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Claim: Mitt Romney said he won't flip flop on immigration at millionaires' meeting (Murdoch, Blankfein, Home Depot, Univision, Giuliani) - 07/02/12

This is all just hearsay, but it would be interesting if it turns out to be true [1]:

Mitt Romney last week told a private group of potential supporters and business and media elites, including Rupert Murdoch, that he was treading carefully around the issue of immigration to avoid looking like a "flip-flopper."

Chris Christie backers: David Koch, Kenneth Langone (Home Depot), Charles Schwab, hedge fund managers,... - 09/27/11

The "Draft Christie committee" is a group of very wealthy backers who want Chris Christie to run for president.

Koch family, U.S. Chamber, businesses met to plan strategy (+Glenn Beck, tea parties, "mobilize citizens for November") - 10/20/10

Twice each year, the Koch family conducts strategy meetings with corporate and thought leaders to plan how to advance their "free market" ideology. ThinkProgress has the guest list and program for their June 2010 meeting (in Aspen), and, while immigration isn't mentioned, many of the known attendees are on the wrong side.

I don't normally recommend anything at ThinkProgress, but in this case I'll suggest taking a look at their post and downloading the PDF.

The New York Times has a related report here; from that:

The participants in Aspen dined under the stars at the top of the gondola run on Aspen Mountain, and listened to Glenn Beck of Fox News in a session titled, “Is America on the Road to Serfdom?” (The title refers to a classic of Austrian economic thought that informs libertarian ideology, popularized by Mr. Beck on his show.)The participants included some of the nation’s wealthiest families and biggest names in finance: private equity and hedge fund executives like John Childs, Cliff Asness, Steve Schwarzman and Ken Griffin; Phil Anschutz, the entertainment and media mogul ranked by Forbes as the 34th-richest person in the country; Rich DeVos, the co-founder of Amway; Steve Bechtel of the giant construction firm; and Kenneth Langone of Home Depot... The group also included longtime Republican donors and officials, including Foster Friess, Fred Malek and former Attorney General Edwin Meese III... Participants listened to presentations from the (US Chamber of Commerce), as well as people who played leading roles in John McCain’s presidential campaign in 2008, like Nancy Pfotenhauer and Annie Dickerson, who also runs a foundation for Paul Singer, a hedge fund executive who like the Kochs is active in promoting libertarian causes.

Malek currently raises funds for Karl Rove.

There's also a tea parties link: one of the June sessions was called "Mobilizing Citizens for November" ("Is there a chance this fall to elect leaders who are more strongly committed to liberty and prosperity? This session will further assess the landscape and offer a strategic plan to educate voters on the importance of economic freedom.") The hosts were Sean Noble (@snoble37), Karl Crow of Themis, Mark Mix of National Right to Work, and Tim Phillips of Americans for Prosperity. AFP has been a very active "facilitator" of the teaparty movement.

Those who spoke at the June meeting include Peter Schiff (bad on immigration), Stephen Moore (ditto}, and Michael Barone (ditto). Others are: Ramesh Ponnuru; Phil Kerpen and Jeff Crank of AFP; Peter Wallison and Arthur Brooks of the American Enterprise Institute, Russ Roberts and Veronique de Rugy of the Mercatus Center (associated with George Mason University; see the link); Gretchen Hamel; Charles Krauthammer; and Tim Carney of the Washington Examiner.

Those listed as attending past meetings include Haley Barbour (bad on immigration), John Stossel (ditto), Mike Pence (ditto), Bobby Jindal, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Rush Limbaugh, Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn, Paul Ryan, and Tom Price.

Obviously, there's nothing wrong or that sinister about the Kochs holding meetings like these. And, George Soros and associates no doubt hold similar meetings with those on their side. However, just as Soros' loose borders policies no doubt "informs" the immigration policies that those who receive his money offer, the same is probably true of the Kochs' loose borders policies. Aside from DeMint, there are few above who might be considered "border hawks", and some of those listed are quite bad on that issue.

And, of course, this provides yet more evidence of how those in the supposedly grassroots tea parties movement are doing the bidding of the very rich, even if the teapartiers have been bamboozled into thinking otherwise.

