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Illegal immigration-supporting Andrea Bazan is new Chairwoman of National Council of La Raza - 06/18/08

Andrea Bazan has been named the new Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the National Council of La Raza, a racial power group that - among other things - funds extremists, wants to give a special break to illegal aliens accused of identity theft, and gave an award to a vile racist. She's replacing Monica Lozano, publisher of the La Opinion newspaper; whether Lozano will continue on the board isn't known. Per Bazan, 40, has become a prominent advocate since moving to North Carolina nearly 20 years ago. In 1995,...

John McCain wants townhall meeting with Barack Obama "in front of La Raza" (NCLR convention) - 06/16/08

Both John McCain and Barack Obama will be speaking at the National Council of La Raza convention in July, and McCain has proposed to BHO that they square off at a townhall meeting at the extremist-funding and -awarding racial power group's event (link). Says McCain: "There is a meeting in California of La Raza... Both of us have accepted invitations.

Hispanic Caucus has excellent advice for Obama: Hillary as Veep, immigration reform in 1st hundred days - 06/11/08

In the past, I've considered the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to be simply a group of mostly vile racial demagogues whose only interest is in support of others of their race even if that's done at the expense of everyone else. But, I was wrong! In actual fact, they're keen observers of the political scene who are now offering extremely valuable advice that Barack Obama is urged to follow (link): Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) must commit to helping illegal immigrants achieve citizenship or else risk losing the vital Latino vote in the general election, Hispanic Democratic lawmakers are...

Barack Obama, John McCain to speak at National Council of La Raza convention (+Villaraigosa) - 06/10/08

The annual National Council of La Raza convention - to be held July 12 to 15 in San Diego - will be a star-studded affair. We already knew that John McCain was going to speak to them, now comes the not-so-surprising word that Barack Obama will also make an appearance (link).

Brave: Bob Barr denounces two on extreme fringe - 06/02/08

Showing intense, heroic bravery, Libertarian Party candidate Bob Barr has denounced two white nationalists who endorsed him, including one who is just a commenter on a message board ( Barr's campaign manager says: The Barr campaign is not going to be a vehicle for every fringe and hate group to promote itself. We do not want and will not accept the support of haters.

Media Matters for America on immigration "myths" ("Fear and Loathing in Prime Time") - 05/21/08

Media Matters for America offers a "report" called "Fear and Loathing in Prime Time/Immigration Myths and Cable News" ( It attempts to address some of the "myths" supposedly promulgated by Lou Dobbs, [[Bill O'Reilly]], and Glenn Beck.

Washington Times sinks to supporting John McCain, amnesty - 05/08/08

The Washington Times - last seen imposing new, euphemism-friendly guidelines - offers the editorial "McCain's quest for the Hispanic vote".

John McCain launches Spanish-language website, will speak at National Council of La Raza convention - 05/05/08

"Feliz Cinco de Mayo" from John McCain, as he launches a Spanish-language section of his website: There's a "hablando claro" ("straight talk") link at the top which should give background on his policies, and I was expecting it to say something in Spanish that he wouldn't say on his main site. Unfortunately it leads to the English side of things, so we'll have to wait and see. This is supposedly part of his outreach to Hispanics, but one wonders exactly why he would do that by celebrating a Mexican holiday (which is a minor one in Mexico). St.

Ripping up flags is no way to fight illegal immigration (UNM case) - 04/06/08

Let's say you're a student at the University of New Mexico and an Air Force veteran and you spot a lone Mexican flag flying on a UNM flag pole. You complain to administrators about it for a few days but they give you the run around. What do you do? 1.

Sorry, National Council of La Raza: NAACP will hold 2010 convention in Kansas City - 03/24/08

The National Council of La Raza recently decided not to hold their convention in Kansas City, Missouri because the mayor of that city refused to remove someone who was a member of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps from their parks board. As could be expected, the Kansas City Star was on the wrong side, and Janet Murguia of the NCLR tried to mislead over this issue.

NPR: Get My Vote (National Public Radio, Cecilia Munoz, NCLR) - 03/13/08

National Public Radio (NPR) has launched a new site called "Get My Vote" (, at which they solicit commentaries from their listeners describing what presidential candidates have to do to get their vote. Visitors can submit commentaries in video, audio, or text form. Think of it as a Volvo-driving version of the Youtube/CNN debates, although without any debates.

CNN/Lou Dobbs knuckled under to "We Can Stop the Hate" pressure? (American Jewish Committee) - 03/04/08

The extremist-funding and awarding National Council of La Raza recently started a "We Can Stop The Hate" campaign with several other groups, including a few with indirect links to the Mexican government. Their first action was to encourage cable TV networks to have pro-borders spokespersons either removed from their broadcasts or to have their supposed affiliations disclaimed.

Possible Democratic Party immigration "reform" charade: "offer legalization" to become "require" - 02/29/08

A new "confidential" study called "Winning The Immigration Debate" has been released by two groups linked to the Democratic Party: the Center for American Progress (linked to Hillary Clinton and indirectly linked to the Mexican government) and the Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform (member groups also have indirect links to the Mexican government) [1]. I haven't seen the study, but while some might be fooled, it's clear that it's just a new attempt to get the same old amnesty. And, their recommendations boil down to simply a rhetorical change, from "offering" a "path to...

