, done with a proper intelligence and solve this problem once and for all and convert it into win-win situation.

KING: [who does he want for president?]

FOX: A lady [i.e., Hillary] would be my choice... [Bill Clinton is a] Great man. [Jimmy Carter's great too] ...[his "Fox Center" is] associated with the Rand Corporation in Santa Monica, California, the largest think tank in the world. They are going to open an office in San Cristobal, in the farm by the side of the center so that we will work on developing knowledge and research together.

...[Bill Richardson is an] Excellent man. I mean, he's so Mexican in his interior, I like him a lot. And he's a good governor. Good man.

...KING: E-mail from Mrs. Gonzalez in Elizabeth, New Jersey. "Mr. Fox, I would like to know how you feel about the possibility of having a Latin America united with one currency?"

FOX: Long term, very long term. What we propose together, President Bush and myself, it's ALCA, which is a trade union for all of the Americas. And everything was running fluently until Hugo Chavez came. He decided to isolate himself. He decided to combat the idea and destroy the idea...

KING: It's going to be like the euro dollar, you mean?

FOX: Well, that would be long, long term. I think the processes to go, first step into is trading agreement. And then further on, a new vision, like we are trying to do with NAFTA.

KING: How is NAFTA doing?

FOX: Excellent. Mexico's seventh largest trading economy in the world... So we account for hundreds of thousands of jobs in this economy in the U.S.

Vicente Fox promotes North American Union (Jon Stewart) - 10/10/07

Continuing his book tour, former Mexican president Vicente Fox appeared on the Jon Stewart show ( 5/22/10 note: video no longer available).

Like good, trained "liberals", the audience applauded this remark:

"It's my impression that fear is guiding public opinion here"

He also conflated legal cross-border trade with the border fence; the latter is, of course, designed to block illegal traffic and "trade".

Then, Fox discussed how we need more "solidarity", describing how the European Union has increased incomes in Spain, Ireland, Portugal, and Greece.

Then, Stewart almost said "North American Union" but seemed to stop himself in time:

"Would you like to see a North American U... so, what's your team? U.S., Mexico, Canada... you want Canada?"

The latter caused the trained "liberals" to erupt in laughter, completely missing the fact that Fox said that that would indeed be his team.

Stewart is just a tool, but at least he almost got some truth out there.

"Mexican trucks approved for long-haul trips in U.S." - 09/08/07

From this:
Federal officials have confirmed that the first Mexican truckers have been given authorization to run their long-haul rigs throughout the United States under the Department of Transportation's Mexican trucking demonstration project.

The word came during a late-night surprise teleconference held by John Hill, the administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

"North American hologram" on North Carolina drivers licenses - 09/06/07

The beginning of "North American Union driver's license created/Logo intended to standardize documentation across continent" (link) certainly seems a bit tinfoilish. A map of North America appears on the back of the new type of North Carolina driver's licenses and the map looks somewhat like the map to be found on OK, so? After all, wouldn't concerns about things like that be in line with supposed masonic symbols on the U.S. dollar?

"U.S. under U.N. law in health emergency" - 09/05/07

From this:
The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America summit in Canada released a plan that establishes U.N. law along with regulations by the World Trade Organization and World Health Organization as supreme over U.S. law during a pandemic and sets the stage for militarizing the management of continental health emergencies.

...Under the International Partnership on Avian and Pandemic Influenza, Bush agreed the U.S. would work through the U.N.

Rudy Giuliani tied to Trans Texas Corridor, "NAFTA Superhighway" (CNN/Youtube debate) - 09/04/07

Rudy Giuliani claimed that he'd never heard of the "NAFTA Superhighway" but his law firm is deeply involved in the Texas leg of the project.

Here's a relatively mild question I put together for the upcoming CNN/Youtube debate about that discrepancy; please go to his campaign appearances and try to ask him this question:

Canada: Quebec police admit to infiltrating SPP protest - 08/24/07

The Surete du Quebec has admitted that the three "black bloc"-style protesters at the recent Security and Prosperity Partnership meeting in Montebello were in fact police officers as a union leader has previously claimed. However, the Quebec police claim that they weren't there as "agents provocateurs" but were in fact there to prevent violence. For the backstory, see Les agents provocateurs at SPP protest in Canada?

Les agents provocateurs at SPP protest in Canada? - 08/22/07

At the recent Security and Prosperity Partnership meeting in Canada, Canadian police may have used agent provocateurs in an attempt to discredit the crowd. We have received this communique:

Video footage of the arrest of police officers posing as demonstrators at Montebello, August 20, will be shown today at a news conference at the offices of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada.

Bush doesn't deny North American Union - 08/22/07

From this:
President Bush today sidestepped a direct question about whether he'd be willing to categorically deny there is a plan to create the North American Union.

Instead, he ridiculed those who believe that is taking place as conspiracy theorists.
Here's that portion of Bush's thoughts:
"We represent three great nations. We each respect each other's sovereignty.

Not much reporting at SPP meeting (Montebello, Canada) - 08/20/07

The leaders of the U.S. (George Bush), Canada (Stephen Harper), and Mexico (Felipe Calderon) are meeting in Montebello, Canada to discuss the SPP ("Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America",