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Orlando Sentinel: help U.S. workers by letting former illegal aliens compete for their jobs - 01/04/09

The Orlando Sentinel offers a stock editorial called "We think: U.S. needs to deal with illegal immigration crisis beyond borders". As with other similar efforts, it calls for Barack Obama to push comprehensive immigration reform and thinks of his pick of Janet Napolitano is a good start. And, to show just how smart they aren't, they say: Most of the 11.9 [sic] people who are here illegally aren't criminals. Offering enticements to come forward -- not amnesty -- will help not only them but U.S. workers because they will all be able to compete for jobs on a level playing field. Comprehensive...

NYT editorial hopeful about Obama immigration picks; Bush "terrorized", "hunted down" illegal aliens - 12/26/08

As their Christmas gift to the world, the New York Times offered the editorial "Getting Immigration Right" (link). As with all their other editorials on this topic, it's wrong, beginning with their sleazy inability to admit that they and George W Bush are on the same side: This is why it is so important to reverse the Bush administration’s immigration tactics, which for years have attacked the problem upside down and backward. To appease Republican nativists, it lavished scarce resources solely on hunting down and punishing illegal immigrants. Its campaign of raids, detentions and border...

Luis Gutierrez: Obama told me to tell you he supports immigration "reform"; amnesty supporters heartened - 12/19/08

Teresa Watanabe of the Los Angeles Times offers "Immigration-overhaul supporters hope their hour has come/With Obama in office, a sympathetic Cabinet and more Democrats in Congress, supporters hope to revive a reform package next year. But the economic downturn sparks worry about protecting U.S. workers" (link). She quotes various "immigrant advocates" who think that the Obama win will mean that comprehensive immigration reform is more likely. In fact: In a national teleconference Thursday, Rep. (Luis Gutierrez) (D-Ill.), said Obama had asked him to relay that he remains committed to a...

National Immigration Forum cheers Hilda Solis Labor Secretary pick (America's Voice) - 12/18/08

The reviews are coming in for the selection of Hilda Solis as new Secretary of the Department of Labor, including with Paco Fabian at Americas Voice - new home of Frank Sharry formerly of the

Western Growers promoted Napolitano as DHS secretary - 12/11/08

Back on November 20, 2008, Western Growers issued this press release: Western Growers President and CEO Tom Nassif sent a letter to President-elect Barack Obama today commending him on his election victory and encouraging him to choose Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano to serve in his administration as Secretary of Department of Homeland Security. ...Indeed, over the years, Western Growers, whose members primarily operate in Arizona and California, has worked with the Governor on myriad immigration related policy issues including the Arizona employer sanctions law, port-of-entry...

Obama cabinet not diverse enough for some (has two white men, no Asians) - 12/04/08

Nedra Pickler of the Associated Press offers "Obama is delivering diversity, but some seek more" (link). Since she's not liked by the nutroots, figuring out where she's coming from is left as an exercise: Barack Obama, soon to be the first black U.S. president, is on the road to making good his pledge to have a Cabinet and White House staff that are among most diverse ever, although some supporters are asking him to go even further. He added to the minority representation at the top of his administration Wednesday when he named New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, a Hispanic, as Commerce...

Janet Napolitano's immigration stance criticized (she doesn't really oppose illegal immigration) - 12/01/08

From this: Far from being a border hawk, Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano frequently blocked efforts to curb illegal immigration, say enforcement advocates concerned about her expected nomination to be the Homeland Security secretary under President Barack Obama. In July 2007, Napolitano signed what she called the toughest employer sanctions law in the country. During her first term, she established a state task force to curb ID fraud. She was also the first governor to call for using the National Guard on the border, though she subsequently vetoed legislation to grant funding for more...

Janet Napolitano to head Department of Homeland Security (?) - 11/19/08

According to the Politico (link), Arizona governor Janet Napolitano is going to be selected to head up Obama's Department of Homeland Security. Summary: she will be like Michael Chertoff without the buffoonery, like Julie Myers without the nepotism charge, and like both of them in allowing illegal immigration to continue. She'll probably also be like Chertoff and the other Bush administration hacks who spent taxpayers' time promoting amnesty. However, expect her to also be sold as "tough, but fair", when "generally supportive of illegal activity" is the more apt charge. See, for example, the...

