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Tim Kaine

Governor of the state of Virginia and, as of 1/4/09, Barack Obama's choice to be Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Not only does Kaine fully support illegal immigration (also here) and giving college discounts to illegal aliens, but he's not very bright; consider this 2006 quote:

"I don't believe immigration is one of the top issues in Virginia if you ask Virginians... It does matter to a number of people, but compared to jobs, education, health care, transportation, it's pretty far down."

Needless to say, illegal and massive immigration touch on all those issues, even if Kaine was unable to figure that out.

In September 2007, he selected an person allegedly linked to a Muslim group to a state immigration panel; the selection later resigned. In the same year, he came out against state troopers enforcing immigration laws via 287g. In 2005, his campaign was sanctioned for sending out a misleading flyer.

Last modified Jan 4, 2009
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