Barack Obama bill: global warming K-12 education, "national information campaign", i.e, propaganda

Almost a year and a half ago I created a satirical petition called "Require Global Warming Classes in All Public Schools" (link). A couple months ago I created a video with a similar theme.

From my humor to Barack Obama's seriousness, as a month ago he sponsored a bill called the "Climate Change Education Act" (S. 1389, link). Despite what this says, it doesn't seem to 'establish mandatory "climate change education"', but it comes close to that and in some ways it's even worse:

Congress finds that... greenhouse gases are accumulating in the atmosphere, causing global temperatures to rise at a rate that poses a significant threat to the economy and security of the United States, to public health and welfare, and to the global environment... there is scientific consensus that human activities are the major cause of atmospheric greenhouse gas accumulation... The Director of the National Science Foundation shall establish a Climate Change Education Program to... apply the latest scientific and technological discoveries to provide formal and informal learning opportunities to people of all ages, including those of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds... The Climate Change Education Program shall include... a national information campaign to disseminate information on and promote implementation of the new technologies, programs, and incentives described [earlier in the bill]... a competitive grant program to provide grants to States, local municipalities, educational institutions, and other organizations to... create informal education materials, exhibits, and multimedia presentations relevant to climate change and climate science... develop climate science kindergarten through grade 12 curriculum and supplementary educational materials...

It doesn't take a weatherman to tell you how this would turn out: a massive propaganda effort designed to push just one theory, even if that theory is disputed by some. In other words, U.S.-style Lysenkoism.


Good great way to control people good old Global warming and make billions of dollars on really Stupid people who have no ideals of what the end game is. all you see is Red Propaganda and all you will get is a bill from the third world rulers who hate you and your life, buy guns, be free, and think of a world that will be free and under laws of the bill of rights and not under the control of drug dealers inside this government. Obama/McCain, the enemy end of story.