Obama cabinet might include Democrat titans: Gore, Napolitano, Vilsack, Howard Dean, Caroline Kennedy... - 11/11/08

The Barack Obama cabinet might include such Democratic Party titans as Al Gore, Arizona governor Janet Napolitano, former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack, Caroline Kennedy, Howard Dean, Bill Richardson, John Kerry, and many more truly titanic names. This link has a "transition flowchart", a PDF showing some potential picks and all of them are truly great figures who will help the Repu... er, I mean the Democrats. While this could all be a jolly joke, who knows since the head of the transition team is John Podesta and his think tank the Center for American Progress is as much a joke as the Harding...

Assignment: backgrounders on Obama's transition staff - 11/05/08

Barack Obama has named his transition staff and an advisory board thereto (link).

Janet Napolitano meets with Vicente Fox, discusses immigration - 05/30/08

Earlier this week, Arizona governor Janet Napolitano met with Vicente Fox to discuss immigration matters. Two Mexican newspaper reports are linked from here, and neither go into much detail on what was discussed, and, while the conversation was supposedly friendly but "firm", it's not difficult to imagine that the two leaders saw eye to eye on lots of things.

Janet Napolitano blocks Sheriff Joe Arpaio's funding for immigration enforcement - 05/13/08

From this: Much of the money for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's immigration-enforcement efforts lately has poured out of a special pool of state money. But New Times has learned that Governor Janet Napolitano's turning off the spigot. In what appears to be a prelude to a major fight between Napolitano and Arpaio, the governor issued an executive order last week to develop a new task force--headed up by the state Department of Public Safety--to find and arrest tens of thousands of felons with outstanding warrants. And, according to a letter from DPS Director Roger Vanderpool to...

Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon uses MLK speech to promote trackable 'work visas' - 01/21/08

Intellectually dishonest illegal immigration supporter Janet Murguia of the NCLR isn't alone in trying to tie illegal immigration in to the Civil Rights movement. Another instance occurred in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday at the Martin Luther King Jr. "Living the Dream" awards breakfast, featuring appearances by governor Janet Napolitano and Phil Gordon, mayor of Phoenix. News report here, and from his speech (link) Recently, right here in Phoenix a uniformed United States marine -- a man who fought for his country -- was told by "pretend patriots", that he was a disgrace to his uniform -- and...

Calderon makes demands; Mexicans have "right to work" in U.S.; admits harm to Mexico of emigration - 09/28/07

From this: Mexican President Felipe Calderon told U.S. governors Thursday that immigration is an inevitable, natural phenomenon and he urged the U.S.

Would a 42 foot ladder industry be such a bad thing? (border fence, Napolitano, Richardson, Perry) - 08/28/07

One of the more idiotic, childlike things you'll hear supporters of massive immigration say goes like the following recent quote from Texas governor Rick Perry: "But the idea that you're going to build a 1,200-mile wall ... is idiocy. It absolutely would not work. If you build a 40-foot wall, then the 42-foot ladder industry takes off."

Is attrition working in Oklahoma? (Arizona too?) - 08/25/07

If states and cities enforce immigration laws to the extent that they're able, will that reduce the numbers of illegal aliens in those localities? Of course, one of the stock false choices that politicians and others offer is between massive deportations and a massive amnesty; they rarely acknowledge attrition, although the New York Times begrudgingly was forced to do so recently.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce sues Janet Napolitano over immigration law - 08/08/07

I'm flipping back and forth deciding who not to root for, but eventually I'm going to have to side with Janet: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday joined businesses suing Arizona Gov.

National Guard border force to be halved; "private contractors" to augment Border Patrol? - 07/26/07

From this: The number of National Guard troops posted near the southern border nationally and in Arizona will drop by half in September, but federal officials have assured Gov. Janet Napolitano that key personnel will remain... While those numbers will drop by half within the next couple of months, Napolitano said the drawdown will involve troops performing administrative duties, not those conducting surveillance and other security functions...

