Kansas City Star to mayor: capitulate to racial power groups, money's at stake!

The National Council of La Raza ("The Race") - a group that opposes immigration enforcement and that funds extremists - recently threatened not to hold their yearly convention in Kansas City because the mayor appointed a member of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps [the group run by Chris Simcox; minutemanhq.com] to the board of the parks department. Racial power advocates even went as far as trying to deliver a letter to the door of that MCDC member; while they claim otherwise, intimidation may have been their goal.

This page has more on that incident (including a link to the Myspace page of one of those involved), although the organizations to which the door-knockers belong is not clear. It would be tremendously helpful to get documented proof that one or more are members of - or even leaders of - the NCLR or the AILA (note, of course, that just because a group uses "La Raza" in their name that doesn't mean they're the NCLR).

Now comes the Kansas City Star with a profile in cowardice and corruption to urge the mayor to capitulate to these racial power groups:
Enough is enough. Mayor Mark Funkhouser must swallow his pride and remove Frances Semler from Kansas City’s Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners.

As mayor, it is his responsibility to look out for the interests of the entire city. Driving away tourists and major conventions is not fiscally responsible, clear-headed thinking...

...Now two major civil rights organizations are standing up for their principles, saying they won't patronize a city that honors a member of a group linked to vigilante actions along the country's southern border...
Perhaps they should spell out exactly what they mean by "vigilante actions"; are they accusing the MCDC of committing crimes? And, of course, it's the Kansas City Star that needs to stand up for principles; the "civil rights organizations" are just looking to flex their race-based power.


Cowards and criminals !! How dizzgusting is this!!! Makes my blood boil. I hope Lou Dobbs has Janet whats her name on his show (head of La RAZA-the hate group)and BLASTS her! What a racist evil group these people are!

Tell the bigots to shut up, take their money and jam it, and go hold their conventions in hell.

Speaking of media bias. Take a look at this article over at Salon by Alex Koppelman on Ramos and Compean. Nowhere in the Koppelman article does he state that the Border Patrol is encouraged to downplay the use of deadly force inorder to mislead the extreme dangerous and chaotic nature of the border. http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2007/09/04/ramos_compean/index.html What is particularly interesting is even at a very very liberal site like Salon a significant number of the readership is not buying the MSM or Salon take on Open Borders and Illegal Immigration. Another great example is this article by Walter Shapiro: Check out the overwhelming negative reaction to SALON's promotion of Open Borders and Amnesty. http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2007/06/26/immigration/ Of course the NetRoots Open Borders appologist Dave Niewert over at Orcinus chimes in at any chance to attack Lou Dobbs. http://dneiwert.blogspot.com/2007/09/swiftboating-of-american-journalism.html My point is that vast majority of Democrats do not support Open Borders. They clearly are able to see the Ramos and Compean got railroaded. Instead lots of us Democrats dread what looks like the unstoppable nomination of Hillary and a massive defeat over the party's out of touch leadership's insane support for Open Borders and Amnesty.

If grassroots Dems are so anti-immigration why isn't there even one candidate for that position? You seem worried that Hillary will be the death of the party. Both parties are so unrepresentative that they're obviously corrupt at the top. They might as well be dead already. It's time to put the partisan games aside. See them for what they are. Bread and circuses meant to keep the masses divided and distracted.

Tanstaafl, You saw the evidence. When the readers of SALON are up in arms over illegal immigration you realize just how potentially popular immigration restrictionism as a campaign position. Here is another example A huge misconception that lots of Corporatist DLCers and Gramsian New Lefties have is that Lou Dobbs audience or NumbersUSA is mostly Republican. When in fact NumbersUSA figures show that its membership is spread very evenly across Reps, Dems and Independents. Lou Dobbs does his informal online poll periodically on his audience's political affliations. The numbers show close to 60% independent, approx 25% Democratic the rest Republican. The huge problems with the Democrats is that since the 1980's the party has become addicted to Corporate donations. Hence the DLC and the permanent lobbyist cliques run the party. The tread however in the Democratic party is toward Immigration Restrictionism. The problem is that this trend is far stronger within the Republican party, hence the odds are that the Democrat Party leadership may learn too late just how out of touch they are in their support for Open Borders. Lets not forget, there was huge broad based support for the Immigration acts of 1920 and 1924 because Americans of all parties were sick of the corruption and the ethnocentric identity pandering politics.

Did you know Mickey Kaus is a virulent anti-illegal immigration columnist at SALON.COM....Did you also know that the man who heads up NUMBERSUSA is a democrat as are many who write for VDARE.COM....That's why I can't fathom why all the democratic candidates preach the come one, come all to illegal immigrants. And during one of the first debates only one was for ENGLISH only for national language. Oprah gave a dinner for her boy OBAMA tonight who is also pro illegal to the detriment of his own race. How stupid can these people be???

