Want identity theft with that? (Reno McDonald's immigration raid)

From this:
A puzzling W-2 form prompted last week's raids on eleven McDonald's stores in Reno and Fernley.

A Fernley [Nevada] woman, whose name was not immediately available, became suspicious when she received a W-2 form early this year that reported more income than she had earned.

The woman soon discovered someone at the Fernley McDonald's where she used to work had been using her identity.
A manager at the same location was also using someone else's ID. There were 54 arrests in the raid, with just eight already having been deported. Sixteen are still in custody... and thirty were released for "humanitarian" reasons and will (supposedly) appear before judges next week.

Meanwhile, the "Casa Latina Centro de Informacion" (president: Gilbert Cortez) organized a march - and a boycott - today in solidarity with illegal aliens, including those who engaged in identity theft. The Hispanic Club at Sparks High School also held a protest (link).

From this 9/30 report (link):
..."Huelga! Huelga! Huelga!" the group [of about 60 people] chanted as it stood and applauded near the end of a meeting Saturday at El Cordero de Dios Assemblies of God Church in Reno. Huelga is Spanish for "strike."

The group also called for a boycott of Reno radio station KKOH and its afternoon talk show host, Bill Manders, who it argued is not compassionate towards undocumented Latinos. A KKOH representative nor Manders could not be reached for comment.

..."We feel we Latinos have been bushwhacked, charred and ICE'd by our government," said Gilbert Cortez, president of Casa Latina Centro de Informacion, one of the groups that organized the meeting. "This land belongs to God and not to the United States."

...[Reno businessman Luther Mack, owner of the restaurants] said he originally hired the workers and was surprised that people would lash out at him and his business on their behalf.

...Luis Caceres, general director of the Sociedad De Salvadorenos Unidos De Nevada Cooperando Con Atiquizaya, said the proposed action is to draw attention to the fact that immigrant workers are here to work and raise families.

"If work is a crime, accuse me of committing a crime," he said. "Because of the reform that didn't pass, we're paying for it. Our families are being divided and our people are being prosecuted because they didn't have any papers."
I note that in April, Hillary Clinton co-chair Raul Yzaguirre (former president of the National Council of La Raza) visited Reno [1] for a scarcely-attended meeting with local "Hispanic community leaders, many employed at University of Nevada, Reno". No word on whether any of the groups above attended, but if anyone has a guest list that would be very helpful.

[1] hispanictips.com/2007/04/23/ clinton-aide-raul-yzaguirre-reno-discuss-hispanic-issues


That's rich. Break the law to come to this country and then say "country, what country?" "law, what law?" Great family values.

"Because of the reform that didn't pass, we're paying for it. Our families are being divided and our people are being prosecuted because they didn't have any papers." Exactly! When you're right, you're right.

Haven't read a single article sympathizing with the folks who have had their identities stolen, had SS accounts forever screwed up. Where's the compassion?

_...and will (supposedly) appear before judges next week._ Please file this under 'WackyHumor' as well.

I love this BS In Mexico people who do this kind of thing are shot dead.

If you don't like it here Please! go back to your country.