Les agents provocateurs at SPP protest in Canada?

At the recent Security and Prosperity Partnership meeting in Canada, Canadian police may have used agent provocateurs in an attempt to discredit the crowd. We have received this communique:

Video footage of the arrest of police officers posing as demonstrators at Montebello, August 20, will be shown today at a news conference at the offices of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada. "We have proof that the three individuals who were "arrested" after being exposed as "agents provocateurs" were, in fact, members of the Quebec police force," says CEP President Dave Coles, and we plan to do what it takes to bring this matter to justice." CEP Secretary-Treasurer GaAStan MASnard, Barb Byers of the CLC and Council of Canadians President Maude Barlow will also be in attendance.

There's video of the incident here; it's a bit hard to follow if you aren't Canadian. There's a news report on the protesters here; video of a tear gas attack here; far-left "immigrants rights" protesters here; supposed Communists/anarchists burning an American flag here; and, if you want to see a dirty hippy who speaks broken English with a French/Canadian accent together with an incompetent juggler, click here. Needless to say, it would probably be best if those type of people sought their therapy elsewhere.