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Karl Rove wants GOP to engage in identity politics; how that will harm GOP and U.S. - 03/02/13

Last decade, George W Bush and Karl Rove greatly harmed the U.S. through their support for massive immigration. Their efforts also helped the leaders of the Democratic Party while greatly harming the electoral prospects of the GOP (particularly the California GOP). For his next dirty trick, Karl Rove wants the GOP to go whole hog on identity politics. From this: GOP strategist Karl Rove said...

Obama "confident" he'll get immigration amnesty in 2013 (will GOP, Teaparty block it?) - 10/24/12

... new phenomenon. George Bush and Karl Rove were smart enough to understand the changing nature of America. And so I am fairly confident that they’re going to have a deep interest in getting that done. And I want to get it done because it’s the right thing to do and I've cared about this ever since I ran back in 2008. 1. Many illegal immigration supporters will look at Obama's past actions and say...

Rightwing wants to stoop to MMFA, CAP level (opposition research, SHOCK!, hypocrisy...) - 04/03/11

Kenneth Vogel of the Politico reports (link) that conservatives are trying to offer their own alternatives to opposition research groups like Media Matters for America and the Center for American Progress. They certainly might have some short-lived success with it, especially due to Fox News no doubt retailing their reports. However, along the way they'll also negatively impact U.S. society...

Koch family, U.S. Chamber, businesses met to plan strategy (+Glenn Beck, tea parties, "mobilize citizens for November") - 10/20/10

... causes. Malek currently raises funds for Karl Rove. There's also a tea parties link: one of the June sessions was called "Mobilizing Citizens for November" ("Is there a chance this fall to elect leaders who are more strongly committed to liberty and prosperity? This session will further assess the landscape and offer a strategic plan to educate voters on the importance of economic freedom.")...

Dave Neiwert channels Karl Rove: supports a race-based, anti-American labor system (hacendados) - 03/22/10

... the bugbear of the far-left, Karl Rove, supporting a race-based labor system. In the interview, Dave Niewert supported an anti-American system where Mexican workers would do the tough, dirty jobs while Americans would - paraphrasing - sit on their verandas watching them work, just like the hacienda system popular in countries to the south. Recall back in early 2007 when Karl Rove said the...

Karl Rove donates to Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush neutral. Does that confirm my hunch? - 10/05/09

... close ties to the Bush family, Karl Rove, has signaled his preference with his wallet. Rove confirms to NBC News that he has contributed a $1000 to Rubio's campaign, the donation will be made public when Rubio files his next FEC report (due Oct. 15)... This comes on the heels of Jeb Bush's public signal that he plans to stay neutral in the Crist-Rubio primary; Many believe this is Jeb's way of...

San Francisco loon tries to arrest Karl Rove for treason - 10/21/08

... Francisco loon tried to arrest Karl Rove for treason... by slapping him in handcuffs. Presumably she was led away to a detention center in Hayward. Developing...

Karl Rove has video of Michelle Obama railing against "whitey" at Rev. Wright's church? - 05/19/08

... buddy Larry Johnson says that Karl Rove has a copy and is using it to fund an independent group that might offer it as an October surprise.

Secret Bush plan to deal with Bush/Rove "import Democrats" plan? (citizenship backlog) - 11/21/07

Mark Kleiman - someone who is shockingly a UCLA professor - writes [1]: The Bush Administration plans to steal hundreds of thousands of votes, most of them Democratic votes, in the 2008 elections by the simple expedient of sitting on new citizenship applications until after the elections. He links to his site, which mostly just links to the WaPo article "Immigrant Paperwork Backs Up At DHS" (li

White House Senate bill outreach: just RedState, The Corner, and Townhall... or? - 06/13/07

... of chief political strategist Karl Rove, made more use of the blogosphere on immigration than it has on any issue since President Bush took office, aides said... ...Aides said it was Rove's idea to focus on blogs.

Covert White House propaganda for Senate immigration amnesty bill? - 06/02/07

... whether DailyKos has been allowing Karl Rove to post a diary there under his own name. Note also that the White House has been "posting defenses", which might imply that they've been posting comments. Did they identify themselves as being with the Bush administration? Or, did they (just as an example!) get a cheap-o dial-up account or use a proxy to disguise where their comments were coming from...

Is the Bush administration insane? (will keep pushing immigration amnesty bill) - 06/02/07

If a presidential administration keeps doing the same thing over and over but somehow expects a different result, are they sane or insane?

Rotten Tomatoes for Karl Rove - 02/12/07

... moving version of the post about Karl Rove's remark about not wanting his son to pick tomatoes. Please promulgate it on my behalf.

