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Rob Allyn

A longtime Bush family advisor who was paid $720,000 by the Mexican government to spread their propaganda inside the U.S. He also co-authored a book with Vicente Fox. He's a registered foreign agent under FARA (registration number 5725).

Last modified Sep 7, 2014
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John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama advisors and bundlers include registered foreign agents - 04/11/08

... former registered foreign agent Rob Allyn. His FARA registration number is 5725.

Vicente Fox "Revolution of Hope" co-author: Bush-linked Rob Allyn - 10/13/07

... bought-and-paid-for propagandist, Rob Allyn. In 2005 he was paid $720,000 by the Mexican government to help show their side of massive immigration from that country.

Rob Allyn behind Mexico's ads in LAT, NYT, WaPo - 03/22/06

... LAT, and WaPo were created by Rob Allyn, whose PR firm is being paid $720,000 to spread Mexican propaganda in the U.S. AFAIK, no reporter has yet asked Allyn whether he is or will register as a Registered Foreign Agent. Earlier: New York Times' Simon Romero does Rob Allyn's work for him

Dave Montgomery of KRT on Rob Allyn, Mexico's propagandist - 01/29/06

... offers a very standard sketch of Rob Allyn, the Dallas PR consultant who's been hired to spread Mexican propaganda in the U.S.: "Mexico hires public relations firm to improve its image in U.S." There is absolutely nothing new about Allyn in this article, but if you aren't familiar with his story check it out.

Ruben Navarrette Jr. defends his friend, Rob Allyn - 01/04/06

... Navarrette Jr. is a friend of Rob Allyn, the Dallas PR consultant who's been hired to spread Mexican propaganda in the U.S. ...Mexican President Vicente Fox tapped my friend, Dallas-based political consultant Rob Allyn, to be Mexico's goodwill ambassador...

LULAC criticizes Mexico's pro-illegal immigration propaganda - 12/28/05

... complaining about Mexico's choice of Rob Allyn to promote their country. To show you just where their loyalties lie, this is their complaint: Hector Flores, national president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, said he understands that Mr. Allyn goes to work for whoever pays him. "That's the American way," Mr.

New York Times' Simon Romero does Rob Allyn's work for him - 12/28/05

... York Times offers a profile of Rob Allyn, the Dallas political strategist who's been hired by Mexico to burnish their image in the U.S.: "Republican Strategist Is Taking Heat for Taking Mexico as Client". The profile reads like it could have been written by Allyn himself, including this bit about HR 4437: Even some of the bill's supporters acknowledge that its requirements, once considered on...

Rob Allyn is a "longtime Bush family adviser"; Foreign Agents Registration Act? - 12/23/05

Rob Allyn heads the Texas company Allyn & Company which will be trying to burnish Mexico's image and thereby support their attempts to send us their unwanted citizens. It shouldn't be any surprise that Allyn has links to Our Leader. In fact, he's described here as a "longtime Bush family adviser". For instance: the Allyn Co. also worked during the 2000 Republican primaries in the U.S....

Mexico agitating international community, Fifth Columnists against U.S. - 12/20/05

Mexico is in a snit about HR 4437, the still-pending bill that would build 700 miles of wall along our border, and they intend to take steps to make sure it's not built. While some might laugh at, downplay, or ignore what Mexico plans to do, it represents a significant threat to the U.S. And, if we build the wall or take other steps to reinforce our sovereignty over our country, they will...