Stop Racism CA: Unite (with Home Depot) Against Racism!

Who could be opposed to a fine, upstanding site like
Thank you for visiting We are a state-wide organization that is looking to stop all forms of hate and racism. We are confronted daily with politicians, policies and individuals who are trying to take our state backwards not forward. It is our mission to promote peaceful solutions to stopping racist actions by our government and elected leaders. We are dedicated to reducing hate crimes and prejudice in our neighborhoods.
Sounds great, think I'll sign up! Oh, wait, what's that link to a Daily News article [1] they've so helpfully provided? What? It details how residents of the Los Angeles neighborhood Sunland-Tujunga have been fighting against a Home Depot moving in to their area and:
...Organizers originally hired by a public relations firm working for Home Depot say they have independently launched a campaign to expose what they say is rampant racism in the opposition of the big-box home store.

...Daniel Haro said he witnessed blatant racism as he canvassed Sunland-Tujunga to drum up support for the store. About a month ago, he quit his job with Dakota Communications, a public relations and lobbying firm representing Home Depot, to start Stop Racism...

...Home Depot and Dakota Communications said they have no affiliation with Stop Racism, though both acknowledge the organizers were previously paid employees working on behalf of the home improvement chain.

"This organization is not related to Home Depot in any way and they are not employed by Home Depot," said Home Depot spokeswoman Kathryn Gallagher...
[1], "Racism charges fuel battle over Home Depot" by Kerry Cavanaugh, 6/6/07

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Most everyone's read the story, by now, of how the Church of Scientology bought up the domains and websites that were originally authored by the Cult Awareness Network, and then reauthored them to contend with the original (Cult Awareness Network) as the Cultists. This is like that. No offense to the Church of Scientology. It's the concept of the thing I'm talking about here, what this "racism against Home Depot" thing is all about and how. In other words, counter intelligence operation. The key thing is whether to question the source or not. I do question the source (Home Depot) and while their redefinition method is not new, the redefinition itself or secondary message is and is questionable. That they look stupid because of it is part of my satisfaction about this turncoat company.