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Brian Terry, 17 Navy Seals&Benghazi 4 didnt deserve obama! #PRO DEATH PPL STOP KILLING INNOCENT BABIES/NUNS PAYNG 4 BIRTHCONTROL USE THEM! my opinions here!
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RT @JoeTheMailman: @PhillipLaird @24AheadDotCom_ @Kay15Judy Im so surprise of all these so-called conservatives siding with the PC Police L…
RT @PhillipLaird: .@24AheadDotCom_ Hogwash. We need to defend people like Trump for speaking out. I don't agree with you. @Kay15Judy .@Joe…
.@Kay15Judy @PhillipLaird @JoeTheMailman: Trump's isn't an "honest conversation". It's dishonest & it helps amnesty supporters. #teaparty
.@KevincarrollS @Kay15Judy: no Hillary voter cares about her flipflopping. Better: organize effort to ask
.@00_jackie @Kay15Judy: if amnesty opponents were competent, they would have made Hillary flop the other way. Help smart anti-amnesty plans.
.@Kay15Judy: 87 #AskTheWH #immigration questions: Can you find out why NumbersUSA, Kaus, Krikorian, etc. won't help?