Karl Rove at racial power gathering

karl rove la raza race

Yesterday Karl Rove spoke before the far-left, Ford Foundation-sponsored, pro-illegal immigration racial power group National Council of La Raza ("The Race"). Even the AP admits that they're "left-leaning". Here's one thing he had to say:

"Too many simplify the problem into one word, 'amnesty,'... In an issue this vital, we cannot allow words to be misused."

What Bush and the Senate propose equates to amnesty and it will be perceived around the world as amnesty. It's amnesty. And, the Bush administration and their supporters frequently cloud the issue by intentionally lying and making misleading statements in order to sneak through what they really want. Rove is the last person to suggest using correct definitions of terms.

His comments are a case in point:

"Everything that this country is, everything that we have achieved, everything that we hold, everything that we promise, is because we are a nation of diversity, brought together by immigration, and sharing a common dream... [the immigration "debate" has] clouded the views of some people in America and led them to fail to understand that Hispanics, and all immigrants, are real Americans... It is vital that our county not fall into this trap..."

It's vital that we not fall into the trap of conflating legal and illegal immigration as well as committing logical fallacies such as appeal to tradition. And, "immigrants" are not real Americans. Only native-born or naturalized citizens are Americans. Obviously, Rove has problems with using the right names for things.

His speech only received "polite" applause, and Howard Dean issued a race-baiting statement accusing Rove of crafting an "anti-immigrant platform". No matter how the GOP panders, they will always be out-pandered by the Dems. Obviously, the GOP needs new leaders who realize that looking for voters at a far-left racial power gathering is both useless and contrary to conservative values. If Rove wants to reach out to "Hispanics", perhaps he should consider reaching out to those who support our sovereignty and laws and those who are not members of a far-left organization that has links to extremists.

UPDATE: Here's more on The Race as well as a list of some of the Chicano-centric and possibly separatist schools they fund. And, here's a list of some of those who fund NCLR. And, while KoolAid Central so far has nothing to say about Rove's visit, the site run by Aaron Margolis (brother of B4B's Matt) has so far not deleted this entry from Steve Bowers, their Senior Editor:

Imagine if you will that the White House political strategist met with a White group called "The Race" that was affliated with the Ku Klux Klan and that they, of course, championed white supremacy. Imagine that he met with these folks for the purpose of explaining the Bush Administration's policy regarding this racist group's assimilation into society. Now swap the "White" in the above scenario with Latino, and you have the exact idea of how Karl Rove spent his lunch yesterday... it is shameful that we would have a representative of a Republican administration pandering to these Latino racists... Remember the first term when Bush was a conservative? I'm beginning to think that was a gimmick as well...

As pointed out before, the background graphic of Pardon My English - nowadays the Golden Gate Bridge - used to be a huge picture of Our Leader. When Bush loses the Pardon My English crowd, I'd say he might as well as retire early.

UPDATE 2: The Derb says: The seems to be a lot of heckling and booing. Rove just talks right through it (making it hard to follow some of the address). He got a big cheer at the end when he mentioned Bill Richardson, though. Why? Because Richardson is half-Mexican. It's race, race, race. That's why they call themselves "The Race." ...It is shameful, shameful and disgraceful, that a senior adviser to our Republican President should be truckling and pandering to these Hispano-racists.

As pointed out here, Rove got some boos when he mentioned border security. Richardson said much the same thing and didn't get booed. A commenter: Could this be, er, tribalism at work? Could it even be... raZism?


Being GWB's chief political advisor is not a job that requires anything approacing deep thinking. Rove is probably just regurgitating all the multicultist platitudes incessantly voiced by the MSM and the professoriat for the last generation. Of course these "arguments" are also convenient in promoting the globalist, anti-national agenda of the corporate interests that Rove and Bush serve. No conspiracy, just the intersection of economic interests and "hate whitey" leftist ideology.