White House listening to pork producers, La Raza, Mexico-linked NALEO, NRA... just not you - 06/21/07

The White House offers a PDF entitled "What They're Saying: Border Security And Immigration Reform Agreement" and subtitled 'Business And Agriculture Groups Say "It Is Critical That The Process Moves Forward"' (PDF) [1]. It's just a collection of quotes from press releases from those few groups that support the Bush/Senate massive illegal immigration amnesty, and it contains no accompaning text other than the titles. As simply a collection of quotes, it's not that shocking. However, it's interesting that these are the special interest groups that the White House chooses to use to bolster...

Janet Napolitano: no to "silent amnesty", yes to immigration "reform" - 06/10/07

Arizona governor Janet Napolitano offers the guest editorial "The Myth of Amnesty/The Senate Immigration Bill vs. a Disastrous Status Quo". She has a "plea" to Congress: You can't quit now. Last week the Senate was on the verge of addressing our broken immigration system. No, the compromise bill wasn't perfect. But our current system is a disaster.

Janet Napolitano endorses Senate immigration bill; "silent amnesty" - 05/27/07

Note that she's using the same term as Michael Chertoff; who used it first isn't known: Saying the only current alternative is allowing a status quo of "silent amnesty," Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano on Wednesday [5/23/07] tentatively endorsed a U.S.

Janet Napolitano vetoes anti-Matricula Consular bill - 05/09/07

Continuing a trend of supporting illegal immigration, Arizona governor Janet Napolitano has vetoed a bill that would have helped prevent the use of Mexico's Matricula Consular ID card. That card is usually an indicator that the bearer is an illegal alien; legal immigrants have no use for such a card.

Bush border buggy back Monday in Yuma (fence photo op) - 04/08/07

In May of last year, America's beloved president (George W. Bush) visited Yuma in Arizona to announce "Operation Jump Start", whereby National Guard troops would assist the Border Patrol with their mission. The photo above comes straight out of his scrapbook of his fun vacation.

National Guard border standoff worse than reported - 01/20/07

Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano has released details on the January 3 encounter between National Guard troops and an armed force from Mexico: According to the statements, the armed group [of eight people] wore bulletproof vests and carried automatic weapons as they approached an entrance-identification site manned by the four National Guardsmen. As they approached, the armed men "split into two groups to surround the site," said the statement from t

"House GOP's immigration strategy no 'magic bullet'" - 11/10/06

This is an entrant for the Meme: Graf, Hayworth losses = support for "comprehensive immigration reform" post, but, because it contains some more in-depth analysis in addition to the meme it's in its own post. ...Republicans were unable to turn the immigration issue into a winner on Tuesday thanks in large part to their opponents' abilities to support comprehensive reform and yet still cast themselves as "me-too border hawks" who agreed on most aspects of enforcement, said John Fonte, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute. Fonte said the tough border approach did help certain Republicans...

Please read this before voting - 11/07/06

If terrorists are able to infiltrate the U.S. and carry out attacks, few other issues on the table in this election will matter. Every proposal that groups of voters support - from lower taxes to universal healthcare - is predicated on the internal security of the U.S. Protecting the U.S. from attacks at home should be the first priority of all of our political leaders, but unfortunately it is not. The Bush administration, the GOP leadership, and almost all Democratic leaders have been negligent in this regard, placing other interests ahead of the security of the U.S.

Kansas bishops for the Episcopal, United Methodist and Evangelical Lutheran churches have no argument - 09/22/06

The AP article "Barnett, Sebelius spar over immigration; bishops weigh in" seamlessly blends a discussion of Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius' seeming Janet Napolitano-style disinterest in sending National Guard troops to the Mexican border with an attempt by religious leaders to silence and smear opponents of illegal immigration. Jim Barnett is Sebelius' Republican challenger, and he's running radio ads accusing her of flip-flopping on the NG issue and arranging a photo op at the border to make her look tough

Schwarzenegger, Perry, Napolitano, Richardson urge "comprehensive" immigration reform - 08/26/06

The four border governers (Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, Rick Perry of Texas, Janet Napolitano of Arizona

Napolitano, Arpaio complain about ICE official not doing job - 08/16/06

This is slightly surprising: Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio have written U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff strongly complaining about a top federal immigration official in Phoenix. Napolitano and Arpaio do not directly name the special agent at the Immigration & Customs Enforcement Agency in Phoenix. But state government and Sheriff's office sources say the subject of the criticism is Special Agent in Charge Roberto Medina. The governor and sheriff are upset with lack of cooperation from Medina when it comes to sharing intelligence...

