Chris Christie backers: David Koch, Kenneth Langone (Home Depot), Charles Schwab, hedge fund managers,...

The "Draft Christie committee" is a group of very wealthy backers who want Chris Christie to run for president.

One of those involved is David Koch of the Koch family; the Kochs are one of the main stringpullers on the tea parties. They also fund loose borders advocates like Reason Magazine, and David Koch joined with George Soros and gave $10 million to the illegal immigration-supporting American Civil Liberties Union. That was to fight the Patriot Act, but it also freed up money that the ACLU has used to hamper immigration enforcement.

Another person involved is Kenneth Langone, founder of Home Depot. Obviously, that company's stores might not be as attractive to homeowners without a ready supply of day laborers, about three-quarters of which are illegal aliens.

Other backers include (link):

...Paul E. Singer, the publicity-shy hedge fund magnate and Republican activist who is among the most-sought-after Republican donors in the country... Charles R. Schwab, the personal investment guru, is also among those who have shown interest in seeing a Christie presidential bid, according to published reports and people familiar with the discussions, as is the financier Stanley F. Druckenmiller. So are the hedge fund managers David Tepper and Daniel S. Loeb, a onetime supporter of President Obama.

The article also says: Mr. Christie quietly flew to Colorado [in June 2011] to speak at a private retreat hosted by Mr. Koch and his brother, Charles, another prominent Republican donor.

The "Committee for Our Children's Future" has spent $1.5 million on New Jersey TV advertisements supporting him. The Committee is supposedly made up of Christies old college chums, but they aren't named. The article notes that Singer is chairman of the Manhattan Institute, and that some of Christie's backers are also associated with that thinktank.