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Contra Costa Times: no driver's licenses for illegal aliens - 06/16/05

The Contra Costa Times comes out against CA Sen.

Gil Cedillo, driver's licenses for illegal aliens, Part 48310 - 05/19/05

The latest attempt from CA Sen. Gil Cedillo (Democrat - Los Angeles, Mexico) to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens has passed a Senate committee. It now goes to the Senate Appropriations Committee. Note that this current bill is good ol' SB 60, which is distinct from SB 591.

"Backdoor license plan" - 05/06/05

The L.A. Daily News reports on Gil Cedillo's latest attempts: SACRAMENTO -- Stymied in his efforts to allow illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses, Sen.

The SJ Mercury's "special" editorial board - 05/06/05

The San Jose Merc has an editorial entitled "Special licenses better than nothing" which supports giving illegal aliens a special version of a California driver's license. That would be, unfortunately, permissible under the Real ID Act. In addition to generally opposing the Real ID Act, they also complain that the Act would "force California to spend millions of dollars in the next three years...

Yet another attempt by Gil Cedillo to keep illegal aliens driving - 05/04/05

Gil Cedillo is back with a new bill. However, this isn't trying to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens. Rather, it would waive the impound period for those who are here illegally and who are caught driving without a licenses. At the very least you have to applaud Cedillo for his persistence and creativity. From S.B.

Arnold gives far-lefties the faints - 04/19/05

... measured thoughts of CA state Sen. Gil Cedillo. Gil "one bill gil" Cedillo is the sponsor of innumerable bills to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens. Posts about him start in "Actors, writers and musicians want you to pay all the costs for their cheap labor". In addition to stating that we should give driver's licenses to illegal aliens because "they were here first," here's another one of...

NYT editorial: "On Guard, America" - 02/15/05

... instance, California. State Sen. Gil Cedillo has sponsored numerous bills to give DLs to illegal aliens. His supposed reason, repeated over and over, is for "public safety." However, when you look at his other remarks you begin to get any idea what his real agenda is: "Actors, writers and musicians want you to pay all the costs for their cheap labor". That link describes the recent Variety ad...

9/11 hijacker used bypass code to obtain California [driver's] license - 02/06/05

[Cross-posted to the Command-Post and the-lonewacko-blog.redstate.org/story/2005/2/7/15523/85908] SACRAMENTO -- The terrorist believed to have flown a hijacked airliner into the Pentagon on Sept.

Driver's licenses for illegal aliens flops in Redding - 02/06/05

... undocumented immigrants... [...Gil Cedillo and his Let Our Nannies Drive bill...] But the glitz and glamour has had little effect on shoppers interviewed Frida

Actors, writers and musicians want you to pay all the costs for their cheap labor - 01/24/05

... orchestrated in part by Sen. Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles, who has led the effort in favor of the licenses... OK, first let's deal with the media bias. This is an AP report and the headline is a lie: these aren't "immigrants", they're illegal aliens. Likewise with the phrase "undocumented immigrants": they're illegal aliens. Since these Hollywood stars have so much money, why are they unable to...

"Driver's licenses: California should not ease rules for illegals" - 12/10/04

... national security concern. Sen. Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles, has led a long-running campaign to enact a bill allowing illegal immigrants to obtain California driver's licenses freely.

Fox of Mexico to get tough with the U.S.A. - 10/18/04

... driver's license." ...[a quote from Gil Cedillo is provided as background:] "We are not terrorists. The governor is an immigrant like we are immigrants, and because of that we insist that the governor honor his word and give us the same license he has." ..."I believe that the Mexican community must send the message that it is sending, which is we represent (something) positive for the state and...

"The Terminator vows to terminate licenses for immigrants" - 09/22/04

... Mundos offers a standard story on Gil Cedillo's "public safety" bill to give driver's licenses for "immigrants" (actually, illegal aliens). What's interesting is the photo from an anti-Arnold protest. It features two masked protesters wearing... Che Guevara T-Shirts. Keep those protests coming!

"Bustamante urged to step in and sign [illegal alien driver's license bill]" - 09/01/04

From the SacBee: State Sen. Gil Cedillo on Tuesday called on Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante to sign his bill to allow illegal immigrants to apply for driver's licenses if the measure reaches his desk while Gov.

How soon could we recall the entire California government? - 08/27/04

Gil Cedillo might soon get Moter Voter cards driver's licenses into the hands of illegal aliens. The CA Assembly has just passed another bill into which SB1160 - the previous driver's license bill - had been inserted. Now it goes to the governor to be signed into law or vetoed.