Rove can't speak for America, yet in his effrontery and fraudulence he presumes to tell us that America is entirely a product of diversity; as if there were any actual immigrants involved in the founding. If America is, and always has been, such a complete hodge-podge of diversity, on what basis may he speak for it?
How many contradictions-in-terms can be piled onto one sentence, is what Rove seems also to be trying for.

"Nation of diversity" needs to be translated, as the terms are left all too conveniently undefined.
The context of the hispanic racial power organizations' meeting, and the reference to having what was once called 'American dream' in common, provides indications.
The anti-American dream of nation-demolition, is to unify the 'diverse' empire of anti-caucasianism.
Rove is appeasingly cheering on the anti-nation of official anti-caucasianism.
The republic of ethnic conflict incitement, is another way of saying what this sort of celebrated 'nation of diversity' has to mean.
Rove can squeal out his praises of a polity of divisiveness; but we still owe loyalty to our felow nationals when they're attacked by foreigners here, and so do these traitorous officials.

One gross fallacy which stands out in the Rove statements, is the pretense that it can be our identity to have no identity.
Notice also how Rove cowers before the hispanic racial supremacists; as if saying: we have no ideas or values in common, but only a dream in the night.
He references the 'we're all immigrants' nonsense, which might have excited these people 50 years ago, , but is inaudible to them today.
It is appeasement to tell hostiles that the citizenry has no right to exclude prospective immigrants, and on some such counterfactual assertion as that everyone here is an immigrant.
Rove should go back to direct mail, where what lies he tells one group, won't be reported to everyone else.

This is so Orwellian. Does anyone recognize Skull and Bones, the Royal Saudi family and El Yunque all in bed with one another to control us like cattle?

What the hell is Rove doing? Shouldn't he be indicted already?

Clouding the national sentiment with talk of "Hispanics" being "real Americans" (with big business backing it) so that we accept their encroachment into our society is not only insulting, it's treasonous.

I imagine the southwest experiencing a continued cultural cleavage similar to apartheid in South Africa, if I were making a prediction.

From Lawrence Auster's blog:
Out of the fog of liberalism
Modern liberal society is indeed a vast, encompassing, polluted fog, which people don

We are not held together by a "common dream"; we hare held together, as you say perroazul, by VALUES such as assimilation into an American culture that is based on individual responsibility, rule of law, and the judeo-christian ethic.

When I see an open border, racial separatism, rampant gangs and tax evasion by illegal immigrants of all races, and I see the self-loathing of American politicians like Rove, I know that we have forsaken American values entirely and are on our way to becoming Kosovo...or whatever it's called today.

Everything that this country is, everything that we have achieved, everything that we hold, everything that we promise, is because we are a nation of diversity, brought together by immigration, and sharing a common dream.
And,what exactly is that "common dream", Karl?

Whatever it is it probably has nothing to do with individual liberty, rule of law or any similar Anglo-Saxon (i.e. gringo) prejudices. This kind of language goes beyond diversity fetishism, it is diversity as a form of state religion-obliterating anything suggestive of a nation with a specific historical character. It is the perfect religion for the nation-hating globalists of the Bush administration.

a nation of diversity

Of course in modern political parlance, "diversity" is synonymous with ethnicity and race. So here you see again the problem of illegal immigration explicitly racialized. Here I must add that this is not necessarily a problem, IMO.

And actually, before the 1965 immigration law change, the US was 90% white -- I would not call that very diverse. And considering that by then the US was the dominant world power, it's clear that Whites are the ones responsible for building the US into the nation whose political stability and economic prosperity is -- or was -- admired around the world. The contributions of other ethnic groups, while worthy of some recognition, were rather small; it is probably not unfair to say they were, by comparison, insignificant.

But facts like that never get in the way of such nice, racially sensitive, politically correct rhetoric.

To appear before such a group and say these things is really insulting; I had a similar feeling about all of those stories about newly minted citizens I saw on or around the 4th of July.