Karl Rove reveals why GOP and Democrats support illegal immigration - 02/09/07

... luncheon, a congressman's wife says Karl Rove said the following yesterday: "I don't want my 17-year-old son to have to pick tomatoes or make beds in Las Vegas." There's a slight chance that he didn't say this or it was taken out of context. Whether he actually said it or not, this statement isn't that shocking since "jobs Americans won't do" and the like are just more polite versions of the...

Count every vote! (2006 edition) - 11/06/06

Bob Fertik of Democrats.com is already preparing for a "Blue Revolution" of people chanting "Count Every Vote!" and assorted other slogans at county election offices throughout the nation: democrats.com/bluerevolution When the polls close, we urge Democrats across the country to gather outside their County Election Office for a candlelight vigil to Count Every Vote, all wearing the same color:...

"485 Contacts between Abramoff Team and White House Officials" - 09/28/06

... President Bush's top lieutenants, Karl Rove and Ken Mehlman, as having been offered expensive meals and exclusive tickets to premier sporting events and concerts by Abramoff and his associates. In total, the committee was able to document 485 contacts betwe

Arnold Schwarzenegger distance self from Bush. Or does he? - 09/02/06

... fall, but said if Bush advisor Karl Rove were to call offering the president's help, he would decline the help because of the president's lack of popularity in California. What's that smell?

Catch-and-release "stopped"; White House to pimp Pence massive illegal alien amnesty - 08/24/06

Yesterday DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff claimed that nearly all non-Mexican illegal aliens were being returned to their home countries and that "catch-and-release" had been stopped. Under C&R non-Mexicans who were caught were given notices to appear and released into the U.S.

Drug lookout towers 200 miles inside U.S. territory, Rove doesn't care; Bush quotes - 08/04/06

The Derb attended a soiree about immigration and has an interesting roundup. I've numbered them and bolded bits: 1. Of GOP '08 serious prospects, only George Allen looks as if he understands the immigration issue. (Unless you think Newt Gingrich is a serious prospect.) 2. Quote on GWB: "He loves his servants. He's a guy with a ranch and lots of Mexican help. Vicente Fox is a guy with a...

Bush "cognizant" of border terrorism risk, but won't do anything about it - 07/22/06

Les Kinsolving asked Tony Snow about border security: "The president has made his views on border security well-known... and my question: Would the president make border security a higher priority if he were convinced it was being used as an entry point by terrorists like those who are part of Hezbollah and al-Qaida?" Snow responded: "Think of it this way.

Rove: Bush admin doing "darndest things" to reduce illegal immigration - 07/19/06

... far-left racial power group NCLR, Karl Rove spoke before the Aspen IdeasFestival: ...Rove said the immigration system was "absolutely broken" relative to illegal entrants. He expounded in detail about efforts to diminish illegal crossings, including the number of repeated attempts by Mexicans, whom he said account for 85% of illegals.

Karl Rove's pro-illegal immigration extended network - 07/15/06

Let's take a look at Karl Rove's new friends, the National Council of The Race ("La Raza") and who they're working with. The group Defend Colorado New tried to pass Proposition 55 (similar to Arizona's Prop. 200 or CA's Prop. 187), but in June they were thwarted by a possibily activist CO Supreme Court. On the other side is the deceptively-named Keep Colorado Safe. Their front people include...

Karl Rove at racial power gathering - 07/12/06

Yesterday Karl Rove spoke before the far-left, Ford Foundation-sponsored, pro-illegal immigration racial power group National Council of La Raza ("The Race"). Even the AP admits that they're "left-leaning". Here's one thing he had to say: "Too many simplify the problem into one word, 'amnesty,'...

"What Karl Rove Should Tell La Raza" - 07/11/06

... advice: White House adviser Karl Rove is scheduled to speak tomorrow at the annual conference of the federally funded, left-wing, open-borders-advocacy group, the National Council of La Raza. If he does not want his speech to look like an act of appeasement, he should confront La Raza on its opposition to commonsense policies designed to secure both U.S. borders and U.S.

Clinton, Rove to speak before National Council of La Raza (The Race) - 07/01/06

The National Council of La Raza ("National Council of The Race"), a far-left, Ford Foundation-sponsored racial power group, will be holding its annual meeting at the Los Angeles Convention Center on July 8-11.

Sensenbrenner: White House trying to block House bill (HR4437) - 05/24/06

... show [on KMAL] to report that Karl Rove, acting for the president, was actively trying to sabotage the House immigration bill by persuading other congressmen not to support it.

The Mexican government's plan for the United States - 04/04/06

There's a lot of racism swirling around the immigration "debate", and not always of the kind that's obvious. Certainly, some of those who oppose or support various forms of immigration are indeed racially-motivated. However, one of the more hidden varieties comes from those who think of Mexicans as just those happy smiling serf laborers out in the fields picking their "cheap" lettuce.