Spot the error, Part #4932 - 08/25/04

Can you spot the error(s) in the following newspaper report from Torrance, CA's Daily Breeze? Cedillo pushes immigrant license bill PROPOSAL: L.A.

"Legalization for all. Licenses for all." - 08/12/04

... the picture on this report of Gil Cedillo's latest attempt to get driver's licenses for illegal aliens: Cedillo issued a news release Wednesday in Sacramento stating that he received a proposal from Schwarzenegger listing conditions under which the governor would support Senate Bill 1160. But Schwarzenegger aides denied any such proposal.

Pro-illegal immigration advocates seemingly have no shame - 06/24/04

... a Nazi if he doesn't support Gil Cedillo's legal-driver's-licenses-for-illegal-aliens bill: ...in Tarzana a group of five rabbis from the Valley and one from Hollywood said they support giving licenses to illegal immigrants, but object to the governor's suggestion that such licenses have a mark which identifies the person as an illegal. "It is inappropriate at best and deeply upsetting at worst...

Arnold decides he likes it when people vote for him - 06/02/04

It looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger is getting smart on the legal driver's licenses for illegal aliens issue: Gov.

Time to make some phone calls - 03/24/04

... will you be voting on Senator Gil Cedillo's Illegal Alien Driver License Bill (SB1160)? ...If you DO NOT see your Senator or Assembly member, then they have replied with a big fat NO to SB1160. For those who have not replied to any phone messages or seem to be on the fence about the issue, we have kindly made available their contact information.

Schwarzenegger, Cedillo "working hard together" to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens - 03/17/04

... interview with CA state Senator Gil Cedillo. He's the author of a bill that would give driver's licenses to illegal aliens. The interview took place on a Spanish-language radio station and was translated by KFI: Radio host: Respect the Sombrero, the huaraches (leather sandals). But, they don't want to respect us, senator, they don't want to give us licenses. How is this bill coming along, the...

Are Schwarzenegger and Cedillo trying to pull a fast one? - 03/08/04

Heard on the John and Ken Show (KFI Los Angeles): According to Ron Prince of Save187.com, the new CA driver's licenses for illegal aliens bill is designed to be "referendum-proof" and if it passes, an initiative would need to be created to overturn it. The next time an initiative could be voted on would be two years from now. No web page with this information is available yet.

Gil Cedillo: using a horrible crime for political purposes - 03/01/04

You might recall the story of the Fremont mother and daughter who were murdered in Fremont a month ago. They were illegal aliens, and one of their family members tried to blame their murders on the fact that they didn't have driver's licenses. They were murdered while walking to work; if they'd had driver's licenses they could have taken a car.

Boxer foes court Bush, but oppose immigration plan - 03/01/04

... introductions from state Sen. Gil Cedillo (D-Los Angeles) and Los Angeles City Councilman Antonio Villaraigosa [NOTE: both are former members of the racial separatist organization MEChA -LW] Race for Boxer's U.S. Senate seat subdued (link): Marin, who came to the United States from Mexico as a teen-ager, strongly supports President Bush's plan to create a guest worker program for immigrants...

Top Contributors To Arnold [Schwarzenegger] By Industry - 02/15/04

The chart (from ArnoldWatch.org) includes this Arnold quote: "Any of those kinds of real big, powerful special interests, if you take money from them you owe them something". See also "Schwarzenegger patrons provide money, support": Schwarzenegger is turning

"A desperate governor makes rash promises" - 08/06/03

... have editorials opposing SB60, Gil Cedillo's bill (now supported by Governor Gumby Davis) to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens: "Easing license rules a wrong move for state" "Unlicensed aliens: A desperate governor makes rash promises" (Via DailyPundit and CalBlog)

Davis: "I'll sell out my country to keep my job" - 07/29/03

Gray Davis didn't say that exactly, but he might as well have: Gov.

The L.A. Times prints a correction - 07/10/03

... statement from CA State Senator Gil Cedillo in which he stated that illegal aliens could join the U.S. military. The LAT has now printed a "For the record" section in which they state that only legal residents and citizens can join the military. Lonewacko gets results, but Lonewacko doesn't crow about it.

"They were here first" - 11/21/02

... California State Assemblyman Gil Cedillo, who created a bill to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens. "For public safety." Yeah, right. In the piece, Cedillo uttered the line "they were here first." I've always wondered exactly how to parse that sentence. Let me restate it first: "A was here before B." So, who is "A", and who is "B?" Is Gil a member of "A?" And, the more important question,...