Illegal alien advocates want special rights because of Katrina

From "Group Wants Special Status for Illegals Affected by Katrina" (link):
Illegal immigrants affected by Hurricane Katrina should have "protected humanitarian status," representatives of Latin American and Caribbean communities said Tuesday in an appeal to the White House.

The groups said the protection is needed because immigrants fearing deportation, including some with U.S.-born children, are not seeking help at shelters because officials are asking for Social Security numbers in order to enter.

"The immigrants are the invisible victims of the hurricane," said Gloria Saucedo, of Hermandad Mexicana of Los Angeles, Calif., whose group is a member of the National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities (NALACC), which is pushing for immigration reform...
I'm sure our "American" president would love to give those kind-hearted cheap laborers as much assistance as he can sneak by the American people. It's our job to make sure that doesn't happen: we need reconstruction jobs to go to Americans, not to illegal aliens. This article also includes a quote from the National Council of La Raza.

Previously: "Vicente Fox's offer to make money off Katrina spurned" and Harry Reid wants amnesty for illegal aliens who are taking jobs that could go to Katrina victims.


Harry Reid is a joke he has been on Art Bell some-many times calling out "I Hate borders", hell harry makes me look like a "king in a land of free people".( think about that one) yes Reid loves open or no borders and he hates the ideals of social sec, remove all schools, Harry is insane and is the best friend that any fool could have.