Janet Murguia/NCLR: keynote speaker at Martin Luther King Unity Breakfast (+AP spin)

Janet Murguia, president of the extremist-funding group National Council of La Raza, will be the keynote speaker at Monday's Martin Luther King Unity Breakfast in Birmingham, Alabama.

Part of the story involves some spin from the Associated Press. An AP story that says at the bottom "Information from: The Birmingham News" contains this paragraph:

Organizers said they chose [her]... because of her message of unity and her opposition to a resurgence of hate speech in the immigration debate.

Now, let's take a look at this paragraph from Erin Stock of the Birmingham News itself (link):

Janet Murguia... is speaking Monday morning at the 22nd annual event. She is bringing a message of unity and denouncing what she said is a resurgence of hate speech in the immigration debate.

Clearly, the AP lifted the "resurgence" bit from the Birmingham News. However, BN's Stock made it clear that that "resurgence" was only Murguia's opinion. The AP article gives the impression that it's an accepted fact.

And, from the NCLR's press release [1]:

Murguia will urge members of the Hispanic and the Black communities to renew their commitment to realizing Dr. King's dream of civil rights for all Americans. She will challenge the two communities to confront injustice, specifically the recent rise in hate speech in the media and in the presidential primaries surrounding the issue of immigration.

It should be obvious to anyone that there has been no such "hate speech" in the media (unless she considers obscure talk radio personalities "the media"). And, none of the presidential candidates have engaged in "hate speech". Some supporters who are unaffiliated with the campaigns might have engaged in something that a far-left panel at a far-left university might consider "hate speech", but I suggest that we don't make that our gold standard. And, I'm sure that if we looked into the supporters of the NCLR we'd find a lot of interesting people, and not just in the U.S.

So, her complaints about "hate" won't wash. She's just trying to hide the NCLR's support for illegal immigration behind the dodge of calling those who support our laws "haters".

And, I wonder exactly how she defines "Americans". In the Civil Rights era that only meant U.S. citizens, yet I'd imagine that in her view the definition is a bit broader and her goal is bringing civil rights to those who are neither citizens nor here legally.

[1] nclr.org/content/news/detail/50151/


One of the more disgusting aspects of all the talk about illegal immigration is the effort to portray the situation of illegals as some sort of natural follow-on to the civil rights movement for Blacks back in the Jim Crow days.

This woman discriminates against those who believe in the rule of law. She cancelled her racist groups meeting because the state had employed a woman who was a member of the Minutemen .....she used to be on Lou Dobbs show once in a while. Haven't seen her there since we beat back her "olley olley enfree immigrants " bill in Congress. She should go to Mexico and take her lawbreaking clan with her!!!

all is madness, why is she yelling about hate, for 140 years whites have been dieing for others the civil war almost one million on both sides. In the civil rights BS White's died show me the blacks the yellow and the hispanic that have died in the millions in other parts of the world for the rights of others? In this nation we murdered our own Sisters and Brothers in world war two for the rights of others by the millions and called it good. Dr. King was not evil but a tool that was used, this woman Murquia cannot see her own hate for the whites inside a nation built by whites for all people she wants the ideals of the third world to rule here and she wants the to become the ruler. "and hell people", listen to the mexican talk on mexican radio that is real Hate speech. And if the people of a Nation are so full of hate why do we have millions and millions of our little brown brothers here? "no she wants control of you".

'hate speech in the media' Keep referring to something as fact and some in the media will regurgitate for you. Sometimes it's 'coloring the news' but often just laziness. Like mary said, she was given a lot of opportunities to speak on Dobbs. I wonder if she is referring to Lou. I wish someone would ask her specifically who she's referring to so we can see if it really constitutes this supposed resurgence. Of course, I'm still waiting for a follow-up question of 'Who exactly are you referring to when you say they want to round 'em up and mass deport?' every time that straw man is used--including recently by Obama.

_I wonder if she is referring to Lou._ I would not be surprised. And it wouldn\'t be the first time. [1] Nor the last.

[1] vdare.com/letters/tl_031202.htm

The woman is a LIAR...she warps things to meet her own agenda. Sheis the worst of the worst.

She hasnt heard hate speech. Until she has heard my opinion of her and her group "la caca". I say she is the TP in a toilet bowl full and we [as a Nation] need a collective FLUSH!

hate is only a joke, and mary is right, its all about the Agenda.