Karl Rove has video of Michelle Obama railing against "whitey" at Rev. Wright's church?

The Internets are abuzz with the rumor that there's a video tape of Barack Obama's wife Michelle Obama railing against "whitey" at Reverend Wright's church. At post time the video - if it even exists - has not been released. Our new buddy Larry Johnson says that Karl Rove has a copy and is using it to fund an independent group that might offer it as an October surprise. And, he says that an unnamed "right-wing Republican billionaire has put a $1 million bounty on the video" because he wants it released now, figuring like me that, unless someone better comes along, Hillary would better than McCain.

Johnson also says that this explains Obama's recent "leave Michelle alone!" cri de coeur (link). And, he says that four GOP insiders have all confirmed that the tape exists.

Now, obviously, this could all be a sham released by various people, or it could be real. So, at this time I suggest considering it just hopeful thinking.


Obama and his army of Obamabots are just a bunch of precious little pillow biters. They cry at the thought of the Republicans going after Michelle Obama. And why wouldn't the Republicans go after Michelle Obama. Even Chris Rock, an avid Obama supporter, is on tour making jokes about how Michelle is a liablity. Michelle's words, history, career and personality reenforces the entire negative narrative of both Obamas being a left wing, race hustling, priveleged, Anti-American elitists. Personally, I think the Republican already have several other nuclear bombs ready for October. William Ayers for instance???

More than anything Michelle Obama is an ingrate beneficiary of affirmative action -- someone who's had everything, e.g. an education at prestigious universities and high-paying, do-nothing jobs, all because she's black, and later because she's Obama's wife.

Obama is untouchable, if a guy that says he smoked meth & had gay sex with Obama isn't enough to discredit him nothing is.

Quote: "I suggest considering it just hopeful thinking." Are you suggesting you "hope" obama's wife IS a racist or she will be exposed as one?? What evidence do you have that she is"dwon on whitey"?

What the fuck is wrong with you assholes?!?... Is that the best you can hope for is dirty tricks or character assasination to win an election? YOU people make me sick!!!

The tape IS real. McCain has it. Take it to the bank.

Even if the tape doesn't exist, I can't for the life of me understand how it is that a person with so much baggage is allowed to run for presidency of the United States. It defines logic. You'd think the FBI would have investigated all of the candidates before given the green light. That guy and his wife scare the living hell out of me.

I say what the fuck is wrong with you BO supporters? This man could be the anti-christ himself and you would still vote for him. You are fully aware of his background right? You are fully aware of the company he keeps right? This isnt something that happend years ago, he just severed his ties with his church--or did he? I saw a video of him saying to the Rev. I might have to sever my ties with you to gain the nomination--Rev. says yeah. Come on you fools, pull your heads out of Obama's ass and smell the coffee! He cant win, not even with Hillary at his side, 18 million Americans will see to that. The press seems to think that if Hillary supports the nominee, then we will follow like a bunch of sheep. Bullshit! Hillary's endorsement wont make BO an honest, forthright, trustworty, and experienced candidate. That is what we 18 million want, and we will have it. Either Hillary's name is on the ballot or the majority of 18 million will either not vote or vote for McCain. You can take that to the bank BO, we will never find you capeable of running our country. You have ulterior motives, somehow your religion comes into play, and your unwavering belief that Africa is your mother home and your alligence lies with Africa and only Africa. That is your churchs mantra, twenty years there, I am sure you have it memorized right BO? You and your church also believe that America caused 9/11 because of the way we treat the rest of the world. Your church also believes that our government gave HIV and Aids to the black population. This is all common knowledge BO, check out your church's website. http://www.tucc.org/about.htm I for one will be voting for the most experienced person to run thus far, and that is Hillary Clinton. If the DNC doesnt see it my way, I, a lifetime democrat will leave my party and vote Independent or for McCain, a vote for McCain is one less vote for BO!!!!