American Jewish Committee wants to end "Anti-Immigrant Hate" on cable TV - 02/16/08

The extremist-funding and awarding National Council of La Raza recently started a "We Can Stop The Hate" campaign with several other groups, including a few with indirect links to the Mexican government.

National Council of La Raza gave award to racist professor ("eliminate the gringo", Jose Angel Gutierrez) - 02/06/08

The National Council of La Raza ("The Race") is currently leading a campaign to drive "hate speech" (i.e., opposition to illegal immigration) from the airwaves. Meanwhile, back in 1994, they gave their "Chicano Hero Award" to University of Texas at Arlington professor Jose Angel Gutierrez [1], who had made this comment in 1969, well before having received the award: "We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to

Jason DeParle/NYT gives full page ad to Migration Policy Institute - 02/04/08

Jason DeParle of the New York Times gives a "big warm hug" to the Migration Policy Institute and their online journal Migration Information Source ( in "A Tiny Staff, Tracking People Across the Globe". It's essentially an ad not just for that group but also an ad in support of migration and globalism in general. It also falls into the "little 'nonpartisan' organization that could" category, in the same sense that the ACLU is "nonpartisan". The MPI would have to pay tens of thousands of dollars for an ad of the same length, yet they apparently got this for free. The...

Janet Murguia/National Council of La Raza: throw the First Amendment away to protect illegal immigration? - 02/01/08

The previously discussed article from Ariel Alexovich of the New York Times about the new "We Can Stop The Hate" effort from the National Council of La Raza contains the following: [Janet Murguia, president of the National Council of La Raza] argued that hate speech should not be tolerated, even if such censorship were a violation of First Amendment rights: Everyone knows t

Ariel Alexovich/New York Times lies about Tom Tancredo, misleads about NCLR - 02/01/08

Ariel Alexovich of the New York Times discusses the new "We Can Stop The Hate" effort from the National Council of La Raza in A Call to End Hate Speech (link).

We Can Stop The Hate: Mexico-linked groups try silencing opponents of illegal immigration - 01/31/08

The extremist-funding National Council of La Raza has started a new effort called We Can Stop The Hate ( which is attempting to silence those who support our immigration laws by highlighting what they call examples of "hate". Three of their cohorts in the effort have at least indirect links to the Mexican government. Note that that government has explicitly stated that they're going to be using U.S.

Janet Murguia/NCLR: keynote speaker at Martin Luther King Unity Breakfast (+AP spin) - 01/20/08

Janet Murguia, president of the extremist-funding group National Council of La Raza, will be the keynote speaker at Monday's Martin Luther King Unity Breakfast in Birmingham, Alabama. Part of the story involves some spin from the Associated Press.

Ted Kennedy, William Delahunt try blocking immigration enforcement ("Lactation Memo") - 11/19/07

The Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement ("ICE") has created a new, not-yet-public document called "Guidelines for Identifying Humanitarian Concerns among Administrative Arrestees When Conducting Worksite Enforcement Operations" (link).

Progressive States Network fighting the "Anti-Immigrant Movement" (Nathan Newman) - 11/12/07

A little known group called the "Progressive States Network" is launching "The State Immigration Project" ( and offers "Fighting the Anti-Immigrant Movement in the States" - authored by their policy director Nathan Newman - as their first artifact. They intend to support "state legislators and advocates working to promote a smart, humane immigration policy in the states".

Janet Murguia/NCLR misleads to support illegal immigration (Kansas City, Minuteman issue) - 11/04/07

The National Council of La Raza ("The Race") is an extremist-funding group that in turn is funded by large corporations [1] that profit from illegal activity. Senator Chris Dodd even wants to give them millions of dollars. They recently pulled their 2009 convention out of Kansas City, MO because a member of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps was appointed to that city's Parks Board. Local Hispanic leaders even went as far as trying to deliver a letter to that board member's house in what appears to be an attempt to intimidate her. Now, their president, Janet Murguia, offers "La Raza left...

National Council of La Raza hides behind children to oppose immigration enforcement (raids, trauma, identity theft) - 11/01/07

The extremist-funding National Council of La Raza ("The Race") has worked with the Urban Institute (info) to release a report entitled "Paying the Price: The Impact of Immigration Raids on America's Children" [1]. Reading it is to be transported into another universe.

KC mayor Mark Funkhouser doesn't give in to La Raza demands; NCLR moves convention - 10/21/07

The National Council of La Raza threatened to move their 2009 convention out of Kansas City, Missouri unless a member of that city's parks board - also a member of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps - either quit from the board or the group.

