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Immigration march organizers have foreign links - 09/01/06

Many of those who attended the recent immigration marches are foreign citizens who are here illegally. But, it doesn't stop there. For instance, one rally organizer is a former Mexican consul general and another is an official with a Mexican political party. Not surprisingly, the MSM has barely mentioned such links. The reader is strongly encouraged to contact media sources and suggest that instead of simply reporting what goes on at future marches they do some journalism and look into any links between organizers and foreign governments or institutions.

Suzanne Gamboa/AP on immigration ads - 08/30/06

Suzanne Gamboa of the Associated Press offers "Immigration ads a problem for campaigns": Capturing the immigration debate in political ads this campaign season - without upsetting Hispanics - is proving tricky for the parties and candidates.

"Self-Appointed Latino Spokespeople Would Sacrifice National Security to Promote Illegal Immigration" - 08/16/06

From their press release: Washington, DC--(HISPANIC PR WIRE)--August 16, 2006--As the danger to Americans of all backgrounds, posed by radical Islamic terrorist groups intensifies, individuals and groups purporting to speak on behalf of American Hispanics demonstrated once again that they are prepared to place their open borders agenda above the interests of homeland security, charged You Don't Speak for Me!

Karl Rove's pro-illegal immigration extended network - 07/15/06

Let's take a look at Karl Rove's new friends, the National Council of The Race ("La Raza") and who they're working with. The group Defend Colorado New tried to pass Proposition 55 (similar to Arizona's Prop. 200 or CA's Prop. 187), but in June they were thwarted by a possibily activist CO Supreme Court. On the other side is the deceptively-named Keep Colorado Safe. Their front people include former Denver mayor Federico Pena and former monkey-shiner Gary Hart. However, as discussed here, most of KCS's money is coming from... inside the Beltway. The most generous supporter is the Service...

Karl Rove at racial power gathering - 07/12/06

Yesterday Karl Rove spoke before the far-left, Ford Foundation-sponsored, pro-illegal immigration racial power group National Council of La Raza ("The Race"). Even the AP admits that they're "left-leaning". Here's one thing he had to say: "Too many simplify the problem into one word, 'amnesty,'...

"What Karl Rove Should Tell La Raza" - 07/11/06

Somehow I don't think the Panderer in Chief is going to take Human Events' advice: White House adviser Karl Rove is scheduled to speak tomorrow at the annual conference of the federally funded, left-wing, open-borders-advocacy group, the National Council of La Raza. If he does not want his speech to look like an act of appeasement, he should confront La Raza on its opposition to commonsense policies designed to secure both U.S. borders and U.S.

Clinton, Rove to speak before National Council of La Raza (The Race) - 07/01/06

The National Council of La Raza ("National Council of The Race"), a far-left, Ford Foundation-sponsored racial power group, will be holding its annual meeting at the Los Angeles Convention Center on July 8-11.

LAUSD: alleged separatist school abiding by charter - 06/07/06

Some charter schools are more equal than others, and the LAUSD has determined that an alleged Chicano separatist school is abiding by its charter and is able to continue operation: "They have followed the charter that they wrote originally," said Kevin Reed, chief legal counsel for the district.

Is the National Council of La Raza a mainstream group? - 06/02/06

The National Council of La Raza is considered a mainstream group despite their name literally - and in effect - meaning National Council of The Race. Their spokesmen have been featured on national TV shows and at any one time you can find dozens of news articles offering their viewpoint. And, they're also a financial contributor to a Chicano separatist LAUSD charter school in Los Angeles.

Correction: Bush may have lied one fewer time in big speech - 05/22/06

In my discussion of Bush's big May 15 immigration speech, I took issue with this statement: And temporary workers must return to their home country at the conclusion of their stay. I maintain that those "guests" will never leave, and thus that Bush lied to the country. However, here's Kaus on that statement: Was it a Clintonian weasel (technically accurate in the zen-tautological sense that their "stay" doesn't concl

May Day illegal immigration march/boycott: the supporters - 04/28/06

Who supports the May 1 illegal immigration boycott and/or the marches on that day? Let's keep track of them in this post. The Democrats in the California state senate support both the march and the boycott. UPDATES --5/2/06:

Who's responsible for illegal immigration? - 03/28/06

By sending us millions of their citizens, Mexico has managed to obtain political power inside our country. As shown by the recent marches, that political power can be mobilized - whether in fact by Mexico or just by partisans - into a show of physical force. The U.S.

