L.A. Times uses a two-level proxy to attack those opposed to illegal immigration

Here's a community commentary ("Day-laborer issue is about one thing, and it's not 'concern'") from Burbank resident Alfred Aboulsaad. It concerns Home Depot's plans to build a store in Burbank. They'd construct a day laborer center on-site, and pay the city of Burbank $94,000 a year to run it.

Note that this appeared in the Burbank Leader, which appears to be owned by the Times. Thus, it's a two-level proxy.

My first idea was to find out whether Mr. Aboulsaad is an employee of MALDEF or HomeDepot. However, he appears to be (or have been) a "help desk analyst."

I didn't attend the Burbank meeting in question, but perhaps I should have. Could there be a chance he's mischaracterizing some of the comments made? One might think that based on the canards he uses in the rest of the article. If it's correct that "[n]ot one of those people speaking had a solution or even a viable suggestion" that just speaks to those commentors, it doesn't mean that there are not very good arguments to be opposed to illegal immigration.

In any case, let's all give HomeDepot a call at 1-800-553-3199 and find out whether they support illegal immigration explicitly or implicitly.