Los Angeles City Council approves illegal alien day laborer hiring hall

The municipal entity known as the City of Los Angeles is directly enabling illegal immigration by leasing a section of the parking lot of a new Van Nuys Home Depot from that store. They're paying $1 per year, and a non profit called the Youth Policy Institute will run it. The vote in favor of this was unanimous.

Once again: the City of Los Angeles is directly enabling illegal labor and illegal immigration.

Now, see the entry "Home Depot, Antonio Villaraigosa, Fernando Guerra, and Microsoft" from last June and this entry about City Councilman Ed Reyes.

Home Depot was paying a lobbyist $10,000 per month to lobby the Council concerning their day laborer sites. It appears to have been successful.

Of course, one remedy is for city residents to file suit against the City. Another would be for some intrepid reporter to do a bit of digging on this story and follow the money.


American citizens and legal residents should line up and sign up for employment at the so-called "day labor" center. I bet they won't allow English speaking, American citizens to register with their illegal hiring hall. Someone should attempt to do so, if they are turned away, then they should immediately file a complaint with the EEOC for discriminatin based on race and/or national origin. Enough is enough. ILLEGALS are ILLEGAL what is so hard to understand about that? HOME DEPOT is UN-AMERICAN.

I heard that the State of California is building some roads too thereby aiding illegal immigrants. When will this stop?!?!!?