Christine Gregoire sends feds bill for illegal alien incarcerations - 07/18/06

This is basically a publicity stunt and an attempt to wheedle more goodies from the feds, but nonetheless: Gov.

Karl Rove supporting putting troops on the border - 05/11/06

Earlier today the House voted to let the Pentagon put troops on the border in certain cases. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), this looks like 'boob bait for Bubba': "The Texas delegation is very concerned about the border and are pushing urgency," said Rep. Kevin Brady, R-Texas, who joined other Texas Republicans in a meeting with [Karl] Rove this week.

Maricopa County Attorney: Mexico trying to block Arizona law - 05/11/06

Andrew Thomas, the Maricopa County Attorney (Phoenix), is trying to prosecute a coyote and 48 illegal aliens.

Western Governors Association wants "guest" worker program - 02/28/06

From this: The Western Governors Association on Tuesday called on Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform including a temporary guest worker program. The group that represents 18 western states passed the policy resolution unanimously while meeting at the National Governors Association annual conference... UPDATE: As you might expect, it's even worse than the blurb suggests. Utah's "Republican" governor Jon Huntsman is working with Arizona's Janet Napolitano on the "guest" worker scheme and immigration "reform" in general, and they have demands. For instance, they want to...

Janet Napolitano still coming around - 11/02/05

Slowly and haltingly, Arizona governor Janet Napolitano is slightly somewhat partially to a certain extent opposing massive illegal immigration into her state.

I need $25 for an ad on MotherJones.com - 08/30/05

For "just" $25, I can get a text link (javascript, not a direct 'a href', not that a week would do me much good if it were) on MotherJones.com for a week.

Mexican business leaders feeling unwanted, unloved - 08/28/05

From "Mexican execs tell Nunez they feel rejected by state": Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez said Mexican business executives told him yesterday they feel "totally rejected" by California political leaders, a contrast to their warm relations with Texas officials. After a private meeting with a dozen business leaders here, the Los Angeles Democrat said executives regard the current wave of "anti-immigrant hysteria" in California as an affront to them... All togethe

Rich Lowry, illegal immigration, and president Bush - 08/23/05

Lowry discusses the (faux) conversions to border hawks by New Mexico's Bill Richarson and Arizona's Janet Napolitano in "Border Politics: Dems on immigration". He gets this bit right: ...Richardson defends New Mexico's extended hand to illegals on grounds that the state is "immigrant friendly" and has to be "practical." What's impractical is the idea that immigration enforcement can be a matter of simply better policing along the 2,000-mile border with Mexico.

Feds try to stiff Arizona; Arizona sends Feds bill - 02/09/05

From 2/8's "Budget sticks county with migrant costs: President Bush proposes cutting all federal reimbursement for detaining illegal immigrants": Pima County taxpayers would have to shoulder all the local costs to detain illegal immigrants under President Bush's proposed budget. The budget, released yesterday, kills the $305 million program that helps states and counties offset the costs of keeping illegal immigrants behind bars. Last year, Pima County received just under $750,000 from the program. The cut adds "insult to injury, the injury being we don't get reimbursed nearly at cost," said...

"[AZ Gov. Janet Napolitano] critical of Mexican manual" - 01/12/05

PHOENIX - A pamphlet put out by the Mexican government that purports to be a safety manual for those who cross the border illegally is harming Arizona, Gov.

Your "Guide for the Mexican Migrant" roundup - 01/08/05

In reverse chronological order, here are the posts about the Mexican government's guide to being an illegal alien: "Mexico publishes guide to assist border crossers": The Drudge-linked AZ Republic article that started it all; post includes quote from earlier article about consul general visiting a day laborer center. "[WH] Spokesman to 'look into' illegal-alien guide": Scott McClellan weaves and bobs compassionately.