Home Depot, Antonio Villaraigosa, Fernando Guerra, and Microsoft

What a strange, strange titular combination. Fernando Guerra is a Loyola Marymount associate professor and the director of the Center for the Study of Los Angeles at that school.

He's also a pundit on Los Angeles politics, and he was apparently all over the TV, radio, and newspapers with his various pro-Villaraigosa views.

However, he's also a lobbyist, pulling down $10,000 a month from Home Depot to lobby the Los Angeles City Council about their day laborer sites. Now, go see the previous entry about a newly proposed ordinance that would require all new big box hardware stores to have day laborer sites. An immediate connection? Not known, but, gosh, I think it's highly likely.

Guerra is also a lobbyist for Microsoft for some unknown reason. He also represents real estate developer Richard Meruelo. Antonio Villaraigosa got over $220,000 in donations from Meruelo's family.

My gosh he's busy! He's so busy in fact that I'd suggest getting a large chalkboard and a few boxes of chalk as you read the Daily Breeze article "Questions arise over LMU professor's roles". You're going to need it in order to figure out who's doing what with whom. Of course, who they're doing it to isn't hard to figure out. For that you just need a mirror.


I just left his (Guerra) class final a couple of hours ago. I'm sure I'll get a crappy grade, because I don't believe most of the stuff he teaches. I don't know about the kick backs, but he does talk highly about the subjects mentioned above.

I'm glad that class is over

I would like to get in contact with Antonio Villaraigosa, because of a situation of a family member of mien is passing through, I have been trying to get in contact with him, but so far failed. If I can get some more information that would be great. I would be very thankful if you would contact me immidietly, thank you so much for taking your time to read this massage, all I will have to do now is await for your respond.



"some unknown reason"

Because he's a really, really great lobbyist?

Or because he's Hispanic?

That's a tough one...