Andrew Rosenthal/New York Times wants stimulus money to go to illegal aliens - 02/15/09

The New York Times offers the editorial "Helping Workers in Hard Times" (link) in which they explicitly support stimulus plan jobs going to illegal aliens.

SPP North American Leaders Summit April 21, 22 in New Orleans - 04/20/08

The fourth annual "North American Leaders Summit" - part of the Security and Prosperity Partnership started by George Bush - will be held Monday and Tuesday in New Orleans and will be attended by Bush, Felipe Calderon of Mexico, and Stephen Harper of Canada. Expect the news reports about the event to be credulous. Speaking of which, Norma Greenaway of the Canwest News Service/Ottawa Citizen offers this:

The annual leaders' gathering, popularly referred to as the Amigos Summit, is being held against the backdrop of a gripping race for the U.S. presidency where the North American Free Trade Agreement has become a favourite punching bag of Democratic contenders Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama... The two have promised to kill or rewrite the pact if elected president as they compete for the support of voters, many of whom blame NAFTA for job losses, especially in the manufacturing sector.

Well, not exactly. Obama recently spoke in code, indicating his support for the SPP process, and of course there's GoolsbeeGate to consider. Her paper was given ("obtained") a warning to the leaders from the "North American Competitiveness Council", a group of major businesses such as Home Depot:

Among other things, [the warning] expressed frustration over "serious roadblocks" that have hampered efforts to make borders within North America more efficient and secure... "Our most critical request to the leaders is for them to ensure that the SPP remains a dynamic and effective path forward for trilateral and bilateral co-operation," says the report, urging the leaders to make clear "sustained progress on the SPP agenda is a strategic priority."... "To the extent NAFTA itself continues to be a target, efforts to "deepen NAFTA" will be largely unsuccessful," [a draft version of the warning] said... A senior U.S. official, briefing American reporters on the leaders' summit, said Friday the pact is a winner for all three countries. Dan Fisk said the value of trade among the three countries had grown to almost $1 trillion from $290 billion in 1994, the year NAFTA took effect... "We want to find ways to, frankly, convince the American people from our perspective, first and foremost that this is an arrangement that has worked for us, and it's also worked for our neighbours," said Fisk, [Senior Director in the National Security Council for the Western Hemisphere].

An earlier meeting with Condoleezza Rice resulted in Mexican Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa saying this:

"We have also discussed that we should strengthen and make a permanent commitment with the continuity of this high-level dialogue in North America at all levels and particularly at the level of heads of state and government."

Becky Bohrer of the Associated Press red baits here, following this paragraph with a quote from one of the "People's Summit" protesters with a quote from someone from the U.S. Marxist-Leninist Organization:

One target of protesters is expected to be the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. They say the pact, which aims to share information between the three governments and smooth out regulatory differences, is a threat to national sovereignty and an attempt to create a military partnership to enforce the North American Free Trade Agreement.

This quotes Fisk:

"We think NAFTA works... We think the record of its past 14 years shows that it works. There's nothing broken. Why fix a success?"

This lets something slip:

It is more like a progress report on how the three countries are integrating... Bush's agenda will start today with the reopening of the Mexican Consulate in New Orleans...

Greg Flakus of the publicly-funded Voice of America - a source not intended to spread disinformation inside America - leads with the thoughts of someone from the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau here, offering not just one but two pictures of her.

Ben Feller of the Associated Press offers this:

Tom Donohue, president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said the three countries benefit by working together against competition from China and India. "North America needs to maintain its economic unity," said Donohue, who is taking part in the summit.

Stop Racism CA: Unite (with Home Depot) Against Racism! - 07/02/07

Who could be opposed to a fine, upstanding site like StopRacismCA.com?
Thank you for visiting StopRacismCA.com. We are a state-wide organization that is looking to stop all forms of hate and racism. We are confronted daily with politicians, policies and individuals who are trying to take our state backwards not forward. It is our mission to promote peaceful solutions to stopping racist actions by our government and elected leaders.

Los Angeles City Council approves illegal alien day laborer hiring hall - 01/20/06

The municipal entity known as the City of Los Angeles is directly enabling illegal immigration by leasing a section of the parking lot of a new Van Nuys Home Depot from that store. They're paying $1 per year, and a non profit called the Youth Policy Institute will run it.

