Far-lefties protest NAFTA Superhighway at Cato Institute, Washington Post

From [1]:
On Monday, July 28, SDS, backed by [activists] from both Potomac Earth First and Roadblock Earth First, staged the "Funk I-69" protest, treating the CATO institute, an office of I-69's surveyor, and the dual target(I-69 and ICC) Washington Post they way SDS normally treats military recruiters.

The first target on the menu was the neoliberal Cato Institue, one of the thinktanks responsable for NAFTA. I-69 is being built as one of several "NAFTA superhighways."
They apparently stormed the Cato lobby and were repelled by the pigs, er, the police. There are videos of the event here and here.

I support them opposing Cato and the WaPo, but, as could be expected from the groups named, they went about it the completely wrong way. What they should do instead is a) behave rather than acting out, and b) work to discredit Cato and their friends.

And, in fact, Cato and their friends are extremely vulnerable to being discredited due to the huge gaps in their thinking. SDS and their friends should go to public appearances by Cato reps and ask them questions designed to reveal those gaps, then upload their responses to video sharing sites like Youtube.

If all they want to do is have a party, then they should continue to do things like this. But, if they want to have an actual impact, work to reduce Cato's credibility.

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[1] news.infoshop.org/article.php?story=20080730121249994


Or they could start a blog, bitch, and never read the comments.

1 that is a good idea, but the way i look at it is any protest against that evil is a good proteat, anyway the system really doesn't care about what we think right or left it only care's if you act on what you think and if you act you will become a real target and you really don't want that to happen. and people this north so called American union will happen no matter what you say or do. Buy Guns and make a new nation out of this once great one if you can?