Alberta government removes NAFTA Superhighway map from their website

The Alberta, Canada government's Infrastructure and Transportation Department's website used to include a map showing the NAFTA Superhighway on an image of North America, designated as such. Now, the page with the map has been removed:

Fortunately, you can see the map here, here, here, and here, as well as below:

nafta superhighway map alberta canada5/28/08 UPDATE: I found another copy of the map here:


one thing we all know the system and its economic/government is about to collapse so what can the roads be used for if people don't have money to buy all the things coming from our little trade deals? one word Military to put people down if people start to act up like Americans, just a thought.

The corridors shown on that map would make excellent borders, if one desired to divide the country into smaller, distict geographical regions for some purpose. They would be borders that would be easy to patrol and very difficult to cross (because of their width.) One wonders how it is that the various governments involved can afford to pay for the construction of these super-sized highways, yet a simple border fence would be a "budget buster."

thank You smastass sob we all can see what the pigs are up to our end as a nation, lots of money in total dismantling for some.

"We can't deport these people think of their families!" What about my family?