Americans: Bush is going to try to sell you on amnesty, but call it something else - 03/23/06

Will president Bush be able to sell Americans on his or someone else's "guest" worker scheme? That appears to be the one-two punch they plan: the Senate will come up with something, then Bush will try to sell it to the American public. Of course, there are a few minor details still to be worked out. For instance, even diehard BushBots are starting to abandon ship. And, almost everyone else...

Loony Texans oppose Minutemen; Perry offers lukewarm support - 09/24/05

... self August 5 2005". Now, if Karl Rove went to visit party reps who just a few days before had welcomed a paramilitary, racist group to speak at a Republican Party headquarters, I'm sure we would never hear the end of it. But, when Howie goes to a similar situation, we never heard a peep about it except from me. As for Texas Gov. Rick Perry, here's what he says: "I fully understand and can...

White House unveils guest worker scheme - 09/16/05

On Wednesday, Karl Rove discussed Bush's scheme to bring in millions of kind-hearted folks with select (U.S.) representatives: The White House is preparing to unveil an immigration-reform plan that would allow millions of undocumented residents to remain in the United States as guest workers, two Arizona congressmen said... [...our "guests" get a three-year visa...] As explained to the...

"Rove Gets Bigger Role at White House" - 02/08/05

... President Bush's senior adviser, Karl Rove, will take on a wider role in developing and coordinating policy in the president's second term, the White House announced on Tuesday. Rove, who was Bush's top political strategist during his 2000 and 2004 presidential campaig

"Not in the mood for guests" - 11/30/04

U.S. News discusses Bush's "guest worker" plan: Back in 2001, George W. Bush, a newly elected president from a border state, had immigration on his mind. Within weeks of his inauguration, Bush vowed to extend a hand to Mexico, making an ambitious guest-worker proposal a hallmark of his administration. The president's dream was dashed by 9/11; tightening border controls, not loosening them,...

"GOP slams Bush policies at retreat" - 09/05/04

This is from Feb. 5 2004, but since I didn't link to it at the time: Growing frustration over President Bush's immigration plan and lack of fiscal discipline came to a head behind closed doors at last weekend's Republican retreat in Philadelphia. House lawmakers, stunned by the intensity of their constituents' displeasure at some of Mr.

"Tancredo to fight over immigration" - 08/30/04

Thankfully someone has some sense: Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) plans to start a nasty floor fight at the Republican National Convention in New York this week unless the GOP convention platform includes elements of his immigration proposals.

Party above all - 08/25/04

The draft GOP platform, according to the NYT: ...it also supports the expansion of legal immigration, a position that is already drawing opposition from some in the party's conservative base... On immigration, the platform supports Mr. Bush's call for a new temporary worker program that would also be open to some current illegal immigrants... It's definitely time for new GOP leadership.

"Conservative gets immigration plank" - 08/16/04

The Washington Times offers a confusing article: Pennsylvania Rep. Melissa A. Hart will lead the Republican Party platform subcommittee that will tackle politically sensitive immigration issues, The Washington Times has learned... "I'm still getting up off the floor. This is great for those of us interested in a more moderate immigration policy," said Craig Nelson, director of Friends of...

Which candidate is less "American"? - 08/01/04

Or, to put it a few other ways: Which candidate is less of a "populist?" Which candidate is less likely to relate to "average Americans" and share their concerns? To state it cynically, which candidate is slightly less likely to sell the rest of us out to global elites? And, which candidate makes you yearn more strongly for a viable third party? Bush tries to present a cowboy image, and many...

Michelle Malkin on the Karl Rove harrassers - 03/31/04

... discusses the NPA harrassment of Karl Rove in 'A closer look at left-wing thuggery': ...NPA members are funded by the usual suspects -- "progressive" charities such as the Tides Foundation, Ben & Jerry's Foundation, and the MacArthur, Ford and Rockefeller foundations. But they are also funded by your tax dollars.

Even more on the Karl Rove harassment - 03/29/04

... leaders of the NPA harassment of Karl Rove. It turns out that the two leaders mentioned by the WaPo are school teachers. They may have commandeered students and school buses for their stunt, or they may have done it all legal like.

Karl Rove meets his new "voters" - 03/28/04

... Bush's chief political strategist, Karl Rove, yesterday afternoon, pounding on his windows, shoving signs at others and challenging Rove to talk to them about a bill that deals with educational opportunities for immigrants [sic: it should read "illegal immigrants" -- LW]... The crowd then grew more aggressive, fanning around the three accessible