Floridians: ask John McCain questions he can't answer! - 02/20/06

From this: [Arizona Sen. John McCain] will be in Miami on Thursday and will promote a business-backed guest worker program and other immigration reforms. The Arizona senator will speak at "town hall" meeting in South Florida sponsored by the New American Opportunity Campaign. That group includes labor unions, business interests, Hispanic groups and other supporters of guest worker program. If you're in Miami, could you please try to attend this event and publicly embarass John McCain by trying to ask him a tough question he can't answer? Unfortunately, the event isn't listed at his site (...

Coalition vows to defeat harsh immigration bill [HR 4437] - 01/20/06

From this: A U.S. coalition of business, labor unions and religious groups launched a campaign on Thursday to defeat a bill backed by Republicans that would turn some 11 million illegal immigrants into felons. The coalition of 24 organizations, many of which rarely agree on politics or economics, denounced the bill passed by the House of Representatives last month and called on the Senate to enact legislation to include a guest worker program and a path for illegal aliens to gain legal status. ..."We are extremely disappointed with the proposal that passed the House last month," said...

CASA of Maryland worried Sensenbrenner bill will shut their day laborer centers - 01/04/06

In case you had any doubts about HR 4437, this might slightly allay them: Kim Propeack, spokeswoman for CASA of Maryland Inc., said her group's day-laborer centers "and other worker centers would in a large part be forced to shut down" if a bill offered by U.S. Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. becomes law... ..."The majority of workers that use CASA centers are documented, but we will not become a pawn in the government's failed immigration laws," Miss Propeack said... I guess that means some of their workers are not "documented", so I guess they do have something to fear. Too, too bad....

"Bitter Debate Over 'Birthright Citizenship'" - 12/26/05

The AP's David Crary says there's a "bitter debate" over the issue, but so far the only people I've heard of on the other side are racial demagogues and the far-left.

Congress: $4 million for National Council of The Race - 12/05/05

From this: Thanks to a congressional earmark, an open-borders advocacy group that pushes for driver's licenses, free in-state tuition and healthcare for illegal aliens and bilingual requirements for state agencies and ballots is slated to get $4 million in new taxpayer money to add to the more than $30 million it has received from various federal agencies since 1996. The National Council of La Raza (NCLR), Spanish for "the race," will get

NCLR, NUL, NAACP, AAJC, and LCCR confused over words "Mexican" and "American" - 11/04/05

On 10/18, the National Council of La Raza ("National Council of The Race"), the National Urban League, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the Asian American Justice Center, and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights issued a joint press release concerning remarks made by NO Mayor Ray Nagin. Let's see if we can help those putatively American organizations with their understanding of common words: New Orlea

The "Hispanic Vote" myth - 10/09/05

One of the myths propagated by open borders advocates and their enablers is that there's a monolithic "Hispanic Vote" and that the GOP needs immigration "reform" to get that vote. First, take a look at these three articles: "Bush Didn't Win 44% of Hispanic Vote - The Smoking Exit Poll", "Hispanic Republicans a

Illegal alien advocates want special rights because of Katrina - 09/20/05

From "Group Wants Special Status for Illegals Affected by Katrina" (link): Illegal immigrants affected by Hurricane Katrina should have "protected humanitarian status," representatives of Latin American and Caribbean communities said Tuesday in an appeal to the White House.

National Council of La Raza: illegal aliens are its "constituents" - 09/20/05

National Council of La Raza has made quite an interesting admission. This shouldn't be shocking, but it does tell you where they're coming from: "If federal authorities are using (Katrina) as an enforcement opportunity, it creates a moral dilemma for us in how do we advise our constituents," Cecilia Munoz, vice president of policy for the National Council of La Raza, the largest U.S.-based Hispanic advocacy group, said Monday.

Is corruption a Republican value? - 08/26/05

In a perfect world the Democrats would have a brain and would oppose illegal immigration.

Wellington Webb: all power to the People of Color! - 08/21/05

Wellington Webb is the former mayor of Denver. He also started that city's illegal alien sanctuary policy that was in the news recently.

Democrats, Republicans grovel before National Council of The Race - 07/19/05

Like two Stooges trying to get through a door at the same time, Ken Mehlman of the RNC and Howard Dean of the DNC spoke before the meeting of the National Council of La Raza ("The Race"). Now, if you follow that link you'll see that the NCLR is hardly a mainstream group, nor do their positions reflect those of all "Hispanics." In fact, one wonders how a group whose very name refers to Mexican mestizos could represent, say, Cubans

Arresting illegal aliens at Air Force base puts New York Times in tizzy - 07/16/05

Forty or so illegal aliens were recently arrested in a sting at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in North Carolina. Previous coverage starts in "Why the left is untrustworthy and weak on national security, Part #43823294". Now, to drive that point home, comes the NYT with "Immigration Sting Puts 2 U.S.

