Barack Obama clinches nomination; hello, President John McCain! (predictions!)

Get used to saying "President John McCain", because Barack Obama has supposedly clinched the Democratic nomination.

Assuming a matchup between McCain and Obama, I predict that BHO has a 0.1% chance of being elected our next president. Further, I predict that McCain will win by at least 10 points. (And, I've been saying that since at least early March, by the way:

What's going to happen is that even more "interesting" connections and statements are going to be released, but we might need to wait until October for that. While to a certain small extent racism and opposition to someone named "Barack Hussein Obama" will play a part, the large opposition to BHO will be because he's a far-left loon who's even worse than John Kerry. Millions of people will wake up to the fact that he's simply a Chicago politician who's been pushed by the media.

And, millions will vote for McCain not because they support him but in order to keep Obama out of office.

Bob Barr won't be a factor because there's little of interest to most Americans to separate him from McCain. McCain's support for foreign expeditions only resonates with leftwing Democrats; he will be sold - effectively so - to most everyone else as a patriotic supporter of our military. On immigration, Barr might be even worse than McCain. Even some libertarians won't vote for Barr due to his past statements and actions. So, he won't be a factor.

BHO being the candidate could serve the interests of some Democratic leaders who might want a GOP president in order to better maintain their power. When he loses, it will also make a Hillary run in 2012 much easier. And, perhaps BHO has been pushed by the MSM because they know he's the weaker candidate and they know that McCain would be better for business.

There are only a couple things that could change the outcome at this point:

1. BHO's problems become evident in the next month or two and Hillary - or even Al Gore - is brought in. That has a fair chance of happening.

2. If a pro-American, Ross Perot-style candidate such as Lou Dobbs enters the race. That doesn't have much of a chance of happening.


Lonewacko, Checkout Larry Johnson has photos of Michelle Obama hanging out with the wife of Farrakan. Supposedly the rumored Michelle Obama/"Whitey" tape should surface in the next couple of days. Future tapes and photos of Obama and Bill Ayers are also expected to surface. I think that all Hillary will do tonight is acknowledged that Obama has the lead after the end of the primaries. Of course the AP, HUFFPUFF and rest of MSM is hyping it as a concession. It is likely that Hillary will stomp Obama is South Dakota and may win Montana. Not that either state matters in the GE. But it shows that the last two months have been a disaster for Obama. I expect Hillary to wait a few days and then decide to protest the outrageously biased decisions of the DNC RBC over the weekend. Where I disagree is that I would say that Obama is far far far to the left of Kerry. Obama is even significantly far to the left of a McGovern. Obama basically views the world through various New Left/Racial Marxist(Marcusian/Gramscian) ideological frameworks. For example unlike lots of DLC and Left-Liberal Democrats who support Open Borders policies because of the corrupting influences of lobbyists and Ethnocentric politics, Obama has shown that he ideologically backs Open Borders as a way to crush the political power of Whitey. What is remarkable is that Obama's support drops offs precipitously among 3rd, 4th, 5th generation Hispanics. Obama is stupid enough to go out of his way to attack Lou Dobbs by name. I guess he somehow expects to win the GE with out 40-45% of the vote that is independent. For the Democrats to actually still end up nominating Obama when polls are showing him trailing already in most of the absolute must win states for Democrats is insanity. It could very well mean the end of the party. McCain himself is already a very divisive candidate for the Republicans. There is/was absolutely no excuse for the Democrats not taking back the White House this year. Only the party's far left wing, the idiocy of the party leadership and the cowardliness of those unwilling to stand firm against a race hustling Elmer Gantry phony can cost the Democrats the presidency.

Hello! Since you have been bold enough to lay odds on Obama being elected, I have a wager to propose to you. I'll bet ten (10) dollars to your five thousand (5,000) dollars that Obama will be elected. Since you've put the odds of an Obama presidency at .1% (or 1000-1), this 500-1 wager actually favors you, so I assume you'll show as much economic sense as you've shown political insight and take it. Please contact me so we can hammer out the details. Thanks!

What would win the election is if they had a new category.... NONE OF THE ABOVE !!!!

I suppose many people wish you were correct. But, McCain is nearly as bad as Obama and his ties are to the Arizona liquor industry which has been mob controlled since the 1930's. A lot could come out on both sides.

We our all doomed to live in a third world hell, no matter who becomes the next so called President.