Tell KC mayor Mark Funkhouser: don't give in to National Council of La Raza - 10/12/07

From this: The National Council of La Raza will keep its convention in Kansas City if a park board appointee quits her membership in an anti-illegal-immigration group. And Hispanic leaders expressed optimism Thursday that Mayor Mark Funkhouser was willing to consider asking appointee Frances Semler to drop her membership in the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps... While he's supported her in the past, he answered "no comment" when

First Data Immigration Reform panel - 10/03/07

First Data Corporation - the current or former parent company of Western Union - conducted several immigration "reform" panels around the country in 2004. The [[July 22, 2004]] version was held in Denver and is described here. That page describes how a fight broke out, which appears to have been initiated by an illegal immigration supporter. And:

Want identity theft with that? (Reno McDonald's immigration raid) - 10/03/07

From this: A puzzling W-2 form prompted last week's raids on eleven McDonald's stores in Reno and Fernley. A Fernley [Nevada] woman, whose name was not immediately available, became suspicious when she received a W-2 form early this year that reported more income than she had earned. The woman soon discovered someone at the Fernley McDonald's where she used to work had been using her identity. A manager at the same location was also using someone else's ID.

Chris Dodd: millions for "Raza Development Fund" (NCLR) - 09/09/07

Senator and presidential contender Chris Dodd is the sole sponsor of S. 1923 (link), a bill that would give millions of dollars to the National Council of La Raza's "Raza Development Fund" and other groups. This is similar to a House bill from Rep. Ruben Hinojosa.

Kansas City Star to mayor: capitulate to racial power groups, money's at stake! - 09/08/07

The National Council of La Raza ("The Race") - a group that opposes immigration enforcement and that funds extremists - recently threatened not to hold their yearly convention in Kansas City because the mayor appointed a member of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps [the group run by Chris Simcox;] to the board of the parks department.

Peter Prengaman, Travis Loller spin "reconquista" - 09/07/07

Peter Prengaman and Travis Loller of the Associated Press offer "Anti-Immigration Forces Warn of Plot" (original AP title). It discusses those that favor some form of "reconquista" and those who oppose them and tries to downplay the influence that those favoring "reconquista" have. On the other hand, it's good to see the AP at least acknowledging that such sentiments exist and publicizing them.

National Council of La Raza won't denounce Elvira Arellano (Ruben Navarrette) - 08/26/07

Even Ruben Navarrette - someone brazen enough to write a column defending his friend and Mexico's propagandist Rob Allyn - doesn't support the case of Elvira Arellano.

Judi Hasson/MSNBC: how to hire (most likely illegal) day labor - 08/10/07

Judi Hasson of MSNBC Money offers "Dirt-cheap day labor". On the first page, she lists all the downsides of hiring day laborers, which she acknowledges are probably here illegally, even refering to the "underground economy".

LULAC, National Council of La Raza, "liberals", and the Fairness Doctrine - 07/24/07

When the left-wing support for free speech meets racial power groups like the League of United Latin American Citizens and the National Council of La Raza, watch out. Consider: The nation's largest Hispanic advocacy group says it must come up with a strategy to combat "a wave of hate" its leaders say came from talk radio's efforts to sink the Senate's immigration bill.

Obama proud of "walking the walk" on supporting illegal immigration - 07/23/07

Some senators just talk the talk on being supporters of massive illegal activity. Senator Barack Obama walks the walk and he's not afraid to point that out. Speaking at the convention of the extremist-funding National Council of La Raza yesterday, he said: "Find out how many senators appeared before an immigration rally last year.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama speak to extremist-funding National Council of La Raza - 07/22/07

From this: Two top Democratic contenders in the presidential race are in South Florida to address the National Council of La Raza, the nation's largest Hispanic civil rights group. Sunday morning, New York Senator Hillary Clinton told the gathering at the Miami Beach Convention Center, she would prefer to pass a comprehensive immigration bill that would provide a path to legalization for immigrants in the United States. But, s

Ruth Morris, Elizabeth Baier/Sun-Sentinel also concerned re amnesty hurting GOP with Latinos - 07/01/07

What a coincidence it is as Ruth Morris and Elizabeth Baier of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel offer "Hispanic voters could make GOP pay for defeat of immigration legislation".

White House listening to pork producers, La Raza, Mexico-linked NALEO, NRA... just not you - 06/21/07

The White House offers a PDF entitled "What They're Saying: Border Security And Immigration Reform Agreement" and subtitled 'Business And Agriculture Groups Say "It Is Critical That The Process Moves Forward"' (PDF) [1]. It's just a collection of quotes from press releases from those few groups that support the Bush/Senate massive illegal immigration amnesty, and it contains no accompaning text other than the titles. As simply a collection of quotes, it's not that shocking. However, it's interesting that these are the special interest groups that the White House chooses to use to bolster...

Rep. Ruben Hinojosa wants millions for the National Council of La Raza - 06/02/07

U.S. Rep. Ruben Hinojosa (D-TX) wants the feds to underwrite the National Council of La Raza ("The Race") to the tune of $5 million per year for 2008. In 2009, that would double, with the National Council of The Race receiving $10 million from the federal government thereafter.

Ezra Klein, useful idiot - 05/31/07

Pictured right is a blogad currently running on the site ( of Ezra Klein of TAPPED (The American Prospect).