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Created:[BlackICE,IPS,sidejacking,masscan]. Doing:[blog,code,cyber-rights,Internet-scanning]. Unethical coder, according to the EFF.
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.@ErrataRob: once again, that doesn't mean Obama's a Kenyan Muslim Albanian Communist. Just that the "proof" he's offered isn't really proof
.@ErrataRob: we haven't seen "Obama's birth certificate". We've seen what he & officials w/ history of enabling deceit say is his cert.
.@ErrataRob: the point isn't Obama was born in Kenya, just that chain of custody, verification, double-checking, etc. matter.
.@ErrataRob: I took purported Obama cert & changed date. 1000s have seen that, only one (1) figured it out. Even tho they knew 2 b on guard
Thanks for getting back to me, but you're wrong. MT @ErrataRob I don't understand. It looks like Obama's birth certificate.
.@ErrataRob: over 5+ years ago I asked you to tell me what is. Did you figure it out yet, or aren't you able?
@ErrataRob: tell me what is. #Birther #Birthers #p2 #tlot #TopProg #teaparty #sgp #tcot #ocra #tpp #Hawaii