Dave Montgomery of KRT on Rob Allyn, Mexico's propagandist

Knight-Ridder's Dave Montgomery offers a very standard sketch of Rob Allyn, the Dallas PR consultant who's been hired to spread Mexican propaganda in the U.S.: "Mexico hires public relations firm to improve its image in U.S."

There is absolutely nothing new about Allyn in this article, but if you aren't familiar with his story check it out. You'll note that - like all the other sources who've more or less provided free advertising for his campaign - Dave Montgomery fails to ask Allyn if he's already registered or intends to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act:

The purpose of FARA is to insure that the American public and its law makers know the source of information (propaganda) intended to sway public opinion, policy, and laws. In 1938, the FARA was Congress' response to the large number of German propaganda agents in the pre-WWII U.S... ...An agent of a Foreign principal is any individual or organization which acts at the order, request, or under the direction or control of a foreign principal, or whose activities are directed by a foreign principal who: ... 2. acts in a public relations capacity for a foreign principal...

Obviously, Knight-Ridder's readers should be informed whether Allyn is a Registered Foreign Agent or not. Wouldn't a news organization that's seeking the truth rather than offering a flattering portrait try to find that out? Isn't that what those "journalists" are supposed to do? After reading this article, should we consider KRT a real news organization, or should we consider them simply a propaganda tool?

Note also this:

A small group of protesters aligned with anti-immigrant groups protested outside his office last week

And, for you people at the lower levels:

But, in a telephone interview from his Dallas office, Allyn said his company has "been flooded" with supportive telephone calls and e-mails, many of them from CEOs and senior political figures. "They've all been congratulatory and encouraging us," he said. "People at that level understand the value of Mexico as a trading partner."

There's another thing for Knight-Ridder to look into. Which politicians have called Allyn congratulating him on his efforts? Shouldn't the public know about that? A real news organization might look into that.

Since this report appeared in the Wichita Eagle, please take a moment and ask Sherry Chisenhall, their editor. This might be an address for KRT: news@krtinfo.com

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It would be difficult to be so in awe of, and intimidated by, the intellectual level of some disloyal businessmen; who don't even know that even a total shutdown of the land border with Mexico, regarding incoming people, would not sink the ships or break the pipelines. Nor would it cause the planes to fall out of the sky, if they didn't bring even one foreigner here from Mexico; but openness to 9-11 type terrorism could do so.