New Americans welcomed to Iowa, Arkansas - 06/30/05

The U.S. Department of Labor has recently given $850,000 grants to at least two states to establish "immigrant centers". From this:

Racial group opposes REAL ID Act - 05/11/05

In "Advocates Assail Driver's License Rules" the AP transcribes for us the thoughts of the National Council of the Race about READ ID: "This is clearly an anti-immigrant bill that's going to have a very harmful impact on the Latino community and all immigrant communities," said Michele Waslin, director of immigration policy research at the National Council of La Raza. "It doesn't make us one iota safer.

She's a team player! - 01/19/05

From Condi Rice's testimony: Rice said immigration reform would be an important issue for Bush, both for economic and security reasons.

Bush's Open-Borders nominees - 01/17/05

Michelle Malkin discusses recent nominees Gonzales and Johanns. I was considering writing something similar based on the comments I left on this thread ( From the Border Patrol union: White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales, President Bush's nominee for attorney general, got the backing of a group that promotes driver's licenses for illegal aliens, no immigr

"Taking license with hijacker ID rumor" - 12/28/04

Lisa Friedman from the Long Beach Press-Telegram's National Bureau (they have a National Bureau?) takes issue with the statement that the 9/11 hijackers had a combined total of 63 driver's licenses. She repeatedly refers to it as false, an urban legend, etc. etc.

"Concern Voiced Over Gonzales' Connections with La Raza" - 12/02/04

From this: ...the Washington, DC-based Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is calling [White House counsel Alberto Gonzales] to task for his reported involvement with the National Council of La Raza, which has endorsed his nomination for attorney general... I don't think they should be compared with the KKK.

"Record number of illegals deported from U.S." - 11/17/04

Here's some good news: A record 157,000 illegal immigrants were removed from the United States during the past year as U.S. authorities stepped up efforts to track down those who may pose security risks, the government said Tuesday. About half of those deported in the year ending Sept.

"DHS has a different view of reality" - 09/26/04

The WashTimes editorial "Undermining border security" first discusses their report "Illegals detained at border released onto U.S. streets". If you haven't yet read that, you should. The editorial ends with this: But DHS has a different view of reality. In its responses to Mr.

Will they be boycotting public services as well? - 09/25/04

From the AP's "Hispanics threaten state boycott over license bill veto": Angered by Gov.

AZ Republicans rally for Protect Arizona Now - 09/16/04

From the WashTimes: An immigration initiative in Arizona that would require secure identification to vote in elections and to receive public benefits was endorsed yesterday by more than two dozen Republican state legislators and candidates at a rally outside the statehouse in Phoenix.

Left and Right, working together against everyone else - 09/01/04

The Protect Arizona Now initiative has survived its first legal challenge (by the SEIU), and will probably appear on Nov. 2's ballot.

"The Fastest Way To [profit from illegal immigration]" - 07/24/04

FirstData is the parent company of Western Union, and they're now a major processor of credit card transactions in addition to their original business of money transfer. As described here (rmpn . org/weblog/archives/permalink/002096.cfm), they've also decided to attempt to unseat U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo (house . gov/tancredo/Immigration), who represents the district in Colorado where their headquarters are based.

Yes, please Cecilia, do take a deep breath - 06/30/04

John Kerry is not completely insane. At least in the political sense: Democrat John Kerry said he opposes state laws that give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants, a position that puts him at odds with the Hispanic activists he is courting in the presidential race. Immigrant advocates have been pushing for the laws, saying they help undocumented workers get around safely.

In his first hundred days, John Kerry would destroy the United States - 06/29/04

This news release from Kerry's campaign explains how: The Kerry Campaign today released the following fact sheet on immigration reform: Today at the National Council of La Raza's annual conference, John Kerry will continue to talk about his plans to open the doors of opportunity and expand access to the American Dream, including reforming America's immigration laws... He will offer a reform bill in his first 100 days that allows immigrants to earn legalization, encourages family reunifica

Miami Herald "endorses indentured servitude" - 03/22/04

That's what the Stein Report says regarding the Miami Herald's editorial supporting the AgJobs bill ('A win-win for growers, farmworkers, America'). That bill would provide an amnesty for half a million illegal aliens. As history shows, amnesties simply lead to more illegal immigration. One amnesty leads to more illegal immigration, which requires another amnesty, which leads to more illegal immigration, repeat. As for the claim that the editorial supports indentured servitude, judge for yourself: ...AgJobs sets up a process by which illegal immigrants already working in agriculture could...