Greater Boston Tea Party is clueless, would give far-left free rein

The "Greater Boston Tea Party" and their rivals in the "Mass Tea Party Coalition" are currently engaged in a Brawndo Battle in Boston. The first group wants to concentrate on fiscal matters, the second wants to include so-called social issues into the mix. Both appear to be quite a bit of work (link, [1]).

Whatever the issues the Mass Tea Party Coalition has, the Greater Boston Tea Party ("GBTP") is clueless and would end up helping the far-left. I asked the GBTP for their immigration position, to which their president Christine Morabito responded [2]:

Our Tea Party focuses on fiscal and Constitutional issues. We don't have a specific "immigration policy."

On matters fiscal, that's clueless on a Tim Kaine scale; see the link. Immigration also touches on constitutional matters; for instance, the DREAM Act is a direct attack on the concept of citizenship itself, and (whether they vote or not), illegal aliens affect congressional apportionment. There's also the matter of birthright citizenship. For more on the cluelessness of their non-position, see this, this, this, and hundreds of other entries here about just how vital immigration is.

Just like Mitch Daniels, the GBTP and most fiscal conservatives would abandon at least the cultural field to the far-left. They'd let the far-left continue Political Correctness, the aberrant variety of multiculturalism, and related issues: just as long as it didn't cost that much money. The GBTP and most fiscal conservatives would let the far-left and the Democratic Party continue supporting massive immigration in order to obtain power (power which those groups would use to increase spending and reduce the power of Teapartiers).

Now, all that wouldn't matter that much if the Tea Parties (see our extensive coverage at the link) were just a normal group that did their thing and kept to themselves. However, they aren't like that: the Teapartiers in general (whatever GBTP does) are a hostile group that's trying to take over the GOP (link) and force out what they call moderates. The Teapartiers in general are posturing fakes: they present themselves as the Only True Opposition to Obama and the Far-Left, yet they mostly ignore things that are vital and unpopular (such as illegal immigration) to focus on opposing things that aren't as important and are popular (such as government spending). At the same time, they attempt to force out those like (just as an example) David Frum (OK on immigration) in favor of so-called True Conservatives such as Marco Rubio, Dick Armey of Freedomworks, the Koch family, and Grover Norquist (all bad to very bad on immigration).

If you realize how vital immigration and related topics are, the Teapartiers are - at the end of the day - not on your side. That doesn't mean that the Mass Tea Party Coalition is the answer, just that the Greater Boston Tea Party isn't.

[1] At that link, Morabito says "We want to grow our numbers, not exclude people". Discussing the ways that's wrong is left as an exercise.

[2] twitter dot com/cmorabito/status/192606192273604608, image of the exchange follows