Count every vote! (2006 edition)

Bob Fertik of is already preparing for a "Blue Revolution" of people chanting "Count Every Vote!" and assorted other slogans at county election offices throughout the nation:
When the polls close, we urge Democrats across the country to gather outside their County Election Office for a candlelight vigil to Count Every Vote, all wearing the same color: Blue.

Imagine a Blue Revolution, every bit as joyous and historic as the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, the Cedar Revolution Lebanon, the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia, and the other democratic revolutions of recent years - right here in the United States of America...

...Yet despite this overwhelming polling evidence, George Bush - along with Dick Cheney and Karl Rove - adamantly insist that Republicans are going to win on November 7.

What do they know that we don't know?

As time runs out for an October Surprise, there's only one possibility: that they have rigged the election process to guarantee Republicans win.
At least in his mind, the election won't be over on November 8. It will keep going on as long as the election results don't match the current polls.



It will keep going on as long as the election results don't match the current polls.

It's when the official result does not match the exit poll that some people smell something rotten. Because, historically, exit polls, which have been steadily refined, have proven to be very accurate in predicting the official result.

Please erase the above rant. It makes no sense and the zeros and ones on your server are being wasted by its presence.

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