Barack Obama, the Chicago politician (moves DNC)

Barack Obama is moving parts of the Democratic National Committee ("DNC") to Chicago. While it's a wonderful town aside from being flat as a pancake, it's known for very dirty politics (in U.S. terms). So, Obama should fit right in.

Per this, "Obama's senior staff will largely take over the coordination of national campaign efforts and state-level efforts... Democratic field operations, constituency outreach and political operations will become one integrated operation under the plan, with the central brain trust in Chicago, explained the DNC source..." Howard Dean's 50-state scheme is also disfavored by the new leaders.


I lived in that city over 40 years ago it was not bad but now the gangs are running the place and mean the black/brown/yellow gangs, whites have been shot down like dogs but you never hear about black/brown/yellow race murder of whites what do you think Obama and his new ideals are really all about? The week one of his people said he would "D-white the Laws", inside the USA, What do you think that is all about? Obama is our enemy and if people keep really quiet on what he is you will become the new jew, and if you think that is nut's or stupid you just do not understand history.

We can safely say that Obamaism can be equated with Bolshevism, this is nothing less than a coup led by a new caudillo, Barack Obama. For someone who professes to want to run a campaign from the bottom-up, this is the inverse. ItÂ’s centralized control from the top down.