Mickey Kaus is calm, insightful, and well respected, but he is also in favor of allowing the "12 million" to stay. That is not acceptable to me or most of the other people who see what's happening as an invasion. You don't negotiate with invaders. You expel them. All. Otherwise you get conquered.

OPRAH GAVE A DINNER FOR HER BOY OBAMA TONIGHT WHO IS ALSO PRO ILLEGAL TO THE DETRIMENT OF HIS OWN RACE. HOW STUPID CAN THESE PEOPLE BE??? mary First of all the old saying is all politics is local. Unfortunately, for Democrats that means with Open Borders a very disproportionately powerful Latino vote. Black politicians have to tread lightly on illegal and chain immigration and anchor babies since most often their districts are heavily mixed. The census now counts individuals regardless of citizenship status. Since everybody wants the most favoriable count nobody is going to risk alienating the Hispanics even if many of them can not vote. An Black district with a sizeable latino population can be won by a African-American politician with a very low relative turnout. That explains many of the reasons African-American elected officials will favor Open Borders policies to the detriment of their own core voter constituency not to mention racial/ethnic identity. Second, you have none other than our favorite Open Borders fanatic Luis Gutierrez as Obama's Illinois Campaign Chair and liason to the Latino Community. That explains a lot, not just Obama's stands on illegal immigration but his support for the H1-B and L1 visa programs. Funny thing about the Puerto Rican Gutierrez is that he actually believes that if mass amnesty passed that the Mexicans would not replace him in a heartbeat for one of their own. Not only is he a sleaze bag but an idiot as well. Dave Ehrenreich the gay half Polish Jew half African-American writer for the LA Times actually penned the best article on Obama's strong appeal to many white liberals, middle and upper class blacks and the MSM yet relatively weak support among working class and impoverished blacks when he wrote his now famous "Magic Negro" article. What goes for Obama is the same for Maxine Waters and many others. Besides what choice do most working and middle class Democrats regardless of ethnicity have. Blue state Democratic primaries are now often between a dull long time party connected corporatist DLC backed white candidate and an "alternative" ethnic candidate who will capture the low information Liberal-progressive voters who simply want an alternative to the DLC. Problem is as soon as the "Alternative" candidate gets in he/she courts favor with the DLC and starts sucking on the corporatist teat. That is exactly how Obama got to be a Senator. You are right Amnesty or the Strive Act passes, the biggest losers will be African-Americans, right next to white working and middle class. Blacks are at least are slowly catching on though. Yes the only thing almost as disasterous as Hillary getting the nomination would be Obama. Besides being far too inexperienced Obama's Open Borders and cheap labor stands are identical to Hillary's. I serious doubt that working class Blacks will prove to be unable to figure that out for themselves. And speaking

Its normal if you let the pigs in the pigs will eat you alive so stop with the yelling and get down and fight back in the old way get with it or become mexico. by the way "Lou Dodds" is married to one of the top mexican families "and come on people", if you just stand by and do nothing you will be eaten by the pigs of the third world, this BS Is just the start within 10 years the evil hate people will be running this little BS COUNTRY And you will long for the days of 9-11, so start getting mad and fight back in the old ways for your own life or become one more target for some third world monkey. Mexico is a evil place full of evil people who need to be dead.

Fred, Although Lou Dobbs wife is Mexican American I do NOT believe she is for open borders. CRIPES, he and Michael Savage, and Tancredo are about the only voices that were warning of this long before most of us caught on to the problem.

You maybe right mary but watch out, Lou Dodds said on air "he did not care about what language people speak in the future if its spanish or english", Sad to say but this was a dead Give-a-way about lou dodds. Many people just didn't get what a DEAD GIVE-AWAY THAT IS To the real Lou Dodds and he is one of the contolling guys running the show at CNN So just be carefull who you follow guys like dodds may just be fooling people. and yes his wife is a Mexican-American with the Mexican first and the American last, lous kids are said to be Members of La Raza.

Sorry Fred, Lou is fighting AGAINST the tide...just listen to Geraldo rant against him.No, I've read both his books and think he is one of the few trying to keep the country sovreign......unfortuantely I think it may be a losing battle as the idiots are running the asylum on both side of the aisle...Did you see the Rumble in Brussels of those fighting against the Islamic takeover of Europe? Those peaceful protestors were violently arrested. The WORLD has gone absolutely MAD!!check that story out on Michele Malkins BLOG