Los Angeles City-mandated illegal alien day laborer centers? - 09/14/05

There's a proposed L.A. City ordinance that would require big box home improvement stores to have an attached center for day laborers.

"Day Laborers, Cities Seek a Way That Will Work" - 08/29/05

The L.A. Times reports in "Day Laborers, Cities Seek a Way That Will Work":
...Cities throughout California and around the nation are struggling to cope with the sheer numbers of day laborers, or jornaleros. Critics say the sites not only encourage people to come to the U.S. illegally, but also create traffic jams and are eyesores.

Atwater Village to Home Depot: stop the invasion! - 07/25/05

Ah, the fine "liberals" of Atwater Village are fed up and they aren't going to take Home Depot pushing them around anymore. As previously discussed, HD wants to build a store at the old KMart building at San Fernando and Fletcher. Since they already have another HD two miles down S.F.

Are most day laborers illegal immigrants? - 07/23/05

Patrick Osio, editor of HispanicVista .com, offers a smearfest editorial entitled "Why assume day laborers illegal?" (It's available at his site under the title "Brown day workers, White street corner beggars and Racists". However, for some reason, the title tag is "The US, Canada and Mexico must form a North American Security Force".

Liberals oppose Home Depot, increased numbers of day laborers - 07/05/05

Shockingly, I've recently received an email from the worthies at the Friends of Atwater Village. They're complaining about Home Depot's plans to build yet another store along San Fernando Road. This one would take the place of the old KMart building at Fletcher. Home Depot already has another store at the S.F. Road/Figueroa junction in Cypress Park, and they also have one further north in Glendale near S.F.

Home Depot doesn't support illegal immigration - 06/19/05

The group Save Our State recently held a protest about illegal alien day laborers in front of a Home Depot in Alhambra, CA. It was counter-protested, but apparently peacefully. The AP reports:

Home Depot said in a statement it does not support illegal immigration but can't stop workers from standing near its stores.

I'll avoid making a joke at this point in time, instead I'll point out this rather interesting fact:

Home Depot is paying a lobbyist $10,000 a month to lobby the L.A.

Home Depot, Antonio Villaraigosa, Fernando Guerra, and Microsoft - 06/01/05

What a strange, strange titular combination. Fernando Guerra is a Loyola Marymount associate professor and the director of the Center for the Study of Los Angeles at that school.

He's also a pundit on Los Angeles politics, and he was apparently all over the TV, radio, and newspapers with his various pro-Villaraigosa views.

However, he's also a lobbyist, pulling down $10,000 a month from Home Depot to lobby the Los Angeles City Council about their day laborer sites.

"...and our day laborer sites won't encourage illegal immigration" - 06/01/05

L.A. City Councilman Ed Reyes has proposed a law that would require each new big box hardware store in Los Angeles to have its own day laborer's solicitation site.

Arizona tries to stop public funding of illegal alien day laborer centers - 03/04/05

This is from Elvia Diaz in the Arizona Republic, so be prepared.

Tom Ridge and... home improvement? - 02/24/05

From "Ridge to join Home Depot board" (link):

..."We are honored to have [Ridge] join our board, where we expect that his unique global experience and perspective will make a profound contribution to our company and our shareholders," said Home Depot Chief Executive Bob Nardelli...

"The Everymigrant's Guide to Crossing the Border Illegally" - 02/08/05

NYT Star Reporter Charlie LeDuff offers us an article named "The Everymigrant's Guide to Crossing the Border Illegally".

About 80% of the article consists of real-world tips for border crossers, culled from illegal aliens Charlie interviewed in front of the Home Depot on Sunset in East Hollywood.

L.A. Times uses a two-level proxy to attack those opposed to illegal immigration - 05/12/04

Here's a community commentary ("Day-laborer issue is about one thing, and it's not 'concern'") from Burbank resident Alfred Aboulsaad. It concerns Home Depot's plans to build a store in Burbank. They'd construct a day laborer center on-site, and pay the city of Burbank $94,000 a year to run it.

Note that this appeared in the Burbank Leader, which appears to be owned by the Times. Thus, it's a two-level proxy.

My first idea was to find out whether Mr.