National Council of La Raza won't denounce Elvira Arellano (Ruben Navarrette)

Even Ruben Navarrette - someone brazen enough to write a column defending his friend and Mexico's propagandist Rob Allyn - doesn't support the case of Elvira Arellano. Leaving aside the other things he says in his latest, he did do a bit of a public service by trying to get the take of the National Council of La Raza ("The Race"; NCLR) on her case. He doesn't appear to have gotten a straight answer from NCLR Vice President Cecilia Munoz:

"We have questions about whether going after people one at a time ultimately has much of a payoff in terms of effectiveness... What's the strategy behind our immigration enforcement? Are we trying to round up everyone and send them out? Because if that is our policy, then we're going to fail... We're not just sort of levitating people out of the country with no impact... We should be making deliberate judgments about what our immigration priorities are, and I'm not sure that going after workers who are also parents is our most effective strategy. It's certainly not a cost-free strategy... It is really very upsetting to see parents torn away from their children... And you wonder: If this is our enforcement strategy, what kind of country are we becoming?"

One might expect a "mainstream" group like NCLR - the one that Karl Rove pandered to a while back despite them funding extremists - to at least utter some verbage about how they don't support convicted criminal defying deportation orders, or about how they don't support someone using a false identity to gain work at an airport, yet I guess that was just a bit too difficult for them.


I think someone else wrote Rubens column this week...........

Navarrette is a pro-invasion weasel. He knows Arellano is indefensible, he just wants the boost he'll get to his credibility by throwing her to the wolves. The invaders are afraid of enforcement. If we lift even a pinky in defense they shudder in fear and flee. Good! This more than anything else demonstrates the complete corruption of our leadership. They are perfectly aware how quickly we could clear this country of illegals. Our main problem is: they don't want to.

Hey, even Tamar Jacoby is technically for enforcement--but only after amnesty for all already here + adjusting future legal immigration to what she calls 'realistic' levels, i.e. essentially unlimited. In that case, there would be no one to enforce against anyway because every last person who wants to come would be put into some legal avenue. So that is very tough of her to stand up for enforcement under that scenario. Until then, she is totally against enforcement except to hasten the 'comprehensive immigration reform' described above. I'm sure that is also what the La Raza chicks mean when they claim to be 'pro-enforcement'. Still, it's hard not to do a spit take any time an open borders advocate attempts to say that with a straight face.

Once they get amnesty+chain migration and 40 million new voters, you can kiss enforcement goodbye anyways. They'll just vote for **permanent** pro-open-borders politicians. It costs them nothing to say they are "pro-enforcement" when they know that 40 million new voters will make that impossible. That's why stopping amnesty NOW is crucial. It's literally our only chance to save our country.

Yes. There was a time when concern over population growth was an acceptable liberal position and we even had the Rockefeller Commission report in 1972. Nowadays, in addition to business' interest in open borders to contend with we have open border ethnic/racial interest groups which seek to increase their membership and power through high immigration. Their current voting bloc is overrated but if you think the politicians, especially Democrats, are genuflecting now, wait until after that amensty + chain you mentioned. Imagine a time of, e.g., extreme water shortages. Do you think the La Raza's of the world will then change their open borders tune? Of course not because they will always put their power interest ahead of the good of the entire country. They will always want extremely high immigration--so long as the vast majority of it consists of 'their people'.

Amanda, Your point about water shortages made me think about the so-called environmental issues blocking the fence.......BUT of course not a PEEP about the MOUNTAINS of Garbage left by the invading army as they cross the desert. I have read that it will cost BILLIONS to clean up the mess they have made. Yet the tree hugging liberals show no concern about the despoiled desert.......HYPOCRITES ABOUND!!!

They call the fig leaf for their hypocrisy the greening of hate [1]. Those tricksy leftists always find some way to avoid helping civilization, even if it means directly violating one of their lesser beliefs.


That's quite a non-answer is this is true: 'her right to take sanctuary in a church was supported by prominent national civil rights organizations like National Council of La Raza and League of United Latin American Citizens.'

Read Mary, and why isn't La Raza called the Mexican Council of hate of the USA? After all many are mexicans and drug dealers like this government in Washington D.C., Let us all hope the little brown brother start shooting. Think open civil war ASP. AND REMEMBER Most of the government are made of of shemales in congress and the so called senate just look at the toilet and you will see the real government running.