"The Everymigrant's Guide to Crossing the Border Illegally"

NYT Star Reporter Charlie LeDuff offers us an article named "The Everymigrant's Guide to Crossing the Border Illegally".

About 80% of the article consists of real-world tips for border crossers, culled from illegal aliens Charlie interviewed in front of the Home Depot on Sunset in East Hollywood. Those illegals call Mexico's Guide for the Mexican Migrant useless, and offer up tips like renting an innertube to cross the Rio Grande instead of crossing by swimming.

What exactly Charlie is getting at is unclear. Is he mocking the Mexican government for producing a worthless booklet? Is he mocking pro-American U.S. citizens for complaining about the booklet? Is he mocking the left/right alliance that refuses to enforce our laws?

What exactly does Charlie mean with this:

To help prevent death and deportation, the Mexican government has published a guide that advises its citizens on the intricacies of sneaking into the United States. It also gives tips on how migrants should conduct themselves after reaching the streets of the promised land.

The 31-page pamphlet, "Guide for the Mexican Migrant," has infuriated some American politicians and citizens who say the Mexican government is effectively encouraging a criminal activity that is fraying the American cultural fabric and draining state and local municipalities...

...Apparently there are people waiting at the riverbanks to rent flotation devices to the traveler...

It's certainly a step up from a PIIPP, but one wonders exactly what Charlie intends with this report. Or, maybe he doesn't really intend something specifically and he is just providing a slice of (wacky and corrupt) life.

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