Bush doesn't deny North American Union

From this:
President Bush today sidestepped a direct question about whether he'd be willing to categorically deny there is a plan to create the North American Union.

Instead, he ridiculed those who believe that is taking place as conspiracy theorists.
Here's that portion of Bush's thoughts:
"We represent three great nations. We each respect each other's sovereignty. You know, there are some who would like to frighten our fellow citizens into believing that relations between us are harmful for our respective peoples. I just believe they're wrong. I believe it's in our interest to trade; I believe it's in our interest to dialogue; I believe it's in our interest to work out common problems for the good of our people.

"And I'm amused by some of the speculation, some of the old – you can call them political scare tactics. If you've been in politics as long as I have, you get used to that kind of technique where you lay out a conspiracy and then force people to try to prove it doesn't exist. That's just the way some people operate. I'm here representing my nation. I feel strongly that the United States is a force for good, and I feel strongly that by working with our neighbors we can a stronger force for good.

"So I appreciate that question. I'm amused by the difference between what actually takes place in the meetings and what some are trying to say takes place. It's quite comical, actually, when you realize the difference between reality and what some people are talking on TV about."
Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper also got his digs in, saying there wasn't going to be a NAFTA superhighway and that it wasn't going to be "interplanetary" either. He also stated that much of the talks involved jellybean standards. What a joker!

I note that even Mike Huckabee (link), John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Rudy Giuliani have issued stronger (sounding) oppositions to the plan. Are the comments above simply yet another example of Bush being an idiot, or does he know more than they do?

UPDATE: Here's video of Bush making his statement from Wolf Blitzer's show (link). It's almost like Bush is trying to make people think there's a conspiracy. Instead of looking into the matter, both Wolfie and Suzanne Malveaux get a chuckle out of the whole idea that some could be pushing for a NAU. They truly are crack "journalists".


When George Bush thinks you're wrong, you might just as well be responding to Mr. Potatohead when you try to despute his arguments to his face. This man is not open to the voice of the people, which makes him little more than a dicator.

Mr Bush knows more than they do...AND he is also an idiot too!!!

_ I just believe they're wrong. I believe it's in our interest to trade; I believe it's in our interest to dialogue; I believe it's in our interest to work out common problems for the good of our people. _ What he really believes is that it is in the interests of him and his friends in big business to kiss Mexico's ass in the hope that Mexico will let them come in and redevelop her oil fields.

Read Pat Buchanons commentary today WE DID IT TO OURSELVES!

The people of the U.S. will never accept the loss of their sovereignty to cruddy Mexico and fruitcake Canada, and Pres. Bush is gone, but I think you have to face that the U.S.-Mexico border problem can never be solved without a paradigm change, and that the Mexican government is on the verge of collapse and/or takeover by drug lords. I have thought it all out, and devised a workable plan for the U.S. to megamerge with Mexico after dissolving the corrupt Mexican govt. along with the border, with mass 2-way free migration eventually equalizing development and opportunities, allowing all problems to be solved within the context of U.S. law. The one and only obstacle to be overcome is racism, can you do it? This has nothing to do with a North American Union, so please check it out. All I ask is that you read it before commenting. To read it, Google "Megamerge Dissolution Solution" or click http://tlwinslow.weebly.com/megamerge-the-dissolution-solution.html